20 Advantages of Listing Your Prepaid Services on an Agency Listing Marketplace Platform

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All cost-conscious consumers are shifting towards prepaid services as it ensures you stay on a budget and get your money’s worth. Though the shift is seen globally, it is more prevalent in the US. Prepaid services ensure you pay for the services before you use them, and most agency directories and marketplaces follow this practice to safeguard the interest of buyers and sellers. Should you opt to list your prepaid services on a marketplace? Will this prove to prevent you from becoming a victim of fraud? Will this lead to increased revenue generation on agency listing platforms?


Read on to get the answers to all your queries.




What are Prepaid Services on Agency Listing Platforms?



Prepaid refers to the services provided by an agency that a user can avail of by paying a fixed fee in advance. In return, they can expect an assured list of work being done. It ensures the users have clear and transparent expectations from the company they purchase a prepaid service from and doesn’t trigger disappointments. 


For agencies, offering prepaid services can generate a loyal customer base and a regular source of income. Users can give a trial to your service after paying a monthly subscription fee, and once they are interested, they buy premium plans. 


It allows for building trust and brand reputation. Only the users who want to stay connected will pay for premium or annual subscription plans, thus creating a loyal base. 


Additionally, prepaid services for agency listing platforms ensure no loss when clients leave the platform midway as they have already paid for the services. We will learn about several other benefits of prepaid services in the later part of the article. 



What are Agency-Owned Marketplaces?



Agency-owned marketplaces are mainly B2B (Business-to-Business), where businesses sell their services and products to other businesses. If you are an agency selling products and services and wish to expand your online presence, sign up on a SaaS platform for agencies. 


These marketplaces act like matchmakers


Marketplaces often enable companies to meet their prospective clients across any industry. But, with the rise in demand for agency listing on marketplaces due to their numerous advantages, the competition is getting tough. 


You need to keep your ears and eyes wide open to choose the right authentic marketplace. Getting an agency listing can help increase your chance of appearing on search engines like Google and Bing results. Some significant advantages of agency-owned marketplaces can be


A. Boosting SEO strategy


B. Cost-effective marketing


C. Generate greater leads


D. Greater conversion rates


E. Drive more website traffic


F. Boost brand awareness


G. Gathers social proof


H. Increase sales and revenue 



20 Advantages of Listing Prepaid Services On An Agency Listing Marketplace



Nowadays, agency-owned marketplaces are on the rise, and getting listed on the agency directories is highly beneficial for brands and freelancers alike.



1) Predictable Cash-out Flow


When you list your prepaid services or products on a marketplace, your target consumers get a clear and transparent view of what they need to pay and what they will get in return. For instance, you list a tool on a prepaid software platform on the marketplace and allow customers to use it only when they pay a fixed price. This makes the audience clear that if they have to avail of the service, they must pay a fixed price, and nothing goes otherwise.


Similarly, when you list your company on a prepaid agency directory, you know the fixed amount you would have to shell and the benefits the platform will pay against that fee. By having a prepaid contract, agencies can have a predictable cash-out flow and do not need to follow up with their clients constantly.



2) Assured Benefits


Prepaid services have another advantage; they provide a list of assured benefits against a particular fee. It means when listing your product on a partner listing platform on a marketplace, you need to clearly mention all the benefits you will offer to the buyers against the fee you charge them. By doing so, your clients cannot ask you for any additional tasks. This proves to be beneficial for startups and freelancers, who are often strong-armed by bigger businesses.



3) No Unwanted Surprises


Imagine this: you worked as a web developer for a client, and after spending hours and multiple edits later, your client refuses to pay you, citing some fake reasons. What is your recourse? Lose your money, which will set a wrong precedence for others, give up on your entrepreneurial dreams, or fight a legal battle, again leading to more money being wasted.


All this can be avoided if you have a prepaid agreement in place. Unlike postpaid services, prepaid services never come with unwanted surprises. Why? Because clients already know what to expect from an agency with the money they pay, and for some extra services, they can pay for add-ons. 


For example, suppose you have a Metaverse tool, and you charge $10 an hour, and any client seeking the same would have to pay for it upfront. But in a postpaid service, they can use the tool for 3 hours and then refuse to pay or pay less than the actual charge. Yes, that is an unwanted surprise, and to avoid it is best to list your services as a prepaid option on software directories.



4) Stay Within Budget


The prepaid agency listing platform ensures your clients stay within budget. It means they can make a budget for the service they seek from you, and if they feel it is affordable, they purchase. Now, if they had first to use the service and then you make a bill that’s way above their affordability, it would disrupt their budgets, and you might end up losing your client. 


Additionally, as a service provider, when you know your order value, you can also prepare your monthly expenses and try to make a profit! You can decide whether to hire more personnel or roll out more products depending on the number of prepaid orders you receive.



5) Upgrade To Premium Services Anytime


Most prepaid agency directories allow you to upgrade to premium plans whenever you need more advanced services. For example, a marketplace allows two job listings per month for $200/month, which is sufficient when starting your business. Now, after 4-5 years, when your business takes off, you might need to avail of 4 jobs listing monthly and be ready to pay an additional premium value.


This flexibility comes with prepaid services. The same goes when you provide prepaid services to clients; you must set payment tiers so they can start at low prices and get to premium plans when requirements increase and the budget is high. This allows businesses to get more clients and offer a wide range of services. You can attract both high-paying and smaller-budget clients.



6) Comfortable Prepayment For Your Favorite Product


You can list a range of products at separate prices and allow your clients to purchase the one they need and not pay for the whole. Customers often get misled to try different tools for postpaid services even when they don’t need them. It increases their overall bill, which can surpass their ability to pay. Therefore, by prepaying for the needed products and enjoying the full benefits. A comfortable plan will lead to client retention and more referrals.



7) Controls Overspending On Product Promotion


Advertising and marketing are some of the costly necessities of any business. But how can you control overspending on product promotion? Marketplaces with prepaid services listed on them often provide certain perks with each payment tier, allowing you to set assigned a predefined budget and not go overboard. Google trusts these marketplaces; therefore, your SERP score improves when your agency is listed on them. It can boost your SEO, help you meet with prospective clients on the platform, allow you to partner with relevant businesses, and more.



8) Diminish Financial Risks


This can happen to startups on tight budgets and choosing a postpaid service. When you decided to buy a service, you had good business savings, but over time somehow, your sales fell, leading to bankruptcy. At this point, receiving a postpaid bill is dreadful, isn’t it?  So to avoid such consequences, agencies prefer prepaid services where you pay when you have cash and avail the service as the plan allows. Whenever you are short on cash, you can unsubscribe from the service. 


Moreover, agency listing on the prepaid marketplace ensures clients pay you the agreed amount before purchasing a service or product. Negotiation after using a service usually harms business revenue. 



9) Stress-Free Marketing and Advertising 

Marketing and advertising are challenging for most businesses as you need to consider a lot of channels and pay a lump sum amount for service promotion. However, listing your agency on a prepaid marketplace like Ekalavya Hansaj ensures you pay them once every month or once a year and receive their premium marketing services for free. Plus, you can avail of their add-on services for boosting SEO and service promotion.



10) Create A Loyal Client Base


Having clearly etched out prepaid packages for your products and services listed on agency directories can help to instill confidence and trust in potential business partners. You can come across as a professional and honest brand, and more companies would like to partner with you. Prepaid marketplaces are a top destination for big conglomerates and small businesses. As per its budget, a company can choose its package. This will help you to build a loyal client base that won’t ditch you because of payment issues.



11) Get Assistance From Platform Managers


Prepaid marketplaces provide agencies on their partner directories access to platform managers. They can guide you to choose the right plan, help settle disputes between buyers and sellers, and also provide any other assistance that might arise during your time on their agency directories.



12) Enhance SEO Strategy On A Budget


Prepaid marketplaces are the coolest way of boosting your SEO as most search engines trust them, and these platforms use advanced keywords to place your agency on the top of the search engine result pages. You don’t need to hire a separate SEO strategist; marketing is within your budget. Also, since you have a lot of organic leads coming to your website because of easy-to-customize prepaid packages, your brand gets both good recognition and ranking.



13) Meet Promising Leads


Do you know what is one of the most important criteria for B2B partnerships? After quality, it is price and customer service. Today, every industry segment is highly competitive, and to stand apart, you need to catch your potential customer’s attention quickly. When clients come to your agency listing on a marketplace and find well-defined and articulate prepaid packages, they are more likely to sign up with you than a business offering the same service without a prepaid option.


Agency listing on a prepaid marketplace ensures you meet promising leads as they expect to meet top agencies to fulfill their needs. It means anyone asking for your service is a promising lead, and if your products fulfill their needs, they buy. 



14) Easy Trial Before Commitment


Isn’t it obvious that you keep taking trials unless you find the right one? The same goes for services. People may need to find out if the service they are purchasing will help their business, and therefore they can take a trial with monthly prepaid plans on the marketplace and then commit to yearly packages. 



15) Better Brand Placement On The Marketplace 


With prepaid services comes promoted placements, meaning you can rank higher on the marketplace website and have higher chances of appearing on search engines frequently. If you consider Ekalavya Hansaj, we have three plans; for the basic one, you get a good position, but premium plans take you up higher, and businesses with enterprise plans rank the highest. You will get increased assistance and better tools and resources at your disposal, and even more leads and brand awareness.



16) Increased Visibility 


Agency listing on prepaid marketplaces ensures you are a loyal customer of the platform, and serving you the best is their motto. The better your plan, the better your visibility on the marketplace website and search engines.



17) Easy Modification of the Plan


A business doesn’t need to require the same kind of services throughout its lifecycle. You may need to upgrade services to meet the increased demand in the business, which urges better-prepaid plans. Sometimes, businesses may also need to downgrade. When you offer multiple prepaid packages, your existing customers can easily customize them at their convenience. They won’t need to leave your business when their budget changes. This is customer retention at its best!



18) Scale Your Business


Scaling business requires expert help, but finding separate professionals can be challenging, especially for startups, small businesses, and freelancers. By offering prepaid services on agency listing platforms, you can solve your financial woes (you always get paid and not get cheated on your payment), get more clients (companies trust prepaid services), and you can always expand your business capacities.



19) Disputes Are Solved By The Marketplace


Marketplaces like Ekalavya Hansaj will provide assistance in case a payment dispute arises. The agency listing platform acts like a mediator and safeguards the interest of both buyers and sellers. As an agency, if you do not give the services mentioned in your prepaid service package, you can be penalized; similarly, for buyers who might create any quibble later.



20) Prepaid Services Lead to More Business Than Bidding


Remember when you had to bid for projects on marketplaces and then lost out because someone bid less or there were too many bids, and your company was not even considered? Bidding is not a test of your capabilities; many factors go into winning bids.


But with prepaid services- you are open about what clients can expect from you and at what price. You also showcase your portfolio, previous client ratings and reviews, which is crucial in convincing companies to partner with you. Prepaid services are a hassle-free experience for both buyers and sellers and lead to more genuine leads in an effective manner.



Why Should You Use Ekalavya Hansaj Marketplace for Listing Your Prepaid Services?



Have you heard of a SaaS platform for agencies offering you a range of product listings, software listings, podcast listings, partner listings, job listings, and online course listings? The answer is Ekalavya Hansaj. 


Once you sign up as a member and pay a stipulated package fee (three prepaid packages, of course), you get various advantages, discounts, and learning opportunities, share your knowledge, and have separate bios for each profile listing type. 


Ekalavya Hansaj brings down three subscription plans by keeping every business budget in mind. It ensures your agency doesn’t need to find separate marketplaces to list their software, articles, online courses, jobs, events, podcast listing, etc. We welcome agencies, business owners, marketers, advertisers, online course providers, podcasters, journalists, content creators, product hunters, and freelancers. 


This prepaid platform is worth considering. Why? We offer promoted placements on the homepage, and this increases your discoverability. Ekalavya Hansaj is a master in the field and understands the marketing needs of each business. We generate more traffic to your website, boosting conversion rates and driving sales. 


In return, we take only 15% of a project sale price, which is very nominal. There are numerous benefits of agency listing on our platform. You can always speak with our inbound sales team to join the platform anytime and from anywhere. We operate across Asia, Europe, Canada, Australia, the UK, the US, and MENA. 



What Are The Prepaid Services Available On Ekalavya Hansaj?



Ekalavya Hansaj is a popular name in the marketing and advertising industry that, within a few years, has proved to be one of the best marketplaces for B2B companies. It allows member agencies to list their products, tools, services, online courses, jobs, events, podcasts, and other resources on the platform. To be a member, you must pay a fixed monthly or yearly amount.


Ekalavya Hansaj’s basic plan costs you $499/month or $5,988/year, giving you a promoted placement for each job listing, event, online course, tool, and more. You can get one listing in each category. We offer you one-time recommended lead data each week, pushed service area lead data, visibility, and a bronze badge.


To upgrade your promoted placements and lead generation, opt for our premium pack at $999/month or $11,988/year. You receive promoted services, projects, locations, podcasts, and more. Plus, you get an advanced listing and campaigns, advanced lead generations, advanced discovery and analytics, portfolio customization, and a golden verified badge.


Otherwise, you can purchase our best-selling Enterprise pack at $ 1,999/month and $23,988/year. This pack is specially designed to meet the needs of an enterprise and is the best value plan on our platform, and you receive a platinum badge. To know more about these plans, visit our website today or talk to an inbound sales executive.


With each of our prepaid packages, agencies can also publish articles that help businesses create a knowledge base, establish themselves as subject matter expert, and help with SEO rankings. Your work can be showcased across our 250+ news agencies! With these plans, you can also avail of our Add-on services, including agency concierge, agency evaluation, dedicated account management, assisted advertising, managed public relations, and more. 






Listing your prepaid services on an agency-owned marketplace is highly beneficial to both buyers and sellers. In this article, we have discussed the many advantages of prepaid agency directories. If you want a hassle-free experience, no unwanted surprises, assured benefits, and a regular income stream, then having a prepaid option for your services is absolutely necessary. 


At Ekalavya Hansaj, all business transactions occur on a prepaid model, and this helps us reduce fraudulent practices while ensuring the clients get their money’s worth. To get listed on our platform, you can opt for any of the three prepaid plans that we offer, and each plan has some interesting benefits, and you can always upgrade or opt for add-ons.


Want to substantiate your current income manifold and create a widely-recognized brand name? Sign up on our prepaid agency listing marketplace today! Plans start at just $499 per month, and for more information, contact our inbound sales team.






Q1. What are the popular payment methods on the Ekalavya Hansaj platform?


Ans. The popular payment methods on Ekalavya Hansaj are credit cards, debit cards, Domestic Wire Transfers, and SWIFT transfers.



Q2. What is the difference between prepaid and postpaid services in marketplaces?


Ans. Prepaid services are the ones that you pay before availing of a service, and for postpaid services, you first use a service and then pay a bill as sent by the agency on your service usage.



Q3. How to sign up on the Ekalavya Hansaj platform?


Ans. You can visit the official website of Ekalavya Hansaj and go to the Add Agency page to sign up for the agency platform.



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