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Herraiz & Co

Herraiz & Co

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Herraiz & Co

We are an independent creative agency based in Barcelona with a digital DNA. We are bloody-minded perfectionists and have experience in creating, designing and developing all content, experiences, applications and installations. We produce most of our work in-house and team with the best-in-class production companies when we can’t. Digital runs through our veins. We are experts in multi-platform design and development as well as user-experience. We are not a full-service agency. We prefer to focus on what we do best and partner with the experts to provide services that we do not, such as media planning, SEM and SEO activities. So why work with us? We believe that our ideas are fresh (and win awards internationally). We’re small-ish, agile and independent. And most importantly, we do our brainstorming on the beach. “We love Rock&Roll and its attitude, because that’s exactly how brands should connect with their consumers”


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Services: Media Planning & Buying,


Country: Europe | City: Barcelona,


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