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Human psychology makes us trust recommendations from people we know or trust- leading to the increasing popularity of affiliate marketing. According to Rakuten/Forrester Research, 90% of businesses and advertisers believe affiliate marketing is essential to their marketing strategy. Over 80% of advertisers used an affiliate marketing scheme to increase website traffic and sales. 

agency specializes in helping brands with scaling and finding solutions to accelerate conversion rates and provide tailored affiliate programs. The experts on the marketing team have elaborate knowledge about the market, which helps expand your brand globally.

Along with affiliate marketing management services, they offer data and analytics, fraud monitoring, influencer program management, and partnership optimization. Some of the leading e-commerce brands that feature their client list are Crocs, Lenovo, RedBubble, and Instacart.

2) Red C Marketing

Red C Marketing is a result-driven marketing agency platform based in Salford, United Kingdom. This organization has been connecting people with brands for 25 years. The foundation of all campaigns at Red C Marketing is laid on insight and statistics. The affiliate marketing service that this organization has to offer brings excellent results. You can join their chain of success stories like Dulux, Ashfield, Meryln, and many others. Services like email marketing, website development, and SEO are also part of the firm’s specialized areas.

3) Mobio Group

Market research and strategy can be made easier with the Mobio Group, headquartered in London. This one is the top mobile marketing agency that helps businesses grow by using the full potential of modern advertising. Apart from mobile retargeting, App Store optimization, user acquisition, and advertising design, the agency also provides effective affiliate marketing plans. The firm collaborates with finance, retail, and gaming ventures. You can spot AliExpress and Jiffy atop their case study listing.

4) Af

Next in order of top affiliate marketing industry specialists is Techtadd. The agency platform works on a global scale in the marketing sector. Its team comprises designers and developers with competent marketing and branding skills. To help your business run profitably, Techtadd has a variety of solutions to offer.

The cutting-edge digital marketing strategies used by the form include marketing solutions like affiliate marketing, referral marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, and many more. They analyze, advertise and optimize your business, making it future-ready.

12) Hallam

Coming up next is Hallam, an independently verified advertising firm. They have been in the business for 20 years and are available in 3 locations across the UK: London, Leeds, Nottingham, and Malaga, Spain. This unified team of experts creates a difference for the clients with the best marketing experts. Hallam connects you with Europe’s leading paid media agencies and sets a standard for scalability. Affiliate marketing or paid media services with affiliates is a great way to reach people. Hallam helps B2B, B2C, and eCommerce platforms with their requirements.

13) OptimiseMedia

OptimiseMedia is its trusted affiliate partnership agency. This global affiliate network helps advertisers find solutions to get higher web traffic. The fully integrated branding and commerce solutions by the experts on the agency’s team promise a better future for your brand.

The game-changing data insight tools used by the experts of OptimiseMedia are a risk-free method to grow your brand. This platform has a network of publishers from every industry sector. And because it is spread across five continents, it broadens the marketplace and scope for scalability.

14) Soap Media

They use cutting-edge tools and technologies to build affiliate networks and drive only the most relevant visitors to their client’s sites. Soap Media is an elite affiliate marketing firm, thus, creating more opportunities for conversion and revenue for businesses. 

Their all-in-one affiliate management platform with a broad spectrum of UI features facilitates real-time evaluations of the strategy. They also have a zero-tolerance attitude towards fraud, with a sophisticated prevention procedure that polices dodgy traffic and flags fraudulent activities.

15) Smartunit

Ads and affiliate marketing are made affordable by Smartunit, UK. The digital advertising service catalog has all major facilities: SEO audit, SEM, PPC, social media marketing (SMM), interactive marketing, lead generation services, and more. The practice of connecting with the target audience via several digital media channels is a unique point of the advertising organization. Approximately 100+ clients from all over the United Kingdom trust Smartunit digital marketers with their market management.

16) Regroup Media

Regroup Media is yet another committed digital marketing agency from London. Formed by a collective of professional marketers and technicians, this marketing agency is committed to helping clients with futuristic strategies for growth. They have excellence in uplifting businesses from the digital domain. The agency is transforming businesses with its result-driven approach in the UK, Germany, and China.

Regroup Media has experience working with big brand names across the globe. The client list includes Charabanc- a luxury car fragrance brand; Global Energy Systems- a renewable energy company; and AgraDura- a homeware brand, highlighting the agency’s success.

17) Visualsoft

Brands Lusso, Charles Clinkard, GANT, and Little Mistress trust Visualsoft with their marketing needs. This trusted affiliate marketing agencies in UK for growing brands has created smarter ways to succeed with the market learning and analytic approach.  At Visualsoft stepping stone to any successful campaign is communication and reviewing road maps. As far as marketing is concerned, the platform provides multiple solutions.

The powerful marketing solutions firm provides include the cross-channel integration of strategies. The agency’s affiliate marketing stands upon activation, precision, engagement, and experience. Visualsoft inspires brand confidence, promises flexible packages, and improves lead generation.

18) Webonet

Maximize the growth of your online venture with Webonet. The agency has expertise in solving marketing problems with the best media solutions. It has a network of 1800+ partners and an extensive user reach. It has a team of multidisciplinary professionals working to provide tailored solutions. Its lead generation rates are relatively higher due to its global publisher network and unique pay-per-performance model.

The risk management strategy, tracking, analytics-optimized ad placements, and real-time data monitoring play a major role in making the campaigns of this marketing agency platform hit a global level. Remember, Webonet partners with the best publishers across 94 countries.

19) Smai Digital

Smai Digital is an all-inclusive marketing consultancy that is designed to generate success. It was founded in 2018 to generate growth opportunities for businesses with its marketing expertise. PPC is one of the key marketing services that they provide. The list of services includes affordable maps marketing, content marketing, and web design plans. You can partner with this marketing agency for better ROI and scalability purposes.

20) VoucherCodes

VoucherCode is a small-scale affiliate marketing firm transforming the business world with its services. The unique physical and digital distribution network that the agency has built helps expand a brand’s reach. They have a unique collaboration model. This UK-based agency focuses on affiliate marketing and providing discount coupons and codes, leading to more sales and organic traffic to their client’s websites. Established in the year 2008, they cater to many industries and popular brands.

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Considering everything, we can conclude that affiliate marketing has plenty of advantages for businesses and individuals. On the one hand, it is a highly popular source of passive income and a great way for brands to popularize their products and services. Creating new sales and advertising channel is complex, but affiliate marketing makes it cost-effective and humanized.

An affiliate program management agency makes building and maintaining good affiliate relationships easier for companies. And when you have a partner platform like ours to help you figure out the credibility of these service providers, then nothing can stop you from creating a success story. Visit Ekalavya Hansaj’s platform today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is an agreement or arrangement where a business owner or brand pays a commission to another business, affiliate, or influencer to increase their web traffic or sales.

2) How does affiliate marketing and performance marketing differ?

Performance marketing is a term that classifies marketing methods that focus on increasing ROI with trackable advertising methods. While affiliate marketing falls is a sub-category term, performance marketing is carried out with partner affiliates who promote products for a commission.

3) What is an affiliate disclosure statement?

An affiliate disclosure is a statement issued in the interest of the affiliate to specify the companies or products they link on their site/content. All affiliates are advised to disclose the relationships with the merchant, brands, and products and clearly state facts in the affiliate disclosure statement.

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