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Ask Me Anything, with Ekalavya Hansaj

“ What we’ve learned from helping 1000s of agencies, business owners, podcasters, creators, partners , buyers and sellers scale through partnerships with Ekalavya Hansaj, Inc.”

Ekalavya Hansaj
“ As we move into the first half of 2022, Ekalavya Hansaj, Inc. is opening its bag of features across multiple categories for agencies, business owners, podcasters, creators and freelancers. We will also start sharing everything we have learned from working with 1000s of owners across multiple industry domains.”
“During these monthly AMA’s we will kick off things by answering any questions that attendees may have and subsequently sharing the keys to succeed as a business owner, podcaster, creator and freelancer. Attendees will have liberty to ask and get answered anything and everything.”
What we’ll be covering in this Live AMA Webinar:

Every 1st @ 3pm EST

    About the speakers

    Ekalavya Hansaj
    Serial Entrepreneur
    EKalavya Hansaj is the founder and CEO of Ekalavya Hansaj, Inc and Quarterly Global, Inc. Ekalavya Hansaj is regarded as one the topmost voices in the marketing, advertising and public relations domain. In his free time, Ekalavya Hansaj also writes about small businesses and other business related topics on Entrepreneur Magazine.
    Anjali Shahi
    Founder & CEO
    Anjali Shahi is the founder and CEO of leading beauty care and cosmetic brand pepmee. Anjali Shahi is regarded as a leader in the beauty and skin care domain. Her inspiration for the beauty line came from her daughter Mayra Hansaj.
    Amanda Reekers
    Amanda Reekers is the CFO at Ekalavya Hansaj, Inc. and Quarterly Global, Inc. In the past Amanda Reekers worked with the likes of American Express, JP Morgan Chase and Expensify. Amanda Reekers has been a part of Ekalavya Hansaj, Inc since 2019.

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