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Advertising Solutions for World’s Top Agencies

Sign Up Your Agency to discover world class advertising solutions for world’s top agencies. Signing up for our subscription plans allows world's top agencies in the US, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia and MENA to advertise their products, services, podcasts, newsletters, online courses, articles, marketplace listings, jobs, events, videos, software tools, partner programs, events, capstone projects, merchandises, reports, digital properties, insights, reviews and many more from a single interface.

Why should you advertise on Ekalavya Hansaj?

Your Target Buyers

Around 80% of our website traffic constitutes visitors interested in buying services being offered by world’s top agencies from US, UK, Canada, Australia, Asia, Mena and Europe.

300+ news websites

Our member agencies get access to ad inventories on 300+ and growing news brands owned by Ekalavya Hansaj. Member agencies and advertisers can choose where to advertise their solutions.

Choose ad formats

Choose from multiple ad formats like banner ads, featured ads, in-article ads, placement ads, video ads, and many more. Our team of world class advertisers guide you through the entire advertising process.

100M+ Monthly readership

Get in front of 100M+ and growing readers and monthly visitors from your target market in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Asia, MENA and Europe. Our brands and news websites only cater to native english speaking audiences.

DSP Campaigns

Show your ads on inventories where the demand for your services is highest. Our DSP campaigns provide you with the highest CTR and hence more sales. Our algorithm shows your ads only on websites which will provide your the highest RoI on your ad budget.

Patented Advertising Solutions

Choose from a range of patented advertising solutions like; Guaranteed campaigns, and Results Based Advertising. Choose your campaign goal and your ads run until your goal is achieved.

Persona Based Advertising

Whoever you are and wherever you are; choose from a range of personas. Tell us your profession and let our advertising experts show how your ads will look on websites with your target audience.

Billing Discounts for Members

Member agencies on Annual Enterprise and Managed Agency Services plans get billing discounts of 5% and 10% on all their advertising spend bills. Non-member agencies with monthly ad budgets of $100K and above get a 10% billing discount too.

A/B Testing

Test your advertising creatives with multiple ad versions. Run A/B testing on all your advertising campaigns for 24 hours and choose the one that performs best. We charge only for the campaign that’s going to run post testing.


Run retargeting ads and increase your sales and CTR. Show your ads only to people who took no action during one of your past campaigns with us. Research suggests that it takes between 5-7 impressions for folks to buy your product.

Define Your Billing Cycle

Choose your own billing cycle. Afterall why can’t your billing cycle be consistent with the dates on which our team is running your ads. Pay for your ads upfront and let your custom billing cycle better manage your cashflow.

3rd Party Audits

No more working with advertising platforms that don't allow 3rd party audits of your advertising campaigns. With our advertising platform you can order a 3rd party audit and we will assist them all along the way.

Eliminate Ad Waste

Our platform enables advertisers to eliminate their ad waste by focusing on people-based advertising and marketing. No more pixel stuffing, ad stacking, bot visit counts, lack of context and ad relevance. Make 100% use of your ad budget

Managed Advertising Campaigns

Work with global advertising experts and get their hands-on guidance when running campaigns. Our global advertising experts will co-manage all your advertising campaigns no matter the size of your ad budget.

Self-serve Ad Platform

Ekalavya Hansaj provides member and non-member agencies with access to global self-serve ad platforms like DSP Brand Zeffery apart from advertising capabilities on Ekalavya Hansaj his network of news brands.

Advanced Analytics

Get access to advanced analytics for your advertising campaigns. We provide advanced analytics for each measurable and granular data point in your advertising campaign. Analytics data is visible within your advertising dashboard.

Geo Targeting

Target your customers within specific regions. Our ad-serve platforms and advertising solutions enable member and non-member agencies to run campaigns by ZIP Codes, Cities, States, Countries and other geo-targeting options.

Advertise to Scale

Our advertising campaigns are built to scale. Input your KPI’s and extend your campaign durations whenever you find better results from your campaigns. Scale your revenue and other advertising goals with our ad campaigns

Ad Recommendations

Get algorithm driven ad recommendation reports delivered directly to your email inbox and advertising dashboard. Use these recommendations to plan your next advertising campaign or re-define your current or next advertising campaign goals.

Concierge Services

Enjoy concierge services for member agencies on “Managed Agency” plans and for non-member agencies with monthly advertising budgets of $100K and above. Strictly and 100% done for you white glove agencies that want us to run the show.

Ad Suitability Reports

Let us know your ad budget, Campaign KPIs, Campaign Duration, Targeting Options, Interests and Overall campaign goals and we will share upto 3 ad suitability reports on a complimentary basis. No questions asked and no sales pitches involved whatsoever.

Free Discovery Call

Book 15 minutes free discovery call for each advertising campaign in the pipeline. We will hear and learn all about your campaign goals in these discovery calls and follow up with complimentary ad recommendation and ad suitability reports within 3 business days.

Premium Email & Chat Support

We always believe that top notch and private experience focused customer support to every customer goes a long way in establishing credibility. Enjoy premium email and chat support from our award winning customer support associates.

Dedicated Account Managers

Every member and non-member agency on our platform has an option to select a dedicated account manager for the duration of their advertising campaigns. Choose a dedicated account manager from a pool of 3 suggested account managers.

Advertising Academy Access

Gain access to industry best and exclusive online courses by world class advertisers at Ekalavya Hansaj Advertising Academy. Learn from the best and utilize your learnings in ramping your advertising campaigns.

Multiple Channel Support

Sometimes writing an email or getting on chat support can be time-consuming. Enjoy multi-channel customer support options on Whatsapp, Basecamp, Trello, Telegram and Twitter.

Flexible Payment Methods

Choose to pay by your preferred payment methods. We allow our customers to pay using credit cards, debit cards, domestic wire transfer, international wire transfer, ACH, Transferwise and Cryptocurrencies like BTC, USDT and ETH.

Ad Enhancement Reports

We want our advertisers to get the best results. Our customers get ad enhancement reports delivered to them every day for the duration of their advertising campaigns. Implementation of these reports deliver higher CTR’s and allow our customers to increase their RoI.

Use Your Creatives

Use your own advertising creatives or let our team of expert advertisers and world class ad campaign designers design your next advertising creatives at nominal designing costs. Don’t let your ad creatives play sudoku with your campaigns.

Programmatic Campaigns

Our campaigns are designed to deliver better results with each passing day of your campaign durations. Our advertising algorithm analyses user behaviors and automatically adjusts itself to deliver better results for our advertisers.

Advertising Options

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We have ad solutions for members and non-members. You may see all the advertising options above. Please send an email to for more details including advertising costs and plans and EH team will get back to you shortly.

Our Featured Agency and Agency of the Month ads are exclusive for EH members. For the other advertising options, please see “Brands” tab above and send an email to if you have any questions. EH team will get back to you shortly.

Featured agency ads and Agency of the month ads are reserved on monthly basis and stay online for the reserved month. Other ad options stay online for the lifespan of the related page or newsletter. For more details please contact us at

We make ad reservations on a first come first serve basis. In the case that required ad placement is still available, the deadline for submitted reservation should be at least one month prior to the ad going live.

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