9 Ways to Grow your Podcast Followers

Published On: 18 July, 2022
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9 Ways to Grow your Podcast Followers

Promoting podcasts is one of the unsurpassed ways to get the audience’s eyes and ears on your latest show. Sounds easy, right? But the flip side of the coin has a different view. If you wonder that Podcast is an instant way to bring you in the limelight, maybe you have only your heads in the clouds because getting popular through podcasts isn’t a piece of cake.


The new fad of podcasts has drastically evolved over time, which has nearly made it hard for every novice guy to stand out from the crowd. Apple alone has indexed more than 800,000 podcasts, and there are plenty of names on the list.


The outlasting competition will keep growing, and there’s no way to get over these rising figures. You might have also listened to many podcasters how they have built up such a massive audience base within a few times.


But instead of being an eager beaver, if you glance at their strategies and way of execution, you’ll figure out how they have got that huge number your eyes fancy for. So that you could sort out the entire confusion, here we have shared mind-blowing strategies that’ll help incredibly pull in a massive crowd during the showtime.


Why are podcasts emerging as the new trends?


It’s hard to convince people to read you or see your videos in the midst of today’s hustling-bustling lifestyle. Owing to this, numerous online marketing strategies are turning out to be less conventional as people don’t have time to stream a video or read content attentively. But Podcasts are emerging as an incredible strategy making headlines in the world of online marketing.


The audience can download your sayings on their devices and can listen to you whenever they get time. While driving, working, or during the time spent in a private zone, people can listen to you in their own style, making Podcasts quite special.


So, if you were thinking of going out there and making people listen to you – now is the time!

5 Brilliant Hosting Platforms to host your Podcast

But choosing the best platform to host your podcasts should spring as the most critical thing in your mind because the best platform will draw a huge crowd in your episodic series of spoken words, and people will then start knowing you. So let’s have a look at which platforms you can choose to shine through Podcasts.

BuzzSprout- An Easy to Use Option

BuzzSprout can be the best platform for you to kick-start a podcasting journey. This hosting provider is in the limelight among beginners who aren’t familiar with online marketing practice. The platform was launched in 2009, and from that time to now, the platform has given a massive push to the popularity of today’s top podcasters.


The easy to use features of Buzzsprout make it stand out among other hosting platforms for the podcast. Simply upload your recorded audio and leave the entire tension of handling and managing your account on Buzzsprout and its passion-driven team. I liked how the platform offers you the social media sharing option, which is vital for every new podcaster to grow. Though the bandwidth limits and the paid plans of BuzzSprout sometimes frustrate users, BuzzSprout also allows you to develop your own website and choose the best domain.


Free Plans: 90 Days Free Plan


Paid Plans: Starts from $12/ month

Podbean – Popular for Unlimited Bandwidths and Hosting Plans

Podbean is another well-liked option among podcasters. The platform catches my attention mainly on its unlimited hosting plans that come alongside unlimited bandwidth. The overall interface of the Podbean is highly readable, which ensures user-friendliness. The customizable themes and tools for designing your own website provide a competitive advantage to this Podcast Platform. Though, users can also get an option of embedding podcast players on their respective websites. Podbean submits your recorded files automatically to the top directories so that the audienceapproaches you easily.

Though, you can also monetize your podcast content using the Podbean advertising option. I think it makes the Podbean relatively a better option because Podcasters who want to support themselves through some additional income source would get a great company from Podbean.


Free Plans: Limited Storage for Podcast Files


Paid Plans: Starts from $9/month

Smart Podcast Player – Includes the best Ever Media Player

Smart Podcast Player is famous for its excellent media player. Record your voice and simply embed it on your website. You can create an episode and list your podcasts on the homepage as well. The helpful tools provided on the screen and social media sharing option lift the users’ overall podcasting experience.


You can create your own website on this mind-blowing Podcast Platform. Since Smart Podcast Player is accessible on all devices, your website will easily be featured on all screen sizes. You can also give an attractive edge to your website as the platform offers you customization options. Besides that, you also get much more support from the platform in comparison to most other hostings, that drives visitors to your website.


Free Plans: Not available


Paid Plans: Starts from $8.09/month

Simplecast – Best for Big businesses

I must say, Simplecast was important to make a place in this list because the platform offers truly amazing features and offers to its users. Users can embed their recorded podcasts within a few clicks. Though, if someone listens to your podcasts, you can overview it as Simplecast provides you access to check detailed analytics. The top class customization option enhances the overall appearance of your website. Businesses that work at a large scale can opt for Simplecast. In their $35/month plan, Simplecast allows you to include additional team members to handle your website. In the latest updated version, users can get access to some additional features that uplift your podcasting experience and allow you to try your hands at other tools to give an edge to your podcasts.


Free Plans: Comes with a 14-day free trial


Paid Plans: Starts at $15/month

Resonate – A Decent Choice

In the end, another best Podcast platform that impressed me a lot is Resonate Podcast. However, Resonate has not been working in the industry for a very long time, they have apparently launched a hosting platform that is reaping enough positive reviews. You can professionally host your episodic series of podcasting on this platform and thehosting goes smoothly without any hassle. You can also track how your podcasting is performing as the platform provides you access to detailed analytics. The embed player looks cool and enhances the appearance of your website, alongside the interface.


Free Plans: Not Available


Paid Plans: Starts from$ 25/month


9 Ways to Grow your Podcast Followers


It isn’t a surprising question, “How to Grow my Podcast Audience?”


Getting success on a Podcast solely depends on your mouth wording! Maybe, a friend or someone on youtube has answered you something like this. But has that satisfied you? Of course not. After all, despite extensive efforts, your Podcast journey fails to live up to your expectations.


But, it isn’t time to lose hope. It’s time just to start out; even though it will be the second chapter of your podcast journey, you should continue it. But this time, you’ll take strategic moves that helped me to grow. What am I talking about? Check out below.


  1. Choose a Reliable Podcasting Host

Aforementioned, picking out the best podcast hosting platform that fits your requirements is the first step to starting your podcast journey in a way that ensures you do not encounter many problems on the way (not on the platform’s behalf at least).


Though, I’ve listed some of the best podcast options above, you can’t buy them all, right?


Unless you went crazy for your podcast or work as a family lawyer (get the joke?)


Here are some important points to consider before you go out there, arms flailing and choose any platform for your podcast:


  • Check out the varying types of publishing tools they offer. Not all Podcast platforms come with the same tool that you get in other
  • Check out the media sharing options provided by the platform, so you can connect your existing customers or people who know you.
  • Ask yourself if you can use the hosting on both iOS and Android Devices?
  • Most platforms provide flexible storage options whilst few appear to be pestering due to limited storage as you will be able to store your podcast file in a limited amount.
  • Do remember that many times the brand offers its users access to unlimited bandwidth. Make sure you consider this option, because in the near future, if luckily your podcast goes viral, this little feature is going to assist you a lot to keep your and your audience’s experience on your podcast smooth and elegant.
  • What is the price? Several brands offer free plans to their users, but they have limited features, thus, if you are just starting out try your hand on the free hostings before you pay for an upgrade. If it’s the first time, you can choose free plans for your podcast hosting.

Once a hosting platform checks into all these requirements, go for it without a second thought. Now let us glance at the next strategic moves.


  1. Contact! Connect! Create a Community

If you seek instant growth on the podcast, begin contacting your family and friends, take help from social media, and create a community. Even though you have a small listener base, the public will attract towards you after seeing people within your podcast community as it attracts them. It encourages random people to listen to you.


Also, make sure you come up with quality content because speaking gibberish while only being garrulous leaves a negative impression, which isn’t okay for a brand. You’ve just started, so make sure you don’t let any of your shortcomings become a barrier on your next move.


You can also connect with other podcasters through a partnership if you wish for prompt growth. However, in this way, you’ll get another big advantage – you’ll be introduced to their strategy through a close look.


  1. Focus on Value Generation Rather Than Quantity Production

Your one word can emotionally connect your listener within one shot, so instead of producing big content, keep it short but add more value to it. Present your line like a precious statement.


Don’t keep going on and on like your college sweetheart who just won’t shut up about her cheerleading skills!


In the absence of succinct and valuable content, people, instead of following, will start snoring at your voice while you aren’t even half-way there!


Therefore, before you consider taking action, work more on value generation concepts. Which points can attract users? Focus more on such topics. However, the best strategy to play with your user’s mind is to ask anything that the general public follows, implements, and uses in their life.


Don’t describe your story in a nutshell. Break the issue and, bit by bit, explain the solution in simple words, so users retain your podcast for a long time. For this, you can take help from Quora since Quora with its 190+ monthly users is the best Q&A tool to get valuable insights to the general audience’s mind.

You can find here a big list of questions being asked by the real public on Google. Search every question related to your content and see if you can answer them in the tone that suits your podcast’s genre. If yes, you should feel damn confident about it.


Value generation becomes quite easy if you search the issues as your own issues and find the solution that helps you get rid of them effectively.


One golden tip (that you must have heard before) is- Always look through your audience’s perspective while you answer your own questions.


  1. Make a Quality Audio

It’s okay to start improvising when you’re just starting out. You don’t have enough budget? Use your headphones and outshine amongst the other competitive podcasts as you grow.


Still, it’s required that your recorded audio from headphones should sound very clear. If there’s a functional glitch with your headphones, then, of course, you should purchase a special mic for recording your voice. Don’t panic. You’ve no need to spend a big buck; you can find the best quality mic online at a low price as well.


You can also check what other podcasters or Youtubers are using to record sound. Quality audio delivers a clear message to the audience, so make sure you’re well-prepared with the required instruments to start podcasting like a pro.


  1. Head to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Okay! You’re all set with a quality Podcast. You’ve done recording, so now what? It’s the time to proceed with the next most valuable step, “The SEO,” and make your content visible to the audience.

If you think that creating a Podcast will hit the jackpot for you, then someone has definitely advised you wrong. The Internet on its own is a huge empire of information; you can see thousands of things on the same topic which is why you need to stand out amongst the crowd.


Possibly, the content you’re planning to come up with on the internet fails to defeat others. But SEO is the key to outperform in the online marketing sector even when the competition is indicating a red-signal to the newcomers.


For instance, if you have a website, you can embed your Podcast Media Player from the Hosting platform in your web-pages. But sometimes, due to SEO ignorance, the visibility of your website on search engines starts wiping out. If you want that more and more audiences visit your website and experience your content, then consider these few basic SEO points:


  • The right keywords
  • Catchy title
  • A short description in a nutshell
  • Easy to understand plus valuable content

Your podcast should be well-optimized, so it can easily rank in the Google search engine. However, your ultimate goal should be to rank your position among top Podcasts in iTunes if you want to capture a huge crowd.


  1. Create a Trailer

Well, it’s one of the best ways to get noticed and get Apple Podcasts to bring you in the limelight and pin your show on the top page. So make sure you are all set with a catchy trailer that grabs the audience’s attention. Though it’s quite simple, just take a quick overview of any movie trailer. Which things attract you most about them? Figure out all points and take action accordingly


You can also take a few portions from your podcast and create an instant but questionable trailer out of it. It encourages the audience to start listening to you. Though, the best way to go is to add some music to it, so it sounds more interesting and enthusiastic (if that’s the aim).


Don’t jump to the climax; create a trailer with a few lines that incredibly tickles the mind of your listeners and forces them to tap into your episodes. One minute trailer is enough for creating an appealing trailer. I have also seen podcasters creating 3 to 5 minutes of trailers, which often turns out to be very boring because we’re not running a complete episode, it’s supposed to be what it should be – a blurred edge between a teaser and a trailer.


  1.  Welcome a guest

Guests are one of the perfect ways to boost the count of your Podcast Followers. Though guests can be anything, it can be your friends, someone special, or an expert in this field. If you’ve just started this podcast journey, of course, it’s going to be difficult for you to invite a big guest. Duh!


Still, if you somehow manage to bring at least a few well-known people on your podcast, it’ll start engaging the audience. You may be able to throw an interview with big-name personalities, but in the initial stage, you’ll have to be very confident about your work and interview people may not be that famous but have a knack for what they do or believe in.


There’re tons of ways to invite a guest to join your podcast and add value to your episodes. You can invite famous book writers as well, as there are high chances that people who read their books will surely listen to you.


Also, you can use cross-promotional strategies for example, if your guest is a YouTuber, you can ask them to put your podcast link in their description box, and in return, you’ll put their video links on your website. This is why inviting guests is one of the best strategies to grow your podcast followers – it helps you grow as a community and not alone.


  1. Encourage Listeners to Take Action

Here comes the most critical point that you must tick in your checklist. Hardly a few listeners on podcasts are regular listeners that makes it quite challenging for podcasters to induce them into taking actions.


Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Currently I’m the way!


To bring in a deluge of people to join the followers’ base on your podcast, ask lots of questions to the audience, leaving out a hint of mystery towards the end.Start where you left off in your upcoming podcasts so the readers stay connected and at the same time eager to know when the cliffhanger finally ends. To cut it short, bind the listeners in a sequential manner with your podcasts episodic series.


It keeps encouraging your audience and helps you keep them intrigued all the way. You can also offer them gifts for free or conduct some contests for lucrative giveaways.


  1. Keep Improving Your Quality

Don’t forget to improve the quality of your content. People always want to hear something new, and luckily if you’ve built a strong audience base for your podcasting episodes, of course, your old wordings and incessant repetition will frustrate them and eventually bore them out enough to move onto a better and refreshing podcast.


In your latest podcast episode, you can point out a few things about your last podcasting episodes as well, so new listeners can go back to listen to them which is how you guide your listeners indirectly. It’s the best marketing strategy for sure.


However, it’s essential that your episodes should be aligned in a series, so none of your listeners encounter any issue. Give a clear title, so neither the visual hierarchy or the understanding is negatively impacted. Put attractive and instant-to-grasp calls-to-action elements, or use verbal tone in the way that it repeatedly reflects in a listener’s mind.  Initially, you may find it a bit problematic to you, but as you start getting insights into which questions and answers people like the most, you start mastering the art.




Podcast is undoubtedly an amazing approach to outshine in an unfiltered style because it’s the ideal way of establishing a personal connection with your smart audience who hate fake content stuffed on the internet in a colossal amount. Maybe, you don’t want your content to be the next one among them, right?


So this is how your journey of becoming a master in podcasts can go better. Your podcast growth depends upon your understating of the internet world, what your right audience is and how you can win them over with strategies that do not fade into obscurity over time. It can keep providing the best outcomes if, right from the beginning, you keep everything in a flow and make it more understandable to the reader.


It’s Snowtime, Baby! (I’m sorry this isn’t The Secret Life of Pets 2 and I’m not Alexandre Desplat)

*Correction, it’s Showtime, Baby!

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