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Coteries SA

Coteries SA

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Coteries SA

Coteries is a Swiss digital agency. We design, develop and market digital solutions for companies from startups to corporates. From the brainstorming phase to clickable prototypes to web or mobile apps, we bring our knowledge to develop great user experiences. We are fans of the lean approach and always put the users first while developing MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) or complete websites, web apps or mobile applications. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we also develop our own products, like, or As we understand complete processes of creating digital solutions, we are also able to market them with our digital marketing specialists. From SEO to PPC Campaign through Inbound Marketing and Automation, we are an experienced digital agency. We work in a collaborative and interactive way with our customers to develop high-quality results. We are passionate about our mission: deliver a highly qualitative Digital User Experience to our customers and their users. And that’s why we are trusted by our customers. Contact us!


Review Coteries SA.

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Services: Mobile App Development,


Country: Europe | City: Geneva,


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