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Havas Canada

Havas Canada

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Havas Canada

The corporate culture at Havas Canada is built around the talent and engagement of its teams, and is backed by a worldwide network that supports its strategies with international best practices. Today, the agency employes more than 250 professionals working out of offices in Montreal and Toronto. This strength is made possible thanks to our understanding of local realities, as well as the challenges of national and international brands. In June 2016, Havas acquired TP1, a digital agency located in Montreal. With this acquisition, Havas increased its full-service integrated offering in Quebec, with the enhanced digital capabilities of TP1. Founded in Montreal in 2005, TP1 was among the first digital agencies to adapt the agile methodology for the creative and marketing world.


Review Havas Canada.

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Services: Web Design,


Country: Canada | City: Toronto,


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