20 Tips to Grow Your Merchandising Agency Platform

Ekalavya Hansaj

Brief Introduction



A merchandising agency platform can make or break a business’s success. From driving traffic to the most profitable categories to generating excitement and creating a buzz around new brands or fresh product lines, merchandising strategies are essential to delivering positive outcomes.


Such an agency platform is responsible for selling third-party manufactured products and driving sales. They create innovative strategies, use technology, focus on unique promotions, set budgets, prepare their sales reps, and perform various activities to boost sales and customer satisfaction. This comprehensive guide draws valuable insights into how to grow your merchandising agency platform.



What is a Merchandising Agency Platform?



Merchandising agency platforms are often known as retail companies that sell products they didn’t manufacture. These agencies differ from manufacturing companies that sell products they manufacture, like car companies or service companies like a restaurant. A manufacturing agency platform can be typically classified by the type of items they sell. For instance, Piggly Wiggly is a grocery store, whereas Barnes & Noble is a bookseller. 


Others may include departmental, clothing, shoe, and jewelry stores. However, all these big merchandising companies sell items manufactured by some other company and help them earn profit. Merchandising refers to all business efforts to market a brand’s products, including ad campaigns, price promotions, special events, and more. Merchandising agency platforms provide expertise about how promotional efforts affect a company’s brand image and customer interest. 



What does a Merchandising Agency Platform do?



A merchandising agency platform is responsible for marketing and selling products another company manufactures. In short, it is the process of presenting and promoting goods available for purchase for retail and wholesale. It includes creating marketing strategies, display designing, setting competitive prices, and more to boost brand awareness, improve customer experience, compete with others in a similar industry, and ultimately drive sales. 


However, ensure you understand merchandising agency platform sets a process that leads to sales. Merchandising agencies can be classified into five main categories:


1) Product Merchandising

2) Retail Merchandising

3) Digital/E-commerce/Online Merchandising

4) Visual Merchandising

5) Omnichannel Merchandising 


They all focus on the 5Rs of merchandising: Right Merchandise, Right Place, Right Time, Right Quantities, and Right Place. The objective of big merchandising companies is to get a correct balance between customer expectations and a company’s financial strategy. They analyze your past sales figures to anticipate future product needs and devise a proper merchandise plan with the right techniques. 



Why is Growth Important for a Merchandising Agency Platform?



Growth is essential for any company, and your merchandising agency platform is no exception. It ensures the long-term survival of a business in the competitive market, fuels up your profit generation and corporate performance, broadens your offerings, draws more clients, drives sales, and more. Growth encourages creativity and innovation, helping you to stand out from the competition. 


Additionally, growth for an agency enhances its reputation, thus improving business stability and boosting profitability. If your company is stagnant for longer, it will likely lose opportunities to acquire more clients, boost revenue, and finally shut down. 


Company expansion broadens your service area, creates commercial alliances, allows you to introduce new goods into existing markets, diversifies your current product line, and more. However, you and your team must stay prepared to face any challenge and acquire new skills and knowledge to align with the current market trends. 



20 Tips for Growing Your Merchandising Agency Platform 



Now that we have established why growth is crucial for an agency platform. Let us understand how your sales and merchandising agencies can achieve that expansion!



1) Make changes to your pricing model when needed


Are your prices too high for the services you offer? If so, it’s high time to change the pricing model, as it may drive away your potential customers. Ensure your prices match your effort and that your services and products are worth the customer’s cost. A set pricing model ensures you have sufficient resources to allocate within your agency platform. You can charge hourly, at a fixed rate, or by commission. However, make it scalable whenever you change the pricing model. It alleviates the requirement of constant change of prices in the future. You must alert your target audience about any adjustment that may help you regain lost leads due to over-the-top prices. 



2) Build traffic


Traffic generation is what you do for your clients, and you need to emulate the same for your own brand. You cannot scale your agency platform unless you can be found at the right time and place for your potential clients. For example, you can increase your brand’s traffic by placing your website on agency directories to get you more visibility and traffic!



3) Use a transaction-building or cash-generating strategy 


Merchandising agency platforms use this strategy to increase the average category transaction size by motivating consumers to purchase complementary products. It can also be defined as cross-merchandising, where you showcase all the complementary products that go well with the main item in a single display. For example, you can display your core competencies and ancillary services, like graphic designing, content creation, or social media marketing. This will allow 360-degree visibility to your potential customers and encourages upselling. You can use promotions to encourage upselling; for example, get merchandising services and digital marketing services.



4) Ensure you follow the profit-generating strategy


A merchandising agency platform can use a profit-generating strategy to boost its cash flow and category percentage margins; however, you need to consider three factors: higher selling prices, higher gross profit margin, and high margin and stock-turn categories. You will notice that complementing accessories typically come under profit-generating categories. By sales and merchandising agencies in these categories in high-traffic areas, you can expose more of your consumers to higher-margin goods, thus significantly improving your overall merchandising efforts. You can also enhance your in-store customer experiences and provide amazing service around these items.



5) Make use of turf defending


Turf defending is used by any merchandising agency platform to hold onto what is theirs, more specifically, a category that is unique to the agency and makes it step apart from the competition. It consists of aggressive pricing and promotion strategies. A turf-defending category receives the best position in the store, help you defend your market share from a competitor in the same category, maintains customer loyalty, and creates a positive overall price image.



6) Engage customers’ senses and emotions


One of the core components of growing your merchandising agency platform is to engage your customers’ five senses. If your customer is online, your products must have eye-catching visuals or appealing descriptions to engage their interest. You can also create videos to show the application of your products for better understanding. Agency listing on online directories gives you sufficient space to put product images, appealing descriptions, business details, contact information much more in one place for users to access your agency details and connect with you on time. 



7) Invest in consumer education of your brand


Your target audience must understand your brand, what you do, how you solve their current issues, and how they can benefit from partnering with your brand. You can post blogs and articles on different activities performed by your agency platform, provide informative content, share industry trends and how you meet the changing requirements, arrange events, podcasts, and webinars, do guest blogging, and more. It ensures you create a buzz among today’s consumers related to your agency that attracts more audiences and boosts sales. You can go to online course directories and list courses related to merchandising or anything relevant to your agency’s functioning. It helps in boosting brand awareness, recognition, and reputation. 



8) Design a mobile-friendly website


Most consumers rely on mobile internet, meaning they search for a website on their mobile device before connecting with you digitally or in person. A survey has shown that 70% of all website traffic comes from smartphone users, and 61% of users will never interact with a website that is not mobile-friendly! You need a responsive website that is functional with any device, has fast navigation and loading speed, and consists of detailed information about your agency platform. 



9) Use tools to plan a scalable strategy


Make sure your process of attracting new clients should be able to grow with your company. To make your strategy scalable, identify where the variables like time management and workload are becoming problematic. When you identify the problems and areas of improvement, you can develop a solution that helps you meet your goals. The growth platform must mix CRM, marketing, and sales tools designed to maximize agency growth. You can find and access the latest tools on software directories. You can also create CTAs, landing pages, forms, and analytics to refine your lead generation strategy. Ensure your new strategy suits the expanded services and organizes the process. Research your competitors on a SaaS platform for agencies to identify what tools they are using and how their agencies are growing. 



10) Train your field reps


Field representatives must be well-trained in almost every sector to ensure good customer service and experience. They need to understand the industry trends and stay compliant with the regulations. All these need a special training class within their work schedule. You can purchase relevant courses from online course directories and get your staff to learn the necessary knowledge and skills. When your fieldmen are well-equipped, your business is ready to fly high.



11) Use technology 


Technology has entered almost every sphere, and agency merchandisers are no exception. Automate all your processes to offer outstanding results to your clients and mark a good position among your competitors in the market. Using technology reduces manual errors, inconsistent workflow, fast delivery and response time, etc. Additionally, such tools can manage customer relationships, staff management, and more. You can search for SaaS tools on different software directories, read their usage and previous clients’ reactions, and then choose.



12) Always be consistent


Most agencies fail when they try to grow inconsistently. While promoting your platform, you must remain consistent in everything you’re doing. Consistency is essential in creating and publishing content, regularly composing individual social media posts to connect with the target audience, maintaining your contact details, using a similar brand logo, etc. Make sure everything you use and do speak a consistent brand message that people can remember and understand what they can expect from you. 



13) Know the usage of the Pyramid Principle and the Rule of Three


The Pyramid Principle and The Rule of Three are the two merchandising techniques that can impact customers’ awareness and satisfaction and increase your sales. No matter how many products you have, the Pyramid Principle recommends setting them up in a triangle arrangement instead of The Rule of Three, which groups items into three layers depending on their height, weight, and relevance. These techniques help to increase your client’s profitability leading to a better reputation for your business.



14) Keep track of your performance


Putting the best merchandising strategies in place may increase your client’s sales, but it doesn’t end there. You must analyze your performance and reveal what tactics work best for your clients and your business. You can conduct A/B testing to see what fits your customers’ demands. For instance, your page has two different options: Version A and Version B, with slight changes in design, features, and other differences; A/B tests measure which versions convert the best. You can perform the same for different purposes and find a suitable solution for your customers to increase conversion.



15) Publish case studies and customer testimonials


Remember to ask for their reviews and success stories when you meet your client’s satisfaction. By publishing case studies of your clients who have gained positive results from your service, you help to instill a sense of trust in prospective consumers, encouraging them to contact your agency platform. Your future clients can get a good insight into the issues faced by the previous clients and the specifics of how you got them fixed. Client testimonials help establish social proof and enable others to observe you as a trustworthy and credible agency platform. A study shows almost 76% of consumers regularly read online reviews when looking for local businesses in 2022, and the number is set to rise this year. Agency directories can help you gather authentic client reviews that you can use as testimonials on your website. 



16) Leverage client referrals 


Referrals have the power to earn qualified leads for agencies from their existing clientele. Proactively collecting them will get you to a larger sphere of influence. Leveraging client reference helps you reach clients with similar challenges to your buyer personas and assist you in increasing market share and driving revenue. You can incentivize your clients to share referrals or start a referral program so that you will always have a fixed process for it.



17) Offer excellent customer service


Regardless of your business, customer engagement through in-person or online communication is vital for any agency to withhold its customer service reputation. For instance, if a customer interacts with your agency platform frequently on social media, it is essential to respond quickly. Engaging with your clients and listening to their queries demonstrates strong customer service; customers believe you value their thoughts. Engaging with your customers allows you to understand their perseverance towards your brand, their expectations, and what they want from you. It allows for identifying improvement areas and ensuring you align with customer needs and preferences.



18) Optimize your SEO


Most online shopping journeys start with a Google search. High-quality content with proper keywords and an SEO-optimized website can increase traffic and improve your search ranking. You can start looking for keywords that people search for and choose the most relevant and high-value keywords for your content that ensure you meet the requirements of the searchers. It will attract more people to your website and drive sales. Agency listing on directories ensures you rank at the top of Google searches, as search engines highly trust such directories. 



19) Design a perfect product page


The product page of your website must showcase a good copy of what you sell. It is more like a window display that grabs people’s attention while being welcoming and inviting. Put a short and long explanation for your service with nice images, videos, and customer ratings for a successful product page. Once your website visitor approaches to purchase, they need to see the product properly. If you are not a good website designer, visit job directories to hire talents or outsource your website design to an expert. Merchandising agency platform websites must be attractive to promote high-quality products and services and motivate potential customers to buy.



20) Establish credibility through transparency


Transparency in your business helps strengthen a company’s relationship with its customers. It shows that your prospects can trust the brand to provide exceptional services and offer an authentic brand experience. Building your agency’s credibility in the industry helps you stand apart from the competition, encourage customer loyalty, and lead them to refer your agency to others.



How can Ekalavya Hansaj Help You Grow Your Merchandising Agency Platform?



Ekalavya Hansaj is a master blaster performer in the industry. We are a well-known ad tech and mar tech firm that allows agency listing across the US, UK, Australia, Europe, Asia, MENA, and Canada.


We have set a different place among other agency directories by offering a full-service website where agency listing is allowed with events, stories, tools, jobs, partners, online courses, podcast listings, and more. Moreover, we are trusted by search engines, and whenever a prospect looks for services relevant to you on them, we assure you will be discovered among the first few results. That’s how promising we are! 


You can learn from our resources, news, and podcast platform lessons on how to grow your agency, read your competitors’ stories, and more to align with the current trends in the market. You can find necessary tools from our software directories with user manuals and authentic user reviews for reliability. Additionally, you can find the right team member from our job listing to work with a company and boost your revenue. There are many more advantages of Ekalavya Hansaj that we cannot describe, but we help you experience them against a monthly or yearly fee. 


Our basic plan starts at $499/month with minimal yet unique benefits. However, you can level up your plans for more benefits as your agency grows and your budget expands. Speak to our inbound sales team for any queries and receive 24×7 customer support!






Merchandising efforts create a win-win situation for brands and retailers as both enjoy a boost in sales and overall revenue, thus creating a solid retailer-supplier relationship. Suppose you are running a merchandising agency platform. In that case, you must have a good merchandising strategy tied with a specific objective to offer the best customer experience and closely track the success of your efforts in the retail environment. One best way to get your agency discovered more is by listing on agency directories. We at Ekalavya Hansaj always welcome such agencies looking for growth within a short period. 


Submit your agency today and get access to numerous benefits available on our platform!



Frequently Asked Questions 



1) What is merchandising? 


Offline and online retailers utilize merchandising as a sales, marketing, and promotional strategy to increase sales. They put considerable effort into creating attractive product displays, competitive pricing, expressing value, and offering a smooth shopping experience to customers. The approach is influenced by product, store type, consumer spending behavior, available space, and more factors.



2) What are the important aspects of merchandising? 


Merchandisers must clearly understand the target market and offer the audience the same product or services they want. Additionally, you need to stay updated with the current merchandising trends and stay prepared to adjust your strategy as required.



3) What are the 4Ps of merchandising?


The 4Ps of merchandising are Product, Placement, Pricing, and Promotion.



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