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It is an era where technology has taken over the world, right? Mobile applications play a vital role and leave everyone relying upon it. The demand for these applications has been increasing as every brand these days wants a web presence but also to be present as an app on all their customers’ phones. The app sector is booming, and research from Buildfire states that more than 6.3 billion people use mobile applications


These agencies extend their service, even during the post-launch phase. They offer assistance in monitoring performances, releasing new features, fixing bugs, and even providing customer support to end-users.

What Should You Look for When Choosing App Development Agencies in UK?


Not all app developers are the same, and evaluating how closely agencies align with a brand, technical requirements, and vision is critically important. A perfect partnership can set your brand up for success. Thus, you must choose well and have a healthy working relationship that will reflect in an astounding app that can beat all the competition!

Before choosing the right app development agencies in UK, you need to consider some points:

1) Portfolio

When considering any android development company, looking at the applications that app developers recently built for their customers is essential. You can also ask for their best works, especially those similar to your field. By looking at the customers and the project portfolio, you can know about the company and its working methods. 

2) Developed app types

Every agency has its specialty, and its services should match your business’s needs. Suppose you are considering a particular app you want to be developed on the native platform. In that case, you might need to find an agency with expertise in developing IOS and Android apps. If your app needs cross-platform app requirements, you should understand if the team has experienced hybrid app development languages like React Native, Xamarin, or Flutter.

3) Experience in the sector

As mentioned earlier, the agency should have experience in the same industry as yours as it helps them to understand the challenges and the best way to navigate them! It is essential when the app is to be built for brands from highly regulated verticals like the banking and healthcare sectors. 

4) Focus on the client

Many app development companies have more expertise in working with startups. They have more experience in business operations, helping them guide and develop their app ideas by explaining the different steps and offering affordable services. Others might have focused on the larger organization and have a better understanding of that level of delivery processes. Thus, you should choose an app development firm depending on your business type, industry, and budget.

5) Reference from a client 

Asking for references from previous clients would be another great idea to know more about the agency platform. Many app developers provide customer contact details to get honest company feedback. You can also check reviews and ratings on the agency directories like Ekalavya Hansaj!


Top 20 App Development Agencies in UK

If you are in the UK and want to build an app that will skyrocket your profits, you have come to the right place. 

Here we are to help you with the top 20 app development agencies in UK.

1) Fueled

Fueled is a dedicated group of people whose work is to improve the user experience by guiding their clients through digital transformations that impact their apps and company. They are experts in Digital Transformation, App Development, Web Development, Design and UI/UX, Growth Marketing, Digital Marketing, Next-Gen tech specialist, and Enterprise Application Development strategy. 

They have worked with notable companies like Apple, 9GAG, Compass, Clear, Public, Verizon, WireCutter, MGM Resorts, Warby Parker, and many more. Their impressive portfolio includes awards from Webbys, Hive, and W3. 

2) Mubaloo

Mubaloo is one of the finest UK-based digital agencies helping in the digital transformation of mobile applications through their services. It has established itself as a leading player in the app development industry. Mubaloo has worked with many clients, from small startups to large enterprises across different finance, retail, and healthcare industries. Its services include enterprise mobility consulting, app design and development, and digital transformation services. 

3) The App Business 

With over a decade of experience in digital marketing and mobile app development services, The App Business has built its reputation for delivering high-quality solutions for every client through its unique resources. The designers, project managers, and developers work closely to develop customized solutions for clients from small startups to large enterprises. Notable companies like Sony, Network Rail, Mercedes Benz, and Unilever are some brands The App Business has worked with.

4) Brightec

Brightec is an award-winning mobile app development agency in UK that helps customers of different industry sectors to achieve their goals. Their clients include the market leaders such as Morrison supermarkets, Jaguar Land Rover, TrainSplit, KitchenCraft, Willis Towers Watson, and many more. 

Their services include Mobile App Design, Android App Development, iOS App Development, and Web App Development. Brightec has won the “Employer of the Year” at the UK Dev Awards, “Agency of the Year” at the UK App Awards, “Excellence Award” held by Web Excellence Awards, and many more.

5) Waracle 

Waracle is a well-known UK-based digital agency specializing in emerging technologies, mobile app development, and digital strategiesThey have delivered clients’ best solutions for 15 years, and have worked with noteworthy brands such as Scottish Power, Royal London, People’s Postcode Lottery, Sainsbury’s Bank, and Virgin Money. They mainly work with decision-makers in the energy, healthcare industries, and financial services. 

6) 3 Sided Cube 

3 Sided Cube is an ISO-accredited app development and digital agency that has improved millions of lives. They have serviced more than 90 countries with more than 17 million global downloads since 2009. They have collaborated with many exciting startups to inspirational international organizations like LUSH, JustGiving, World Resources Institute, Accenture, American Red Cross, and Global Forest Watch.

Pocket App is a top independent mobile UI & UX android development company that helps businesses at every stage, from pre-design and design to development and support for already-implemented solutions. Pocket App has experience dealing with brands, SME and enterprise companies, and agencies abroad. They have worked with many leading companies in the media, business, and nonprofit sectors, giving them experience across the mobile ecosystem. Their clients include Coca-Cola, Canon, Epson, Samsung, Adidas, and Jewson.

10) Ready4S

Ready4S is an application and mobile web development company started by a group of system engineers. Their expertise lies in the following sectors: health, education, medical, FinTech, and others. They can demonstrate their experience in frameworks like Kotlin, Swift4, Flutter, and React Native. 

Ready4S has won the FinTech app with a Nobel Prize-Winning algorithm implemented on The Stock Optimizer. “The Book Apart” has been the biggest booking app competitive with in Poland; a product of their genius. It has been a backbone for The SiDLY for being Europe’s most innovative medical-device wearables. 

11) Zudu

Mobile app development and digital innovation services are the focus of the UK-based digital agency Zudu. Zudu has over ten years of expertise and has become a significant participant in the app development market.

The company offers mobile web development, workplace mobility consultancy, mobile app design and development, and digital transformation services. Zudu places a lot of emphasis on providing top-notch mobile solutions tailored to each client’s requirements. The designers, developers, and consultants on the Zudu team collaborate closely with clients to comprehend their needs and problems before creating unique solutions that support their corporate goals.

12) Magora Systems

Magora Systems is a London-based company helping develop state-of-the-art apps for businesses through web and software development. They have focused on B2B and B2C applications since 2010. To name a few sectors where they have worked, IT, Arts, Education, and Utilities. 

Their work includes consultancy on app marketing strategy, automation of reporting systems, and app store optimization. Magora Systems provided services to some big companies, including Unilever, AstraZeneca, Toyota, Danone, Cisco, and Vileda. 

13) Intuz

Intuz is a Global IT Consulting company that prefers to be a technology consulting partner for software application development strategy and startups and SMBs. They have shaken hands with Mercedes AMG, Cambridge Publicati0ons, JLL, Bosch, Holiday Inn, and many other notable companies. Cloud services, industry solutions, emerging technologies, mobile apps, and web apps are some of the services being provided by Intuz. They are AWS certified consulting partner and a DevOps implementation company. It is also an ISO 9001:2015 certified company for ensuring its service will always stay within its high-quality standards. 

14) TechMagic

With a team of dedicated teams for clients worldwide, TechMagic is a software development company that strives to help businesses create innovative software products to enter the market or scale their business. 

Their vast technological stack is based on TypeScript, Java, Java Android, Native Mobile with iOS, Firebase, GraphQL, Angular, React, Kotlin, Objective-C, and Node.js. TechMagic is trusted by the companies like Beamery, Elements, Cloud, DIG Insights, Tie, PlaySports Network, Test Gorilla, and Any Desk.

15) Intelivita

Intelivita is a mobile app developer located in Leed, helping its clients deliver tech-disrupting solutions so that their businesses can change the world and live for the better. The work of Intelivita mobile app development has been pic and featured by Digital publications across the world like Entrepreneur, Business to Community, DZone, Hackernoon, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, and many more. They have expertise in mobile quality assurance in app development, startup MVP development, software development, Augmented Reality (AR) development, mobile games development, and web app development.

16) 5iveTech

5iveTech is a UK-based app development agencies in UK providing mobile app development services to businesses. It specializes in developing and delivering high-quality mobile solutions for Android, iOS, and cross-platform devices. 

It also offers maintenance and support to ensure that the client’s solutions continue to meet the business need even during the post-launch period. Some clients of 5iveTech include Student Central, my Nutrition Club, and TPH Global Solutions. It has also been featured in Publications such as Business of Apps and Mobile App Daily for its unique and innovative quality assurance in app development services.

17) Nodes

It doesn’t matter if you are a small or medium-sized business that wants to grow ambitiously; Nodes IT is the one you need to be looking for any app development requirements. They specialize in Microsoft 365, Cloud Services, Security and Cyber Essentials, and Managed IT Support. 

From big companies to small enterprises, this agency is ready to serve them right anytime. The work of Nodes IT Solutions will ensure increased productivity, protection from any breaches, losing work, or any disasters, and save time by communal use of the services across the team. 

18) The Distance

This highly-acclaimed app development agency platform based in London and York provides its clients with a unique user experience. The apps developed help to promote brand loyalty and engagement. They have the expertise to create customized mobile applications for many businesses – from disruptive startups to global MNCs. They have created 100+ mobile apps and worked with brands like Camden Market, Bentley, My Eurotunnel, Slimming World, etc.

19) Foresight Mobile

This is an agency that helps startups to grow and enter the lucrative app market. It provides tailored solutions that help to increase the ROI for your brand. They are headquartered in Manchester, UK, and are providing services globally. Their service mainly includes mobile SDK development, native Android development, flutter app development, and native iOS app development. The great team is always ready to help you and your company to grow.

20) Miquido 

Miquido is an award-winning agency transforming bold business ideas into exceptional digital products. They help design and develop data-driven digital products, helping clear business challenges. Their services include product designing, web apps, creativity and strategies, mobile applications, and artificial intelligence. They have experience in various industries like e-commerce, entertainment, healthcare, fintech, etc.

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Apps are essential for any business looking to sustain and expand in this cut-throat market. App development agencies in UK could help you in achieving your business goals. Finding the best app development firm could be crucial. Eklavya Hansaj’s agency directories are the ideal place to search for the ideal app development provider.

Agencies, too, can benefit from our agency listing platform, as it opens myriad opportunities for them and allows them to work with local and international brands, leading to more exposure and income generation. Sign in with Ekalavya Hansaj’s SaaS platform for Agencies today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What makes a good app?

A good app should be responsive, consistent, user-friendly, secure, and add value to the user. It should have functional, visual, and external consistency to make it a high-quality app. 

2) What is agile development?

Agile development is a methodology of project management that interacts with processes and tools and adds value to individuals.

3) What is the importance of a product roadmap for app development? 

A product roadmap will help align the stakeholders, prioritize work, facilitate communication, identify dependency, and adopt the change throughout the app development process, which results in a more efficient and effective development process.

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