Top 20 Startups to follow in Europe

Published On: 1 August, 2022
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Top 20 Startups to follow in Europe

Ever since startups became a phenomenon, it hasn’t stopped. PayPal’s creator, Peter Thiel is considered an authority figure when it comes to raising equity for startups. What he observed and what shall always remain true for the startup community is that the next Bill Gates will never build an operating software. Neither will the next Zuckerberg create a social networking site for us. If we intend to emulate them, then we have learned nothing from them.

A startup is all about new ways to ease the lives of the people around us by recognizing pain points that are indiscernible or simply have not been addressed because no one could. A startup is not all about individuality and becoming your own boss. It is about growing individually and being an institution unto yourself that people look up to for help and inspiration.

With that in mind, we today bring to you 20 startups from Europe. These startups amazed the world with the quick success that they achieved. More than luck, these startups focused on what their customers could do best with. Steve Jobs rightly said that it is not the customers’ job to know what they want.

These innovators and entrepreneurs mesmerized the world and earned cash by providing solutions. This made an opening statement which screamed that they were here to stay.

So if you wanted one reason to open that startup, I have given you three. I can give you ten more. However, more than motivation, what matters is the single-minded determination that sees us through hell and back. So grab your pens and papers and take note of what you can do.  To be great in the next decade. If these people who were nobodies five years back could do it, so can you!


I’d probably be understating when I say ‘FinTech is one industry that is growing at an exploding level in Europe’. The truth is, if you scrutinize a list of startups in Europe, of any year post-2018, FinTech dominates the game by far. The reason? The scope is infinite and so is the profit. Using software to provide financial services, the FinTech industry has been bridging a gap. Between transactions and our perception of ‘money’.

From Robo-advisors to online-only banks, FinTech has made its presence prominent over the years. We keep growing dependent on it to save ourselves from the plight of having to walk to the closest bank or ATM for any financial services. That is exactly why the FinTech market keeps expanding.

FinTech startups have found a way to excel in personal finance and saving (yes, you don’t have to save under your mattress anymore). They do this all while offering low-cost and cost-efficient applications and softwares. This is done to meet the millennial requirements of online banking.

Which Startups to follow in Europe:

These 4 European FinTech startups have been making big waves in their verticals. How? They were smart enough to understand the abundance of the Internet keeps growing.

Then again, are we talking about the availability of smartphones?

Atom bank is the first financial institution built for tablets or smartphones without any branches. Based in Durham, the bank is granted a full UK regulatory license and is authorized by PRA, i.e. Prudential Regulation Authority. FCA, i.e., Financial Conduct Authority and PRA regulates the bank.

In 2017, Linkedin listed UK top startups, and Atom Bank ranked 14th with Airbnb, Deliveroo, and Uber. In 2019, they ranked second in the Top 50 Fintech scale-ups and startups. It was the only venture in the top 20 list based out of London.

In 2019, Atom Bank announced their sixth round of funding and raised $62.4m. The companies participating were Neil Woodford, Toscafund Asset Management, Banca Bilbao Vizcaya, and Perscitus LLP. Again in 2019, they receive a grant of $12.1m from the Capability and Innovation fund. With every year passing the Atom Bank is adopting the newest technologies and making new milestones to pursue.

Monzo serves more than three million people in the UK and is valued at £2bn. This startup was founded in 2015. The startup is an application built as a new-age bank. It is specially customized for smartphones and how modern people live today.

Monzo is one of the new application based challenger banks in the United Kingdom. They primarily penetrated the UK market with a prepaid debit card and a mobile application. In 2019, Monzo entered the US market with Ohio-based Sutton Bank as a partner. It will retain their core features like contactless pay and instant spending notifications.

The company has performed many rounds of successful funding. In 2019, the startup announced Series F round for funding. They raised about £113 million. The company’s valuation was standing at £2 billion.

In 2020, Monzo’s valuation fell by 40%, and they raised £60M down in June 2020. The company valuation was standing by then at £1.24B. By December 2020, Monzo opened another round of funding and closed at £60M. TED Global, Kaiser, Novator, etc. were the few of the top investors to participate in the funding process.

Based in Frankfurt, Bita is one of the first professional data and index providers in the digital asset space. Founded in 2018, their platform allows institutional clients to design, calculate, and benchmark investment indexes. It develops strategies without relying on various traditional index providers, complicated internal tools, and multiple data vendors.

Despite stiff competition in the industry, BITA has made its place and has been successful in raising €1.25 million from a group of international and national investors to drive investments and sales in R&D. The primary funding came from a German Fund called Future Ventures. Other investors were Belgium investor Michel Akkermans and Dutch VC fund known as Volta Ventures.

BITA has made its lasting impression on international networks. The application and technology involved with BITA are getting worldwide applause from potential and existing customers.

Founded in 2015, the Lunar way is a Danish Banking app offering budgeting tools. It doesn’t stop there though. They also provide bill payment, basic account services, and money transfer. Here you can create and save your personalized goals. Choose your own credit lines depending upon your requirements. Chat with the executive for urgent assistance if required. The start-up is currently operational in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. It has raised an impressive $53 million for funding their upcoming projects.

Building new heights Lunar way in 2018, have received PISP license and AISP license in Denmark. They have broken centuries of monopoly on account and payment services. These licenses can authorize the company to make varied payment transactions allowing their clients to pay bills. It also provides analysis of their spendings, serve to transfer money, and set up a budget through their app. At the same time, cash remains in their bank account. These features are safe to explore. These elements have provided Lunar way with an edge over other Fintech companies operating in similar verticals.

Travel and Transportation

Europe is just like any other continent. Sometimes it’s heat waves sweeping across its countries. The other times it’s heavy snowfall enshrouding the cities. Or maybe the thundering rainfall that is making people’s life harder with exuberance. This is where travel and transportation startups sell like cookies on Christmas. The travel industry is booming in Europe with the hottest mobility hubs in London, Paris, Berlin, and others. If you had ever given a thought about a travel startup in Europe, it may be one of the best ideas. Considering you have the right strategies and innovative ideas that can help you stand out, this vertical is a big green signal.

Which Startups to follow in Europe:

If you feel lost and do want to turn your idea to inception, here are 4 promising European travel and transportation startups. You can follow in their footsteps or take up valuable strategies that helped them build what they have. Your choice!

Stanley Robotics is a French Company that was formed into existence by Clément, Aurélien, and Stéphane in 2015. The startup is legit the new future of smart outdoor storage with Stan, the world’s first outdoor valet parking robot. Stanley Robotics can provide a highly cost effective and efficient solution for the finished vehicle logistics operators.

Stan is designed like a waist-high toaster with a large pickup tray. It picks up your cars and parks them in an outdoor car park. Stan has real-time flight information which sends an SMS to individuals that their vehicle is ready. The company provides individuals with better benefits than any other valet parking service. What made it garner such an overwhelming fanbase is the enhanced user experience, security, and ease of use.

The use of robots as valet excellently minimizes the area or volume required for parking. It is able to accommodate about 30-40% more vehicles than a regular car park. Stanley Robotics has been successfully able to gain about €3.6M in its 2 rounds of funding.

The autonomous robots were already piloted at France’s Charles de Gaulle and Lyon-Saint-Exupéry airports in France. They also appeared at London’s Gatwick.

Medigo is funded with $11.83 million to date. It is a startup (launched in 2014) by Pawel Cebula, Ieva Soblickaite, and Ugur Samut. Medigo aims to connect people and exceptionally skilled and trained doctors in a joint partnership. All while the patient is on a journey to get physically better. The company helps its consumers book healthcare consultations abroad, in none but the best internationally accredited hospitals and clinics.

Digital prescriptions, online check-ups, and health records are de rigueur as Medigo keeps rising as a ‘smart healthcare platform’. It is continuously leaping forward at points of both delivery and access. The platform is completely free to use and available in four European languages, apart from English. Medigo has helped an innumerable number of patients with medical travel. All while offering the solutions to every one of their concerns.

The Hotel Champ is one of the best companies for hoteliers who are aiming to boost direct revenue and engagement with guests. Hotel Champ offers hoteliers a suite of conversion tools powered by efficient AI and machine learning technologies. This helps them incentivize online customers and helps the hotels to secure relationships with customers. It also allows them independence from the third parties.

With Hotel Champ the emerging hoteliers can enhance guest engagement and deliver a personalized booking experience. Hotelchamp, in 2 rounds of funding, amazingly raised a total of €4M. Amsterdam based Hotelchamp was founded by Kasper Middelkoop and Kristian Valk in 2015.

TravelPerk is a free and excellent travel booking management platform designed for business travel purposes. The startup offers the most advanced management features like centralized invoicing, and expenses. TravelPerk can deliver seamless management services to individuals.

About 90% of small business travelers spend more on meals, hotel rooms, and room services due to the lack of awareness of how these costs impact the bottom line. Here TravelPerk would have saved money and time spent on the travel booking.

TravelPerk is headquartered in London. Avi Meir, Javier Suarez, and Ron Levin in 2015, laid the foundation to this innovative startup. TravelPerk has so far raised total funding of about €108M in six funding rounds.


Vegan food isn’t something that is profiled at the back end of every grocery store or supermarket aisle. Not in today’s world, atleast.

Do you still think it’s just another niche market that will never gain enough momentum, considering the outnumbering non-vegan community? Wait till you know about Europe.

Europe has seen a significant rise in the veganism industry, with the surging popularity of PETA. Plant-based foods are on a rise in Europe, especially the U.K. The awareness of well-being associated with veganism is spreading its roots throughout the continent. Grocery shoppers in Europe are demanding cleaner, healthier, and less-damaging resources. Resources must rise to the occasion in order to protect the planet. The youth of Europe is keener to adopt veganism. This has led the way to its popularity which makes veganism startups in Europe a hot-sell. Rest assured, it is not going out of trend anytime soon.

Which Startups to follow in Europe:

These 4 veganism startups are getting an even stronger footing. Especially when about 40% of the people across seven countries in Europe are now purchasing plant-based foods more than ever. Woohoo!

Vivobarefoot founded in 1997, is a shoe company. What? Vegan shoes? Yes. The world now knows Vivobarefoot for producing the best and the finest quality of minimalist shoes with a patented ultra-thin puncture-resistant sole. Talk about maximum protection and comfort!

The vegan shoes by Vivobarefoot aim at offering the optimum biomechanics and posture. The posture is commonly associated with walking barefoot and barefoot running championing.

Vivobarefoot’s Vegan Shoes are made of 30% biomaterials which include corn, natural rubber, and algae. The high-performance foam is made using algae biomass. 

Vivobarefoot also uses recycled PET plastic bottles to make Vegan shoes. They intend to push the bio composition in their Vegan shoes to 100% as soon as possible. Vivobarefoot has raised its funding to a total of €1.48 over 1 round.

Huel, launched by Julian Hearn, a veganism supporter, and enthusiast, is an all-vegan meal replacement in the powdered form. It has been designed keeping in mind the hustle-bustle and the precisely busy life. Of not just Europeans but people from all corners of the globe.

Huel is nutritionally dense with a countless list of innumerably beneficial superfoods and ingredients such as pea protein, flaxseed, mineral blend, oats (obviously), etc. Apart from the exceptional nutritional density of the product, Huel is a brand that doesn’t stand behind in terms of flavors. With irresistibly delicious flavors enhancing its super healthy meal replacement powder, Huel is legit a delicacy in it’s own!

Huel is all things vegan and manufactured with minimal waste and packaging. This makes it sustainable and give back to our planet at the same time.

Although it’s the new kid on the block, (launched in 2015), Huel has sold over 50 million meals. In more than 80 countries! It has been cashing in on the veganism industry since day one. Since its inception, Huel has secured a total funding of 20 million euros. It doesn’t come off as surprising given the booming growth of the startup. Top it with the fact that it has uncountable innovative ideas and products.

A London-based startup by two brothers Alex and Jonathan Petrides is a company aiming to ease up your I-am-going-vegan resolution. How? By delivering ready-made plant-based meals at your doorstep. Wait for the best part… within a limited timeframe.

Founded in 2017, the comparatively newer veganism startup provides 100% plant-based dishes that only need to be reheated. Voila! Ready to eat! The meals are ‘quick-frozen’ so that the customer can choose to reheat and eat the food when needed. This way they don’t have to worry about the food going stale anytime soon.

allplants believe that turning to a vegan diet isn’t just healthier or more moral. It is also the most impactful and radical strategy to reduce our environmental footprints. All that and you can give back to Mother Earth for all she provides us with. It all started when the two founders realized that cooking a veggie from scratch and eating plant-based meals was a delightful adventure. They understood that veganism was an adventure that contributed to the wellbeing of both the world and ourselves (of course). This is what led Alex and Jonathan to launch a startup that fixates on helping people. And help the planet thrive in an eco-friendly manner.

allplants raised a sum of 4.5 million pounds through crowdfunding. It had received 7.5 million pounds in 2018 with a total of 1800 investors involved.

Paris is famously known for its luscious delicacies that are sophisticated in all their simplicity. And they all have one thing in common (mostly) – meat! Thus, a veganism startup in Paris might sound absurd. However, ever since its inception, Feed has become a ‘smart food’ company that is just bringing about radical changes in European food culture. It has been promoting veganism without really messing with the authenticity of traditional food.

Designed to cater to everyone with a zeal for traditional food, Feed is a startup that doesn’t just advocate vegan, but healthy vegan food without lactose, gluten, and GMO. Founded in 2017 by Anthony Bourbon, Feed produces meals that are convenient and affordable. The best part about Feed is that it isn’t just affordable but the meals are nutritionally rich. One meal has a 100% nutritional requirement, thus fuelling your body efficiently. With the fresh funding, Feed is now available in an array of stores in France. Apart from that, it has also been making a strong online presence.


Recently, Europe has seen a massive shift in startups. As legalization, cultivation, and trade of CBD and hemp witness a positive growth in the field of medicine, no idea is high-on-weed. Get the joke!

The CBD startups are one of the most profitable ones in not just Europe but other continents too.

As medicinal properties of CBD gain a foothold in the healthcare and medical practices, Europe has been urging startups to capitalize and seize the golden opportunity. This will help push Europe towards medical advancement on cannabis.

Which Startups to follow in Europe:

The 4 startups below have been changing the cannabis landscape of Europe radically. If you ever as much as gave a wild thought to a cannabis startup, you may as well follow behind. And see how these startups have been cashing in so hard and fast.

Rainbow is a cannabis tech startup in Paris, Ile-de-France. Started in 2019, Rainbow is making a mark on the CBD industry – fast and with prominence. The founders are a team that includes Emmanuel Jesberger, Gaétan Laederich, and Camille Brocco. This European startup intends to make individuals use an ecological product, which requires less water and no pesticides,

Rainbow combines ancient healing techniques with modern technology to create its unique stress relief products. It also launched two brands namely Kaya and Peace & Skin; Kaya with its natural formulas and CBD helps people to fight stress daily and Peace & Skin helps individuals to fight the effects of stress on the skin with the help of organic hemp and adaptogenic plant routine. The company has closed its funding rounds at €1M.

Blossom Genetics is a London based company founded in 2019 by Oskar Fletcher, Oliver Davies, and Naeem Dungarwalla.

It is one of those global organizations that produce proprietary medicinal cannabis genetics and products. Blossom Genetics aims to advance medicinal cannabis with the help of modern science. It develops the best possible products for its customers.

The startup strongly believes in the healing power of cannabinoids that improve lives. They believe in making it easy for both the patients and healthcare providers to have access to cannabis. The startup has been raising awareness about how the world can benefit from the use of medicinal cannabis.

Blossom Genetics as a vertically integrated business develops genetics and with its proprietary medicinal products, it enhances our everyday health.

Farmako is a well-known company that gained popularity in a short period of time. It was mainly because of its remarkable research on cannabis-based drugs and the development of new therapies based on cannabinoids. With its cannabinoid therapies, Farmako significantly helps in improving the safety and tolerability of various treatment options.

Transparency and sustainability are the two main foundations of Farmako in the European cannabis industry. Farmako focuses only on selected products. This way it can provide the patients with the best possible therapy by using its products. These are products that are unique in terms of both quality and quantity. Frankfurt-based Farmako is the genius idea of Sebastian Diemer.

Sanity Group, located in Berlin, develops innovative cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals and products. Founded by Finn Hänsel and Fabian Friede in 2018, the Sanity Group aspires to become the market leader in the fast-growing European cannabis market. Sanity Group has been significantly able to make cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals and wellbeing products widely accessible to individuals.

To utilize the maximum potential of cannabinoids’ health benefits, Sanity Group has been investing in the active ingredients. Apart from that, it has also been investing in fundamental research of the cannabis plant. The company readily educates healthcare professionals, patients, and customers to live a healthier life.

The Sanity Group has significantly raised its funding up to €179M.


Setting aside the overall creepy vibes that the term gives, biohacking is indeed a progressive and hot industry in the startup field. It has seen some prominent growth over the past few years with the advancement of technology. Now, biohacking isn’t all about inserting pieces of machinery into your body or turning you into a cyborg. No! The movies show it all wrong!

When MIB portrayed Elon as an alien from another planet, maybe they were not so farsighted. Because Elon’s idea and interest in linking human brains to smartphones definitely do seem possible and rational to a point. Atleast now!

Biohacking dominates most other industries that are open to startups. Europe specifically has a great progression towards the field. The primary reason is that pharma fails to bridge the gap between human diseases and the desire of modification and enhanced performance.

Since the competition is quite low and the market is far from saturation for the next few years or (decades), European biohacking startups have been making a fortune with their innovations and capitalization of tech-biology.

Which Startups to follow in Europe:

Biohacking could be the solution to just be better at what we do or how we live. However it also outruns the possibility that computers and AI may someday outsmart us. These 4 biohacking startups in Europe understand that. Their innovative ideas, with a tinge of crazy science, has made them the most popular companies to look up to.

MyDNAPedia DNA testing helps the individuals to know if they are carrying the risk to develop widespread genetic and lifestyle diseases. With the help of MyDNAPedia, one can know the strength of their immunity to fight communicable diseases. It is actively helping individuals lead a healthy and wholesome life.

DNA testing has become a revolutionary trend in healthcare and has helped in reshaping medicine and medical advice. A good lifestyle and good genes are the main keys to a healthy life; many diseases are delayed and even avoided when an individual adopts healthy habits. MyDNAPedia helps you to know what nutrition. It also provides a diet that is best suited for your body and strengthens your immunity. This in turn, helps defend against the deadly infectious diseases.

Moodmetric helps the individuals to measure their stress levels, helping them to recognize the stressors. It helps in keeping you calm and energetic so that you can perform better tasks at work, home, and play. MoodMetric Measurement helps people to understand and recognize how their body reacts in different situations. Next it uses their personal ways to recover.

Moodmetric also has an app that follows your stress level 24/7. It shows the total load in graphs. With these data, one can analyze how workday events, physical activity, and sleep affect their stress levels. The real time feedback features help the individuals to find ways to balance load. It allows them recovery for the sake of their own wellbeing. Moodmetric is a Finland based company founded in 2013 by Niina Venho.

This is a biohacking startup has worked significantly to treat diseases and problems like heart failure, arthritis, diabetes, and more for which we currently don’t have specific drugs and by fixing all these problems the wellbeing and health of a patient can be improved. BIOS has always focused on analyzing the data and decoding the language of our nervous system.

The startup in association with top pharma R&D, and academic organizations of the world, launched a flagship program to release neural cardiac therapy. It believes that chronic illness can possibly be treated with the understanding and correction of the real-time signals. It has raised total funding of €4.5M and ever since it’s inception in 2015 in Cambridge.

The German Company CorTec was co-founded in 2011 by Jörn Rickert. CorTec with its medical devices efficiently provides a direct interface between the brain and technology; the devices have an amazing implantable system that records brain activity. It readily influences brain activity by electrical stimulation, enhancing communication. This is going to be dramatic… between the nervous system and technology. What? Yes.

This helps the physicians to treat neurological diseases.

CorTec services comprise the full range from designing and encapsulating implantable electronics over interconnections, to electrodes up to developing firmware and software. All CorTec products are manufactured and engineered in Germany according to one’s requirements. They ensure the protection of implant electronics for decades. CorTec has raised a total of €18M funding.

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