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ExpandX Marketing & Web

ExpandX Marketing & Web

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ExpandX Marketing & Web

Marketing, Digital & Web Solutions for Business Growth. ExpandX is a digital marketing agency and web solutions provider that for years has delivered results, professionalism, and ROI to our clients. Our team of experts in marketing strategy, web development solutions, video marketing, online advertising, digital marketing, graphic and web design, content marketing, creative solutions, and marketing management, work in unique synergy to achieve the goals set by our clients. We can build your corporate website or online shop and will also extend the service to creating a working, consistent, sustainable, and efficient marketing campaigns and solutions for your business or organization. We will work together with you and your business to create the right and working 360° marketing impact needed in every specific request or project. Our analytical tools, strong customer/market insights, and expertise will do much more for you than just a website, promo & advertising campaign or social media management. ExpandX!


Review ExpandX Marketing & Web.

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Services: Social Media Marketing,


Country: Europe | City: Sofia,


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