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Definition 6

Definition 6

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Definition 6

DEFINITION 6 is a digital marketing agency that was founded in Atlanta in 1997. DEFINITION 6 is headquartered in Atlanta and has offices in New York City and London. The agency is backed by Navigation Capital Partners, an Atlanta-based private equity firm. In August 2009, DEFINITION 6 acquired Creative Bubble, a video and post-production and sound engineering company based in New York. In December 2009, DEFINITION 6 acquired Leach Communications, a strategic communications firm based in New York. In September 2012, DEFINITION 6 acquired Synaptic Digital, an earned media and strategic content distributions company. Barry Sikes took over as CEO of DEFINITION 6 from Michael Kogon in 2013. Shortly thereafter former President and COO Jeffrey Katz became COO in 2014. Definition 6 has worked for various global brands. In 2019, they became part of the Dawn portfolio of independent creative agencies.


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Services: Analytics, Branding, Consulting, Content, Creative, Technology, Web Design, Web Development,


Country: USA | City: Atlanta,


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