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What is a B2B marketing agency platform?

How can a B2B digital marketing agency platform benefit businesses?

What should you look for when choosing a B2B digital marketing company? 

As a B2B brand, you must be searching for experts to help you cut through the competition and grow, right? But there’s a lot of information and options out there, so confusion is bound to happen. 

  • ng history of success in B2B markets can help you stay on top of market trends. It will also create efficient marketing and sales strategies to help you stand out from competitors.
  • Customer success: Work with a platform with a track record of assisting businesses in achieving their goals. It can assure you and support you need to meet your marketing and sales goals.
  • Awards and recognition: Selecting an agency platform that has received praise for its B2B marketing and sales efforts. It can add credibility and give you peace of mind that you’re working with a high-quality provider.
  • Social media presence: Looking into this factor will help you know about their services, team, etc. It will also help you learn more about the practices they use to grow.

Now you must be wondering how to look at all these criteria in an agency. Not to worry. We’ve got you covered! Our SaaS platform for partners provides all of these details in one place. 

List of Top 20 B2B Agencies in UK

In this section, we are going to go through 20 agencies that are killing it in space. Not only do these agencies fulfill all criteria but they provide something above and beyond. As an agency directories platform, we have gone through the unique elements of each and included them with the agencies as well. Let’s take a look:

1) Digital Litmus

Location – London

3) Fabrik Brands

Location – London

Fabrik Brands is a well-known B2B marketing agency in UK that focuses on branding and digital design. They were established more than ten years ago, and they have remained at the top of their field. 

They take great pride in being an imaginative team that is willing to overcome difficult problems no matter the situation or time. Due to their approachable demeanor, adaptability, and passion, Fabrik Brands has become well-liked among international brands. 

A B2B marketing agency platform called Octopus Group provides a variety of in-house services in eight different marketing disciplines.  Their strategy is collaborative, bringing together teams to develop effective strategies and campaigns that aid in the expansion, notoriety, and success of international brands. 

They have experience working with household names like Adobe, Bluetooth, Google, Logitech, and Siemens, and they are renowned for their creative and goal-oriented methodologies. Our SaaS platform for agencies can show you a more detailed profile of top B2B agencies in UK.

11) CC Group

Location – London

A tech PR B2B agency with its main office in London is called CC Group. The business was established back in 1985, and throughout the years it has won a number of accolades. The group asserts to have extensive expertise in four important IT sectors, including cybersecurity, enterprise technology, fintech, and mobile and telecom.

They identify themselves as the PR firm for the thinking brand, and they frequently grab the attention of readers of PR, marketing, and business periodicals. At the 2021 PR Moment Awards and Best Places to Work 2021, CC Group was named Technology of the Year.

12) Punch

Location – Leeds

Punch is a B2B agency in Leeds, England that specializes in ABM. With 25 years of sales experience and marketing talent, they are “obsessed with growth” and use this combination to give campaigns the boost they require to be successful. Punch has collaborated with a number of well-known companies, including DXC Technology, Fujitsu, Zendesk, and Equinix. The company’s core values include ownership, empowerment, tenacity, and humility. 

13) Digital Radish

Location – London

The London-based company Digital Radish specializes in ABM and brand marketing. In fact, the 2021 B2B Marketing Awards named them Agency of the Year for their outstanding performance. They work in many different fields, and some of its well-known customers are Unity, Trainline, Guinness World Records, and Exasol.

Digital Radish recently created an ABM campaign for Guinness World Records that involved Germany’s top creative agencies and companies in a unique way: by giving them a chance to break a world record while sitting at their offices. The number of meetings scheduled increased by 10%, and the campaign achieved an amazing engagement rate of 28%. If you want a more detailed overview of this agency, head over to our SaaS platform for partners.

14) Rooster Punk

Location – London

Rooster Punk is proud to have “a bit of punk and a whole lot of soul” and was named the Drum’s B2B Agency of the Year in 2021. They’ve discovered ways to add a genuine human element and tell a story in all they do as a creative B2B agency. Marketing for Rooster is more than simply generating quick leads; it’s also about developing deep relationships with clients. 

15) Don’t be Shy

Location – Manchester, England

Don’t be Shy is a B2B marketing firm with its headquarters in Manchester’s vibrant Northern Quarter. They identify as passionate, service-oriented, team-oriented, considerate, and quality-obsessed. They have received numerous accolades for their use of digital marketing, including Best Digital Marketing Campaign and Small Agency of the Year at the 2020 Northern Digital Awards.  

16) Twogether

Location – Glasgow, Scotland

A technology company called Twogether operates out of its Glasgow headquarters and provides completely integrated internal services. In the 2021 B2B Marketing Report, they were ranked as the marketing firm with the quickest growth. 

They also received gold awards for the best use of direct mail, best lead generation campaign, best use of marketing technology for demand generation, and best use of marketing technology for brand building. Just like this agency, our partner platform provides a list of the top agencies region-wise as well.

17) April Six

Location – London

A comprehensive B2B agency with clients in the technology, research, and transportation sectors, April Six was established in 2000. They have joint ventures with household names, including Hewlett-Packard, AMD, Cisco, Volkswagen, Scania, Peugeot, and BMW. Additionally, they are a part of Mission, a group of imaginative UK firms that manage some of the biggest marketing projects in the entire world. 

18) CTI Digital

Location – Manchester, England

A comprehensive B2B firm with roots in Manchester, CTI Digital has been around for more than 19 years. They identify as thinkers, planners, and doers who are driven to create cutting-edge digital solutions. In a variety of fields and businesses, including retail, health and fitness, higher education, charities, the public sector, SMEs, art, leisure, and more, they create digital experiences. If you want to look at client testimonials or reviews as well, check our partner listing platform.

19) Modern

Location – Bristol

Modern is a Bristol-based integrated marketing firm that was established in 2010. Their motto, “wiser, faster, stronger,” has assisted them in driving growth and producing outstanding results for numerous well-known clients.  Included in this are Klarna, Roland, and Hyland. They rank highly on many rankings of B2B marketing achievements. You can find top agencies like these on our partner listing platform.

20) Flaunt Digital

Location – Leeds

Leeds-based Flaunt Digital is a B2B digital marketing agency. The agency’s three guiding principles—which are purposefully not full service—are gratitude, transparency, and empathy. What distinguishes them? They establish direct connections between their experts and clients, ensuring that all the technology required to get the finest results is available. If not, Flaunt Digital can create it from scratch.

With regard to content marketing, design, development, paid advertising, SEO, etc., Flaunt Digital can assist. To compare the agency with other agencies, look at our agency directories platform. Now let’s talk about how agencies can move forward and become more successful. Our partner platform is the ideal place for you to list your agency and gain credibility. Why is that? Let’s see

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Why Should You List Your B2B Agencies UK with Ekalavya Hansaj?

There are numerous advantages to listing your B2B agency with Ekalavya Hansaj that can support the expansion and success of your company. A well-known agency directories platform, Ekalavya Hansaj, links companies of all sizes with their perfect partners and gives them a platform to promote their services and goods to a larger audience.

The improved visibility it offers is among the most important benefits of listing your B2B agency with Ekalavya Hansaj. Your company will be exposed to potential clients and partners who are actively looking for the services you provide thanks to its high rating and sizable user base. 

This exposure might make your company stand out from the crowd and draw in more quality leads. The personalized suggestion mechanism that the partner directories platform provides further distinguishes it from other B2B directories. Based on the unique requirements and preferences of organizations, this system employs artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to offer the most pertinent partners and services. 

You can use this system to connect with companies who would most likely benefit from your services by adding your agency to our partner platform. This will increase your chances of closing sales and establishing long-term collaborations. The networking chances that listing with Ekalavya Hansaj offers are yet another important advantage. Joining the software platform will give you access to a sizable network of companies and professionals who share your interests, enabling you to make connections with new customers, partners, etc.


In the UK, over 40% of companies derive their income majorly from B2B activities. This shows B2B agencies in UK are the backbone of organizations all over the world, offering professional advice and resources that can drive your company to new heights. Everything you need to know about B2B agencies in UK was covered in this article by our partner platform, including their significance, how to pick the best one, and a list of the top 20 firms in the UK.

By boosting your exposure, generating more leads and conversions, and optimizing your business processes, working with a B2B agency can completely change the way you conduct business. Finding the ideal agency, though, might be difficult with so many options available. This is where our list of the top 20 B2B firms in the UK can be useful. 

These agencies offer everything from brand strategy and site-building to digital marketing and content creation. We also talked about how our agency directories platform can help agencies grow as well with elements like high traffic, knowledge of the trends to keep ahead, etc. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is B2B marketing?

The strategies and techniques used by businesses to sell their goods and services to other businesses rather than to individual consumers are referred to as B2B marketing. You can indulge in it with the help of B2B agencies listed on our partner platform.

2) What are the main pillars of B2B marketing?

Technology, customer experience, and strategy are the three major pillars of B2B marketing. A clearly defined plan, a seamless customer experience, and the appropriate technology are necessary for effective B2B marketing.

3) What are some of the most notable B2B brands?

IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, and Salesforce are a few well-known B2B companies. These businesses have a significant presence in the B2B market and are leaders in their respective industries.

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