Top 20 Podcasters to follow on iTunes

Published On: 30 June, 2022
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Top 20 Podcasters to follow on iTunes

Podcasts have peaked in popularity just like Charlie did, in Two and a Half Men.

Yeah, I tried referring to Two and a Half Men, because why not? But, you get the point right? Podcasts came, they stayed, and now they are simply ruling our hearts. We can’t stop gushing about podcasts. Because they are like audios that leave you in a state of ecstasy in a weird yet very fulfilling manner.

Are you elated? There is a podcast for you. Do you want inspiration and motivation in life? There is a podcast for you. You’re feeling depressed and exaggerating everything? There is a podcast to soothe your nerves. Podcasts have simply turned out to be our go-to and I guess they are better friends to us than our actual human friends. Just kidding you humans, I love y’all more than podcasts, or do I?

Now that I have made it pretty obvious that we should all be hands down obsessed with podcasts, why don’t I share a list of Top-20 podcasters you need to follow on iTunes? With every passing day, iTunes is evolving to become a platform that has the best of everything. From music to podcasts, to the incredible playlists, iTunes has it all. iTunes has a bundle of some jaw-dropping podcasts. But there’s one problem, not every podcast can feel like music to your ears, and worthy of a try. Which is why I’m here to help!

But wait for a second, why have I curated a list of podcasters instead of the podcasts? If it isn’t obvious as of yet, I will explain it to you. It is because a podcast is a storyline, but who brings it to life? Who puts the heart and soul to the idea to create a stunner that y’all enjoy? Who sweeps you off your toes with his or her (The future is woman, people) charms? Or who ensures that you pay utmost attention to the podcast? Who does it all? Yes, you got it right! It is the podcaster!

Why is a podcaster important?

A Podcaster is like those ingredients that made your cup of tea taste like it was a sip of heaven. A Podcaster is like a chocolate ganache. It instantly enhances the taste of an ordinary muffin and magically turns it into a cupcake. A podcaster is like that one person who is the life of every party. Do I need to explain it any further? Trust me, I can go on and on and on about it honey because there’s no stopping me. Anyway, now that you know exactly what I’m talking about, let’s delve in, and get started with the top 20 podcasters on iTunes!

Josh Clark

A natural actor and podcast host of the popular show ‘Stuff You Should Know’, Josh has appeared in recurring science-fiction series. He has also played roles in countless comedies including Tom Hanks comedy Big. He had a recurring role in the science-fiction series Heroes and also portrayed Lieutenant Joe Carey in Star Trek: 


His first screen role appeared in the movie Other Side of Victory. Ever since he continued to work as a television actor. He has now also made appearances on several insanely famous recent episodic programmes such as Grey’s Anatomy, and Criminal Minds.

Which Podcast to Listen to?

Stuff You Should Know: A wannabe satanist or geographer? That may be bleak for a question but Stuff You Should Know is one hell of a podcast. It is nowhere next to blunt and monotony. From Satanism, cult, LSD, El Nino, medicine, to politics and true crime, Stuff You Should Know has you covered on everything with humour and openness. Co-hosted by Josh and Chuck, this podcast has a wide range of subjects that are up for discussion and corrections. Without any hubris, Stuff You Should Know is an ideal listen for a curious mind.

The two liberal hosts model how anyone can talk about drugs, anarchy, or satanism. All this and they can still be in support of their rationality or normality, going against the stereotypical glorious democracy with natural sibling-Esque ease.

Andrea Mead Canning

A Canadian-American journalist who currently works for NBC News, Andrea Mead Canning is a 46-year old brave and unruffled personality. She hosts the globally-renowned Dateline NBC podcast. A mother of six, Andrea surprisingly is camera-ready with zilch efforts. Snark-filled humour makes her storytelling even more realistic. Working up her career ladder, Andrea started working as a correspondent on ABCNews for Good Morning America and Today show. Post that, she made her breakthrough interview with Charlie Sheen. This landed her ragingly good career opportunities.
Which Podcast to Listen to?

Dateline NBCWait? Does Dateline now have a podcast? Yes, and Dateline fans can not be any more thankful. In case you do not have any time to watch TV anymore, you can still catch up on the show in all its rawness, experience the immersive real-life mysteries and in-depth investigations on air. Canning and her charm that’s equal parts pop culture, snarkiness, and excellent storytelling make the podcast particularly congratulating and intriguing.

Karen Kilgariff

A notable member of Mr.Show, Karen Kilgariff is a writer, comedian, singer, author, actress, television producer (halt!). Karen is a podcast host who began her career as a standup comedian. She later transitioned her career to being an actress and writer of illustrious shows such as The Ellen Degeneres Show.

Her first podcast in 2014 with Chris Fairbanks, Do You Need A Ride reaped immense appreciation for its unique theme. That’s primarily because the podcast originally took place in a car and the hosts interviewed guests while they drove around. Karen in 2016, went on to join Georgia Hardstark to start a true-crime podcast My Favorite Murder. The podcast has now garnered a gargantuan fan base with over 19 million listeners. Karen in her podcast strives to discuss common problematic issues with absolute compassion for the victim and the perpetrator of the crime. These elements give the show an edge over other true crime shows.

Which Podcast to Listen to?

My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and GeorgiaA therapy to deal with your anxieties bout true crime, My Favorite Murder is a podcast that is much more than a show that discusses true crime. Selecting one event from a wide range of verticals such as survivor story, true crime, historical events, and single murder, the podcast recounts and discusses the events. Apart from just serving your obsession for great narration, this podcast also talks about burning issues that are generally backside. Discussing themes like sex work, religion, and mental illness, My Favorite Murder is a show you couldn’t get enough of.

Alexandra Cooper

Alexandra Cooper is a Boston University graduate. She became the Internet sensation as her podcast Call Me Daddy started garnering millions of listeners online. Passionate about content creation, Alexandra started her own YouTube Channel to share regular vlogs. She also gave up her high-paying job to pursue content curation as a career.

Though wishing to become a pre-eminent celebrity through YouTube, Alexandra’s fate had some other plans for her. As she started her podcast, her listeners loved her. And the fame she aimed to achieve was showered on her for her podcasts. Apart from being a skilled content creator and podcast host, Alexandra is also an avid fitness enthusiast and sportsperson.

Which Podcast to Listen to?

Call Me Daddy

Call Me Daddy is the brutal answer to the question ‘Why can only men brag about their sex lives?’ The podcast normalizes the fact that women too can talk about sex, relationships, preferences, and embarrassing moments without the fear of being shamed or judged.

The podcast talks to its listeners and connects them with intimate topics in a frank and refreshing way. Easing them to share their not-so-comfy moments or be open about their sexuality, Call Me Daddy is an uprising podcast. It revolts against the face of outdated gender norms that need changing more than ever.

Rachel Martin

The host of Morning Edition and NPR’s podcast Up First, Martin is not just any news correspondent. Having served as the National Security Correspondent for NPR, she has regularly travelled to Iraq and Afghanistan. From reports on numerous important issues including wars and the efficacy of the Pentagon’s counterinsurgency strategy, Rachel has done it all!

Martin has been constantly bringing to light the rapidly changing demographic of the U.S. military. She has also been giving precious insights into how more and more women are now joining air combat units.

Islam in America, her piece of work while she was a religion correspondent for NPR during 2006-2007 won the ‘Best Radio Feature. Now, Rachel invests her wits and her impeccable reporting skills on NPR’s Up First. She isn’t just entertaining people with not news but her humorous narration at points.

Which Podcast to Listen to?

Up First: Relevant content, succinct delivery, and well-executed, reliable news – that in a nutshell is Up First. Most of us hate skimming through newspapers to catch up to the big headlines of the day. However, it gets nonchalantly unchallenging with Up First that covers all the relevant bites of news in 10 minutes time-frame.

Everyone prefers to hear the news that doesn’t tilt its coin to one side. Up First, alongside its hosts, including Rachel Martin presents you information and valuable insights in an unbiased manner. All that, even when they are talking politics. Comparatively more comprehensive than The Daily, Up First is innovating at its core. It isn’t just news but the witty banter that Rachel often initiates. Up for some engaging content with a crisp and targeted approach? Try Up First, the first thing in the morning (get the joke?)

Ashley Flowers

The CEO and Founder of audiochuck, Ashley Flowers has been utterly obsessed with true-crime since she was a kid. She aspired to be a detective, as the idea of solving cold cases sent chills through her spine. Although she could not turn her dream into a reality, she did follow her passion for the genre. It was then that she started producing podcasts.

Apart from her career, Ashley has an incredible family. She frequently takes out time from her busy schedule to spend quality time with her husband and Chuck (the dog). Ashley is also a fan of hot yoga and hiking. She describes these activities as her go-to methods of getting away from stress or emotional tension.

Which Podcast To Listen To?

Crime JunkieAre you as obsessed with true crime as Ashley and Brit? Has your obsession gone up to a level that you keep craving for more? Do you just love to engage in murder mysteries and weird crime stories instead of watching rom-coms? If mystery drives your soul and your soul feeds on crime stories, then Crime Junkie is a podcast that you’ll love. Crime Junkie is a crime podcast where Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat tell you about crime stories. The stories are narrated in a way that makes you feel like you’re chit-chatting with your best friend. She maintains the flow of the story, and you’ll simply go nuts over the podcast.

Joe Rogan

Joseph James Rogan is an American podcast host, mixed martial arts colour commentator, and comedian. He has also been seen working as an actor as well as a television host. An enthusiastic man that he is, Joe stepped into the world of comedy and then jumped on a deal with Disney. Rogan can also be spotted in NewsRadio & Hardball.

Which Podcast To Listen To?

The Joe Rogan Experience: Hosted by none other than Joe Rogan, The Joe Rogan Experience is a podcast that has moved on like fire and has become one of the most popular podcasts, as it was showered with millions of views on each episode. The podcast is amazing for those who love comedy.


A fashion queen at heart, a television and Instagram addict, and a hairstylist by profession, Ash is the complete package. She might come off as a basic girl, but she is a fun-loving and a very jolly girl at heart. Ash’s favourite movies are The Craft, Heathers, and Jawbreaker. Ash simply loves everything about hair, makeup and style and she’s also fond of horror. Ash’s sister is also a true fan of everything related to crime and horror. That’s how they landed on the idea and gave birth to Morbid: A True Crime Podcast.

Which Podcast To Listen To

Morbid: A True Crime PodcastA very lighthearted and fun-to-listen podcast, Morbid: A True Crime Podcast is about all things spooky. If you are full of weirdness, then this is the one for you. The hosts of the show are Ash the hairstylist and Alaina the autopsy technician.

Trevor Noah

A very successful comedian who hails from Africa, Trevor Noah is the host of The Daily Show. The show is the recipient of the Peabody and the Emmy Award. Noah has also earned a name for himself throughout these years as an innovative and excellent narrator and interviewer.

which Podcast To Listen To?

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah: The Daily Show With Trevor Noah is a podcast that will stay with you for life. It is a late-night talk show which airs every Monday as well as Tuesday. The Daily show describes itself as a fake news program and the best part is that it also uses self-referential humour. Quite frequently. The show is especially loved by the young crowd.

Michael Barbaro

A man with several moods and a strong-willed, Michael Barbaro is an American host and journalist. Michael is also the host of The Daily, which has become one of the most popular shows in America. His voice and the narration are widely popular amongst his listeners. These elements don’t just make The Daily one of the best podcasts on iTunes but also quirky and interesting. Say anything that’s an antonym to inky and cumbersome – that’s The Daily

Which Podcast To Listen To?

The DailyA radio show as well as a podcast that is made to deliver daily news by The New York Times, a prestigious American newspaper, The Daily is a podcast that is hosted by Michael Barbaro. Each episode of The Daily consists of the everyday reporting of the interviews from The New York Times.

If you are someone who likes to get your dose of daily news in a unique way, then you should count on The Daily. It sure does its job appropriately. The interviews are summarised and then put forward along with a few other videos to complement the story. Further, the podcast ends with a quick summary of the headline.

Brené Brown

Brené Brown is a lady who has been studying empathy, shame, vulnerability, and courage for 2 decades. She is a research professor working at the University of Houston, a visiting professor at The University of Texas. That’s not it, Brené is also an author of five books that have moved to become #1 New York Times bestsellers. The books are Dare to Lead, Braving the Wilderness, Rising Strong, Daring Greatly, and The Gifts of Imperfection.

Brown believes in walking the path of vulnerability to find courage. Brené’s motto is Courage over comfort and I feel that it is something that everyone should adapt to. She has two beautiful kids and is leading a fulfilling life.

Which Podcast To Listen To?

Unlocking UsJoin hands with an incredible woman Brené Brown and explore as well as unpack unexpected stories, unique ideas, new music, films, books, and exciting experiences on Unlocking Us with Brené Brown. It is going to be one hell of a roller coaster ride, and it will be worth it.

Rachel Lindsay

Rachel Lynn Lindsay Abasolo is an American media personality. She is popular for the role of being a contestant on The Bachelor’s 21st season. Lindsay was also the first African-American Bachelorette in The Bachelorette’s 13th season. Being the jolly woman that she is, Rachel is a woman who is full of fun and surprises.

Which Podcast To Listen To?

Bachelor Happy HourMake way for the original Bachelor Nation podcast as co-hosts Becca Kufrin and Rachel Lindsay risk it all for dating and finding love on national television. From sharing fun stories and experiences to revealing those spicy details, Bachelor Happy Hour can be anyone’s go-to. You cannot miss out on this one. From relationship advice to unravelling embarrassing incidents, you can trust this podcast to set your mood right.

Catherine Townsend

Ever heard of a P.I. hosting a podcast? Well, now you do! Catherine Townsend, an American writer and private investigator who has been topping the charts with her show Red Collar. It’s a podcast that talks about the creepy and nerve-chilling American psychos and their true crime stories.

As a writer, Catherine Townsend has written for multiple highly-esteemed newspapers such as New York Daily Mail, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, The Daily Beast, and The Independent newspaper.

Talk about the success and this lady has defined it in her own rebelling terms.

A putative author of Sleeping Around and Breaking the Rules, Catherine Townsend always had a knack for writing. It was then that she discovered her true passion – solving mysteries.  Channelling her inner Nancy Drew, Catherine studied in a detective educational institution. A while later, she was immediately exploring the field of FBI, police officers, and private investigators with much enthusiasm.

Which Podcast to Listen to?

Red CollarA true-crime podcast hosted by a private investigator herself, Red Collar talks of not just mentally ill freaks committing crimes but also white-collar criminals that seem to be nonviolent offenders but hide deep secrets beyond their simple financial scandals. Catherine or just ‘Cat’ dives into the mind of these real-life American criminals. She talks about criminals who hide in plain sight and discovers their stories. Narrating stories that faded into obscurity or were never brought up by the mainstream media, Red Collar will have your grip to the edge of your seat.

Chana Joffe-Walt

Joffe-Halt began her career as a radio host for KBCS, in Seattle. She later started working as a freelancer for NPR. Next, she was recruited for Planet Money that became the breakthrough of her career, giving her countless high-profile work opportunities. Although Chana’s podcasts including This American Life and Planet Money are immense hits on the Internet, it doesn’t stop there. A particular podcast ‘Nice White Parents’ has garnered both fame and cynical judgments from Americans. Also, people from the other race. As a veteran education reporter, Chana talks about how the education system is segregated. She talks on everything that doesn’t digest well for an orthodox ‘white man’.

Which Podcast to Listen to?

Nice White Parents: Serve yourself in this veritable ‘all-you-can-eat’ buffet of a podcast that fills you up on issues synonymous with the word ‘white’. If you’ve been living a nice ‘white’ life, turning a blind eye to the pre-existing racial problems that surround you, this podcast won’t enlighten you. Instead, it will give you a punch of raw and veritable facts that you otherwise would consider ‘meh!’.

Hitting the nail in the head of the education system of public schools, this podcast is an exception. It points out what is wrong with the so-called progressive white parents that purport to support the public education system. But do they? Chana Joffe-Walt in the podcast, Nice White Parents skillfully protests the misguided hatred for colour. Continually through her podcast, she enlightens the readers to be more responsible and open to accepting a diverse community.

Jacob Goldstein

An NPR Correspondent and co-host of Planet Money, Jacob Goldstein has put a long-lasting, positive impact on the American economy. The answer to ‘how’ is his understanding of the complexities of economics itself. His interest in technology has led him to stories in reputed magazines and publications including Luddites and UPS. 

Before sweeping off the world with his insanely famous podcast, Goldstein was a staff writer at the Wall Street Journal. He has also contributed to the New York Times Magazine frequently. Goldstein now not only manages the show Planet Money with his fellow podcaster but is often aired regularly on This American Life, Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

Which Podcast to Listen to?

Planet MoneyThe decade-old show that sprang to fame for its host, Goldstein gives you insight into the economy through its infinite lens of understanding and storytelling. Jacob Goldstein, the co-host narrates and encompasses the economy in a way that makes the issues at hand look simpler. Even in all their sophistication. Giving you a better understanding of the world, Planet Money allows the most thorough and coherent coverage on finance.

Imagine listening to financial issues in a wonky and innovative manner. That is all you need! The antithesis to dry, mundane economics textbooks, Planet Money is a podcast like no other. It periodically also talks about healthcare economics, its complexities included, besides the usual ‘what’s going on with the economy’ topics.

Jenny Fischer

Remember the doe-eyed, mild manner receptionist from ‘The Office’? Yes, the one who played the love interest of Jim Halpert; now she does a podcast. Jenna Fischer aka Pam Beesly (in The Office) is one of the most loved TV personalities. She is truly a combination of honesty and modest, just the same as the role she portrayed in The Office.

The Emmy-nominated actress with her charisma and storytelling, after having done innumerable higher-profile roles in Hollywood, now runs a podcast. With none other than her BFF Angela Kinsey. They candidly talk all about The Office and behind-the-scenes moments, occasionally calling up their co-stars on it. This makes the show way more intriguing than it already is.

Which Podcast to Listen to?

Office LadiesThough the podcast is relatively new, it has reaped a huge fan base and garnered much love from its listeners. Topping the charts almost everywhere, Office Ladies, co-hosted by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, is a podcast made right out of heaven. For every The Office fanatic. A rewatch (rather re-listen) of the immensely popular sitcom The Office, Office Ladies dives deep into each episode with perfect audio, quick-witted hostesses, and conversational subjects. It keeps going onto random tangents or lets the audience in on funny behind-the-scenes. Office Ladies, in all its honesty, is a podcast that will keep you hooked with laughter, information, and excellent narration.

Dan Bongino

A former secret service agent and podcasts may not sound so connected but wait till you meet Dan Bongino! Dan Bongino, a Security Consultant is the host of illustrious and insanely loved The Dan Bongino Show. He is also an author, in fact, a New York Times’ bestselling author and just as great a former politician. Dan was the Republican Nominee for US Senate and the Republican Nominee for US Congress, too.

Apart from having excelled in particularly every field, he stepped into, Dan on his podcast debunks liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric. This aids the podcast in providing you unbiased current events with a tinge of humour.

Which Podcast to Listen to?

The Dan Bongino ShowLike it is with the mainstream iTunes listener base who are very serious about current events and reliable news, The Dan Bongino Show comes as a blessing. Dan Bongino, the host of the show does a fabulous job surveying and scrutinizing the top issues of the day. Apart from in-depth analysis to bring to you a comprehensive, reliable, and succinct podcast, it also keeps you up-to-date with current events.

The podcast is nowhere next to the general ‘what’s up with the world’.  Dan’s unwavering opinions and incredible love for his country in a society full of pretences come as a refreshing breath of air in the show. The Dan Bongino Show doesn’t just provide you with information but pushes you through your bad. It innovatively embeds sarcasm to lighten your day.

Dave Ramsey

America’s trusted voice for all things that scream ‘money’, Dave Ramsey is a businessman and financial expert. Guess what? Yes, you guessed right. He is also the hugely famous podcast host of the show ‘The Dave Ramsey Show’. Defining success through the number of lives he has changed, Dave Ramsey is an individual that believes in helping people through their financial constraints at his fullest potential.

A strong protestant of gossip for which he often faces criticism, Dave Ramsey is a man who believes in making money the right way. A way that doesn’t involve anything that remotely resembles gossiping. Dave runs a multi-million-dollar company and claims that his investors can get up to 12% average annual return. That is if they follow his guidelines right.

Which Podcast to Listen to?

The Dave Ramsey ShowDo you want to take control of your money? Dave Ramsey can help you with that. No, you don’t have to book an appointment with him to get his priceless insights on finance and money. Just tune in to his podcast, The Dave Ramsey Show.

His show opens with Baker Street in the background and the introduction rolls with a veritable saying.

‘Debt is dumb, cash is king’.

With a great start, an intriguing and attractive opening, and a promising outlook on business and money, the podcast is one of my favourites. The Dave Ramsey Show is a podcast that teaches you the baby-steps to earning getting your credits straight. The right way!

Kathryn Nicolai

Kathryn is the owner of Ethos Yoga and the host of the podcast Nothing Much Happens. It is a podcast where she induces a sweet sleep to people having troubles with sleep lately. As a yoga instructor, Kathryn trained her mind to build seamlessly blended techniques. This, in turn, helped her build better sleeping habits over time.

Kathryn’s impeccable storytelling skills, narration and a comforting voice on Nothing Much Happens aid in shutting down your brain for a while. This translates to you waking up enthusiastic and motivated to live better.

Which Podcast to Listen to?

Nothing Much HappensThe remedy to insomnia and anxiety, Nothing Much Happens is a podcast that wraps you in a blanket of good-night sleep you so yearn for. Kathryn’s voice is so serene and soothing that you’d barely have the feeling that you’re listening to a podcast.

You fall asleep to her voice, trust me on this.

When you lead a life that is teeming with stress and anxiety, hitting the bed and falling to sleep like a baby becomes a myth. Thus, Nothing Much Happens: Bedtime Stories for Grown-Ups is a cure-all to all your sleeping problems. Kathryn asserts the blessing of a podcast to be, ‘A little creative project’. But trust me it is so much more than that. Enchanting you with the stories, this podcast has content that puts your mind at ease. It helps you drift to your dreamland without many plights.

Kevin Roose

A regular guest on ‘The Daily’, Kevin Roose is a Times tech columnist obsessed with both the good and bad parts of the Internet. Kevin says that as a preteen he was obsessed and equally fascinated with things like microtargeting, meme culture, and conspiracy theories cramming on the Internet. He believes that our increasing reliance on the Internet to seek answers and gather information is changing. This, in turn, changes what we enjoy and the sources we value and trust. Kevin is also a well-known writer, writing and speaking on topics of automation, A.I., digital wellness, etc. He also hosts a science-based podcast Rabbit Hole.

Which Podcast to Listen to?

Rabbit HoleThe podcast asks one big and crucial question: ‘what is the internet doing to us?’ This may sound like a ‘stoner question’. However, when you look closely, the realization will dawn upon you – we’re intensively dependent upon the Internet. If you delve deeper you’d realize there’s enough bad to stand against the good that the internet has been doing to us. This is what Kevin Roose in his podcast Rabbit Hole tries to elucidate.

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