How to Start Writing for Forbes?

Published On: 28 May, 2022
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How to Start Writing for Forbes?

Forbes – I am sure it’s a name you’ve heard of, particularly if you’re a content curator. Maybe one day you were mindlessly scrolling through your personalized Google News content and you bumped across the title ‘Highest-Paid Hollywood Actors’ under the site named none but THE Forbes. No matter what, surfing the Internet is synonymous with having a pleasant meeting with Forbes (inevitably), even if it’s accidental.

But what is Forbes, again? Forbes is an American global media enterprise situated in New York City, owned by Forbes, Inc., and Integrated Whale Media Investments. The magazine is well recognized all across the globe especially for its list. Remember those Real-Time Billionaires, The World’s Billionaires, The Richest Americans, and much more.

The globally-acclaimed business magazine published eight times a year, focuses on business, entrepreneurship, leadership and technology. Forbes also puts focus on lifestyle, investments, communication, and marketing niches. It also features original articles on related subjects including finance, industry, science, and law.

Given the high bar that Forbes has set on the Internet in aspects of content creation and publication, I probably do not have to explain how big a deal getting an opportunity to write for Forbes is. Explaining this is equivalent to explaining what all S.H.I.E.L.D. does and then defining what exactly S.H.I.E.L.D. is!

I’d still move on to it- Why is writing for Forbes such a big deal? Well, it not only provides the writers with a lucrative salary. It also gives you this big-league opportunity to achieve fame and public esteem. The writers are also given a more eminent placement in their posts. Thus, the readers are apprised of the person who is writing the content they are reading. Now, this adds to the reputation and profile acknowledgement. That is the fundamental advantage to the many noteworthy, top-level guest blogging whereabouts.

Now that you know what a biggie writing for Forbes is, let us understand how you can start writing for Forbes. You will also get insights into the benefits you can possibly garner when writing for Forbes.

Although let me tell you this beforehand… This is a guide to help you reach out to Forbes to become a contributor in a way that you don’t get handed a brutal rejection. With pretty high chances of you getting accepted into the team.

DO NOT consider this to be a warranty card to the appliance called ‘Forbes Contributors’!

Why Write for Forbes and Become a Forbes Contributor?

Having your write-ups go live on the Forbes website is a fail-safe method to give your writing skills an enhancement. A phenomenal one, that is!

Just know, you are not shooting for a done-and-dusted link from Forbes, it’s too big an opportunity to waste. When you are a Forbes Contributor, you are in a mighty fine position. The primary reason is that the people who usually work for this illustrious global magazine will carry that standing with them to their particular line of work, niches or their CVs (Curriculum Vitae).

Stick to the rest of the blog. Find out why you should write for Forbes and become a Forbes Contributor!

A renowned company:

Forbes magazine has hit the century pillar this past Autumn. This is, by far, Forbes longest history breakthrough through a transient eon. With many of their competitors losing their already secured position, Forbes has shaken their foothold in the new world. Now, you might wonder that Forbes might have lost its touch over a century in the game. Well, quite the opposite is literal. Old is gold, remember?

The company has made use of the Worldwide Web to improve the status of its business model. All the while their competitors have begun to grow feeble in the thick of digital disruption. As of now, Forbes, Inc. prides itself on the millions of readers every month. It boasts itself with a spectacular sixty-million visitors swarming to the site at the end of last year.

The best platform to show your writing skills:

Forbes provides its writers with an incredible digital outlet where they can showcase the world their deep-seated knack for writing. Being a Forbes Contributor significantly implies being an appreciated specialist in your area of activity.

Get the opportunity to boost your skills:

When you are working for one of the best global magazines in the world, what do you think, why have they hired you? Well, it’s because of your expertise. When you are capable enough to get a job in the company, you will be learning new skills. And you also get your hands on clever tactics every day. This directly contributed to boost your writing performance and help you transcend in your career.

In general terms, companies like Forbes are, the more sundry they will be. Diversity in your place of work is all the more crucial both from a personal and professional point of view. Working with Forbes will allow you to work with skilled individuals. In that process, you will meet a wide array of people.

Socialise with some really dope-skilled individuals:

As we just talked, working with Forbes provides you with a broad range of people. This way, you will not only just get the golden chance to enhance your skills. No, you will also socialise and make friends from the large pool of people present at your workplace.

You are definitely going to find someone that shares the same hobbies and notions that you do. The best writers are even connected to the former Esquire Editor in Chief – David Granger. This man, people, is an all-around exceptionally important and socially connected man.

If you have ever given it a thought how someone can write a blog that literally metamorphoses into a book deal, well, this guy right here is one of the navigating factors!

Do you see this David?

Satisfactory payouts:

Yeah, you already knew this was coming right away, didn’t you? Of course, the driving factor (besides passion, of course!) Sweet Saturday awaits. For now, let’s dwell on business only! Well, it’s not always about excelling in your field but showing it to the world. Go out there and tell them all that you are an expert in your field! You are the boss (not really)! The latter being even more important.

Working with Forbes will give you the name/face recognition and popularity in your own career space. Again, not to mention that Forbes provides its writers with amazing payouts. In return, all you have to do is produce top-quality content. Yep, and that’s that. Top Forbes Contributors, in addition to making fat money, are given means of approach to auxiliary outer-edge benefits!

Regardless, there is a substantial spectrum between the leading 10 per cent of earners and the lowermost 10 per cent of earners. While the highest-paid workers at Forbes can reap over $79,000 a year, the lowest-paid workers earn less than $20,000. Earnings differ by administrative purpose as well. Employees in the corporate administration can attain a standard of $164,333 per year.

Be a part of the great achievement of the company:

Contemplating about how to write for Forbes or other such substantial magazines and get the appreciation that you deserve instead of some other writer who takes the credit for all your hard work?

There should be no contemplation in the first place! Ghostwriting has a way of digging out or excavating you after some time; you witness your work getting approved but somebody else getting all the appreciation. You just sit in the corner wishing it could be you. However, with Forbes, you are going to get your name published on every article that you work on. And fire-sure, you will be admired every time you out-step the success stone. This way you are assisting the company to reach the maximum accomplishment. And you are a part of it!

A lot of other Opportunities:

Oh, hang on! The list is bigger than the bucket list you want to tick ‘correct’ before you hit 25. When you are working for a company like Forbes, it gives you myriads of other professional likelihoods. In the beginning, you will have to access a more scattered network, which will pay returns later down the track. This would make your career path clearer.

Many substantial firms have certain rules for estimation, assessments, bonuses, and promotions. Here, you will know what all you have to do to get to level up. Because there is a larger turnover at big firms, there are more opportunities to advance your career. Whether it is to mentor a junior employee or lead a group team project or train the new interns, individuals who want to (and do) get promoted do not stand by waiting for leadership opportunities. They turn around, find out where a leader is required, and leap in.

How to prepare to start writing for Forbes?

They say when reality looks too ugly, fantasize. Well, that’s apt. Many bloggers fantasise about being featured in high-profile blogs and magazines. But what sucks is they don’t know HOW to exactly get featured in these prominent publications. Does it appear like a dilemma? Trust me, it’s not. The only dilemma in life is why the kamikaze captains wore helmets. Now, excuse that. If writing is your passion, you should aim for the stars. You can’t expect NASA to let you live in an Anti-gravity Chamber after all.

So why not begin with the greats? With digitalisation and technology, the world of writing has immensely grown over the years. Today, the quality of content is much more important than the platform. No wonder why sites like Quora and Medium have gained so much popularity. They are not publications, neither do they have editorial teams. And yet, the content in these platforms is as enthralling, if not more enthralling than many “best-in-class” publications. With Forbes already hopping on top, how are you going to prepare yourself to write for them?

You must have a passion for writing:

It might sound too obvious. But here is the thing about writing: you cannot start the profession simply for the money. Money matters, yeah, but money often costs too much. First off, it can (and does) take time to set up a reputation that can enable you to reap benefits and make money from writing. And second of all, like anything else, if you start your writing career literally fixating on money, you are more likely to end up in a miserable state.

The company did not gain all the fame by hiring writers that do not have the spark or the passion in them. If you do not back your articles 100%, it will show and you would lose your chance. Like any other career, to set off you do love it and work hard towards achieving it.

Directly or indirectly, you shouldn’t work for Forbes or any writing company per se with $$ signs in your eyes. If you write for money, you won’t produce the best content, and you won’t get the results you want. It would simply become a burden and not a blessing. The majority of those who blossom as Contributors love to write.

Go through all the previous posts on Forbes:

To prepare yourself to write for Forbes, you need to have a pre-set general idea about how the content should be, what all should be included, the tone, and another bunch of things. Therefore, it becomes extremely necessary for a new writer who wants to get a job in the company. Go through all the previous posts on Forbes, especially the popular and the most recent ones.

Now, this will provide you with an idea of what works on this platform and what doesn’t. Which will help you when you are assigned articles in the future. It will also allow you to observe the mindset of the editor. This also gives you an idea of the specific format in which they want their articles to be written.

Socialise with other Forbes contributors

Developing good relationships with other Forbes Contributors will help your writing skills to take form. Reach out to these Contributors and assist them with their analysis, conferences and other facets of writing. This will provide you with a better perception of how the process works, and you will then be able to pitch yourself as having helped other Forbes Contributors in putting together pieces. There might be a good chance you will be quoted in the articles down the line, which doesn’t obviously hurt when you come to terms with pitching for the company.

You should have a particular goal

Having a powerfully created knowledge that plops ahead your proficiency to write content is a good beginning. However, to evolve as a Forbes Contributor, you will require to have a directed niche that you are eloquent in. If you know precisely what that point of convergence is, great! But if you don’t, then the best point to start estimating it out is by going through all the prior work. What are the articles that you adore the most? Recourses are, these are the subjects you composed your best work for.

Furthermore, consider the types of articles you prefer to read yourself. Contemplate your vocation and the abilities you hold. These are the tracts and ideas that reverberate with you extensively. Arrange them with the subjects on offer at Forbes and determine. If you pitch yourself as HR or VC, it’s too ambiguous, you need to go like a bat out of hell!

How to Pitch Yourself the right way to become a Forbes Contributor?

Don’t be a bug. No, you should not be irritating. And do not hound. Yep, pitching yourself the right way is extremely crucial to become a Forbes Contributor. In this context, the basic personal identification-marker adroitness you need to know is ‘how to introduce yourself’. At meetings and interviews, the way you introduce yourself will make you stand out from the rest of the norm. Imagine bumping into the manager of the company and he goes with, “um, I don’t think we have ever met…” Well, you wouldn’t want to blow that golden chance of introducing yourself to the executive – sponsorship is the missile to career development!

You must have a great introduction

Your introduction must explain to the people who you are, what the topic is all about in a catchy way and it should influence the editor to approve your article. Now, you have to take care of a few things while writing an introduction. Confidence is the key! There are a few ways you should begin while doing it – you must say your name and about the purpose of the presentation at the beginning.

You must tell the editor about the audience you are currently targeting and feel comfortable to introduce a few points about how you have planned to grow among that precise audience. You must notify him/her about all your hard work, the experience you retain with full emotions and yes, do not shirk to throw on your opinion about the current topics.

Present them the best of best work

You might have seen in most of the articles which you consider as the best, the content of the article matters more than that of the design. This gives you clear evidence that even while conveying your pitch you must emphasise on the content of the article you are going to present. It will create a good picture of yours in their eyes, and help you develop more skills in the presentation.

Always use a short paragraph that looks soothing and provides a catchy appearance to your article. Always send them the best works i.e, the field in which you have a stronghold. This shows your qualifications and your abilities that you are really good at what you are proceeding with.

Your pitch must have a unique angle

Yes, people, this is one of the most significant factors that you really need to take care of. Before anything else, choose a target and make sure it fits your specialised niche. Next, read the already published articles of the writer from top to bottom. Go through their way of writing, themes, interests thoroughly as this would give a unique angle to the topic given to you. Now, coming back to present the pitch – when you make the presentation, let the writer know where your goal might fit. Think if ‘this’ is interesting enough to meet the publication’s criteria or the reporter’s eyes or the viewers’ mind.

Do not bug the editor

Once you have sent the pitch, do not just keep asking the editor for an update. This creates a bad impact. You must hold for a week or two, just do not be annoying by texting or emailing them over and over again. You should know that the senior editor doesn’t owe you anything, you have to manage accordingly because you are just at the position of the contributor. After waiting for quite a while, if you still do not receive any response from the correspondent – check their social handles.

You do not have to be the guy from YOU desperately craving to wind his way into the life of his beloved! The final season may not be out yet, but he is going to end up in jail (maybe dead). That’s not where I was going but you do get the point!

Final Words

Forbes being a well-known international magazine is an infallible opportunity to boost your writing skills. They provide remunerative salaries and stardom to their writers, with their names published at the end of each article which means you’re making an impression on the Internet for the years to come. Now that you have delved deep into how you can prepare yourself to start writing for the company, and how you can pitch yourself the right way, get working already!

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