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We live in a technological era where the smartphone has taken over almost everything. It is an all-in-one device that is mandatory for everyone these days. How about marketing through these everyday used mobile phones? Mobile marketing agencies create personalized advertisements that promote products and services through mobile devices. 

Mobile marketing has gained immense value as a part of marketing strategy. There are several ways in which marketing can be done, including SMS, mobile apps, mobile search ads, video ads, and mobile display ads. Mobile marketing is best for targeting audiences based on behavior, interests, and locations. 

Marketing agency platforms help you deliver the best mobile marketing campaigns. They offer tools and features suitable for businesses to create and manage marketing campaigns. The main goal of these platforms is to provide a centralized location for businesses to manage mobile marketing efforts. We will discuss the need for mobile marketing agencies in UK. We will also list down some of the best mobile marketing agency platforms in the UK. This will help you choose the best agency that suits your portfolio.

What do You Mean by Mobile Marketing Agencies in UK? 

Mobile marketing agencies in UK that help businesses in mobile marketing campaigns. You can tailor the needs and create campaigns across various channels and devices. These platforms help target audiences, track and analyze campaign performance, and optimize their mobile marketing campaigns to improve results. Let us know some of the critical features of mobile marketing agencies in UK:

  • Campaign management: Agency platforms offer various tools to manage multiple aspects of mobile marketing. These include creative development, targeting, and scheduling.
  • Analytics: Through mobile marketing agencies in UK, you can find detailed analytics on the campaigns. You can also find reports to track the performances of the business campaigns. 
  • Mobile advertising: In-app, mobile video, and display ads are vital for mobile marketing. 
  • SMS marketing: Mobile marketing agencies in UK offer SMS marketing tools to send tailored promotional messages. 
  • App development: Certain platforms offer app development services to help businesses create mobile applications. These applications are used for mobile marketing strategy. 

Mobile marketing companies offer businesses a complete marketing solution. This enhances mobile marketing efforts, increases engagement, expands reach, and improves conversion rates.

Why is it Essential to Have Mobile Marketing Agencies in UK?

mobile marketing agencies in UK

If you own a mobile app, mobile marketing should be a part of your marketing strategy. According to the report of Smart Insights, people spend 51% of their time looking at their phones. Here are a few of the benefits of mobile marketing:

1) Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-Channel Marketing is a strategy to market the same message using different outlets. It can include traditional sources like printing and digital sources like social media. SMS, email, in-app messaging, and push notifications are the most common mobile marketing methods.

2) Automation

Automation is a perfect option where dedicated mobile efforts aren’t possible. As many marketing suits allow for automation, the same function is also essential for mobile marketing. Marketers often adapt web content for mobile and utilize automation to transfer messages across platforms.

3) Responsive Design

A responsive design ensures the website looks good regardless of the device’s size. This will also get you good points with Google and ensure a seamless user experience.

4) Location-based functionality

The best part of mobile marketing is utilizing the device itself. Location-based functionality is an aspect that can provide the right marketing to the right customers at the right time. You can use the customers’ location to send out customized content.

What Should You Look for When Choosing Mobile Marketing Agencies in UK?

Let us understand how to choose a mobile app marketing agency platform:

1) Features and functionality

By evaluating the platforms’ features and functions, we can ensure it aligns with the specific needs of mobile marketing campaigns. Considering elements such as targeting abilities, SMS marketing, campaign management, mobile advertising options, app development support, and integration with other marketing tools could be vital as you need to know which feature you should go with.

2) User-friendliness

A good platform ensures easy navigation and smooth campaign management with its user-friendly interface. You could probably look for a well-designed user interface, as it will save time and simplify the management of the campaigns.

3) Reputation and reviews

Before choosing any mobile marketing agency platform, research the platform’s reputation in the industry and read reviews from other users. They can provide insights into the platform’s reliability, customer satisfaction, and performance. This can also let the businesses know if the platform suits their business.

4) Analytics and reporting capabilities

To measure the success of your company’s mobile marketing campaigns, robust analytics, and reporting features are essential. Ensure the platform provides detailed and actionable insights, such as conversion rates, audience demographic, click-through rates, and engagement matrices.

5) Pricing and affordability

Ensure the platform’s pricing structure aligns with your budget and gets the expected return on investment (ROI). Evaluating the value provided by the platform concerning the cost will let you know if it is beneficial for the price that they are offering. Considering these facts, you can make an informed decision before choosing a mobile marketing agency platform that suits you the best in accordance with the business requirements and help you achieve your mobile marketing goals. 

List of Top 20 Mobile Marketing Agencies in UK

We learned how choosing the right platform could be crucial. If you are in the UK and want to find the best agency platform for your mobile marketing, then this is for you. Here is a list of the top 20 UK mobile marketing agency platforms that suit your company:

1) CI&T

Location – London WeWork, 10 York Road London, SE1 7ND, UK

CI&T is one of the world’s leading mobile marketing service providers. They build solutions that focus on the client’s needs. They help in strategy-making, research, design, and data science. This helps to increase top-line growth driving operational efficiency. 

It has been outstanding and awarded for its efforts in developing mobile marketing. It has been recognized for “good employability practices for disabled workers” at the UN and certified by GPTW Institute. It partnered with Google, Adobe, Microsoft, GitLab, SalesForce, AWS, Aquaia, and VTEX.

2) Fetch

Location – 1st Floor, 98 – 100 Fore St, Hertford SG14 1AB, UK

Fetch has been making the tech world more accessible since 2014. It is a mobile-first digital agency specializing in mobile marketing. They help in data driver targeting, app store optimization, and creative optimization. eBay, HSBC, Hulu, Expedia, Amazon, and Vodafone are the top clients of Fetch. Fetch is an award-winning agency, winning awards like “Best Mobile Campaign” and “Best Integrated Campaign.” 

3) Yodel Mobiles

Location – Unit 3, Worton Drive, Worton Grange, Reading RG2 0TG, UK

If you’re looking for an award-winning agency platform, Yodel Mobiles could be the one for you. The app store optimization, mobile app consultation, mobile creative services to launch and scale your apps, and paid user acquisition campaigns are notable services this platform provides. Yodel Mobiles has worked with NBC Universal, Virgin Trains, Gym Shark, The Economist, After Pay, and many other Global organizations. They have an expert team with over 1000 successful App growth stories.

4) Digital Turbine

Location – 6-7 St. John’s Lane London EC1M 4GB, UK

Is a company interested in delivering mobile video ads? AdColony could serve you right. It is a specialized mobile advertising platform providing high-quality mobile video ads. They have the mindset of a startup as a fast-growing public company adding values and guiding them as a team. 

Digital Turbine has received numerous awards. Some of these are “Best Demand-Side Technology 2021” and the “Best Overall AdTech Company 2021”. Many Global companies like Amazon, Hershey’s, UFC, LinkedIn, Coca-Cola, BMW, and Microsoft, trust in the Digital Turbine. 

5) Tappable

Location – Bedford I-lab, Priory Business Park, Stannard Way, Bedford MK44 3RZ, UK

Tappable is a leading mobile marketing agency well known for its innovative services and client-centric approach. It offers various services specialized in mobile app development and marketing strategies. The team is also an expert in user experience design, mobile strategy development, mobile advertising campaigns, and app store optimization. 

Tappable has received several awards, including the Best Mobile App Design and Best Mobile App Development recognition for their dedication to excellence. Their portfolio includes impressive clients like Nike, BMW, Spotify, McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola.

6) M&C Saatchi Mobile

Location – 36 Golden Square, London W1F 9JX, UK

M&C Saatchi Mobile is a renowned mobile marketing agency offering services in Creative Solutions, mobile strategies, and advanced technology. Their impressive portfolio includes the Esteem clients like Facebook, Google,  Adidas, and Samsung. It has also won the Effective Mobile Marketing Award for the dedication shown by the team. Their analytics and results are impactful that could drive more engagement with the audience.

7) WeQ

Location – 128 City Road, London, UK

WeQ is a leading user acquisition and mobile advertising platform specializing in performance-based campaigns. It also offers other services such as influencer marketing, App Store optimization, and creative design. Their portfolio includes major brands like Ubisoft, Rovio, and Playrix. WeQ helps businesses achieve their goals and maximize their app success with its data driver approach, and its expertise is in mobile marketing. 

8) Phiture 

Location – London, UK

Mobile marketing platforms should have a comprehensive range of services to impress clients. Phiture is a platform specialized in mobile marketing strategies, App Store Optimisation, and retention and engagement campaigns. It has earned industrial recognition, including the App Growth Awards. Notable companies like  SoundCloud, Peak, and Skyscanner are the clients of Phiture. The team deeply understands the mobile ecosystem, and the data-driven approach helps businesses optimize their mobile application and achieve sustainable growth. 

9) Indiespring

Location – Lancaster Buildings, Manchester, UK

Revolutionize your mobile marketing game with Indiespring, the UK’s premier mobile marketing agency! Situated in the buzzing city of Manchester, Indiespring is the powerhouse behind groundbreaking mobile campaigns that captivate audiences and drive unparalleled results. 

Indiespring’s team of passionate experts combines cutting-edge technology with creative brilliance to deliver mobile strategies that make a lasting impact. From engaging mobile app experiences to targeted SMS campaigns and personalized push notifications, Indiespring leverages the power of mobile to connect brands with their customers in innovative ways.

10) AppScatter

Location – 1 Fore Street, London EC2Y 9DT, England, UK

Being a major mobile app distribution and Management, AppScatter has businesses to expand its app reach. The comprehensive services include App Store Optimisation, app distribution, and app analytics across multiple app stores worldwide. It has been recognized for contributing to the mobile industry and has received awards such as UK Business Tech Awards. The diverse client base includes recognizable brands like Train Line, Adobe, and Just Eat. It helps businesses enhance downloads and app visibility and succeed in the competitive App world.

11) Blis

Location – 85 Great Portland St, London, Essex, W1W 7LT, UK

Blis is the one for you if you are targeting a location-based audience. It is a leading location-based mobile advertising platform helping brands to reach and engage the target audience. The services include audience profiling, precise location targeting, and personalized mobile ad campaigns. 

The impressive client roster comprises global brands like Unilever, Jaguar Land Rover, and McDonald’s for innovative solutions in the marketing world. It has also been recognized through the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards. It also enhances customer engagement by enabling brands to deliver highly targeted and relevant mobile ad experiences.

12) Algorhythm

Location – The Print Rooms, 164-180 Union Street, London, UK

Algorhythm is a powerhouse redefining the mobile landscape in the UK! Hailing from the creative hub of Union Streets, Algorhythm is a dynamic force that blends innovation, digital strategy, and captivating storytelling to create mobile campaigns that resonate. With their finger on the pulse of emerging trends and consumer behavior, the talented team at Algorhythm crafts immersive mobile experiences that inspire, engage, and drive conversions. 

13) Fiksu

Location – Fairgate House, 205 Kings Rd, Tyseley, Birmingham B11 2AA, UK

Fiksu helps mobile marketing agencies in UK with user acquisition and engagement. The specialized team has comprehensive services, including audience targeting, programmatic advertising, and mobile app Analytics. It has also been recognized for its achievements, including the App Growth and Mobile Marketing Awards. 

Brands like Amazon, Disney, and Electronic Arts are a few of the clients who are associated with Fiksu. They help businesses acquire high-quality uses, maximize app success, and optimize campaign performances in the competitive mobile landscape.

14) App Annie

Location – 13-14 Margaret St, Fitzrovia, London W1W 8RN, UK

App Annie can be considered a leading mobile app analytics platform that provides valuable insights, including downloads, user behavior, and app usage. It has been recognized for contributing to the industries by receiving awards such as Mobile World Congress Global Mobile Awards. 

The services include competitive intelligence, mobile app market data, and app performance tracking. Prestigious companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are their prominent clients. App Annie empowers businesses with robust analytics for a platform to make optimized data driver decisions for their app strategies.

15) Growthcurve

Location – Floor 3, 86 Paul St, London EC2A 4NE, UK

Looking to skyrocket your mobile marketing efforts in the UK? Look no further than Growthcurve, the powerhouse of mobile marketing solutions! With its headquarters in the vibrant heart of London, Growthcurve is the go-to agency for businesses aiming to conquer the digital landscape. 

According to reports, businesses must provide comprehensive customer reviews to meet consumer expectations. Growthcurve ensures that its customers get the best reviews. Whether app store optimization, mobile advertising, or engaging SMS campaigns, Growthcurve’s cutting-edge techniques will propel your business to new heights. Growthcurve’s expert team of creative masterminds and tech-savvy wizards work tirelessly to craft innovative and results-driven mobile marketing strategies tailored to your unique brand. 

16) Smartpipe

Location – Cwmbran NP44 7HF, UK

Smartpipe is a leading Mobile data exchange platform enabling businesses to access valuable mobile audience data for targeted advertising campaigns. The services include audience segmentation, data aggregation, and data monetization solutions. They have earned recognition in the mobile marketing world for their innovative data-driven solutions. Significant brands like Vodafone, Telefonica, and Telenor are their clients. Smartpipe uses a secured and privacy complaint data exchange platform helping businesses unlock the power of mobile audience insights for personalized advertising strategies. 

17) DigitasLBi

Location – 40 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1JA, UK

DigitasLBi is a global marketing and Technology agency offering businesses to navigate the digital landscape through various services. Creative content, digital strategy, Data Analytics, and customer experience designs are some of the services provided by DigitasLBi. L’Oreal, Samsung, and American Express are the top notable brands that have worked with them. With expertise in digital marketing, customer engagement, and Technology, it helps businesses to connect the audience in the digital world. 

18) Amobee

Location – The Place, 2nd Floor. 175 High Holborn. London, UK

Amobee is a leading advertising technology company offering various services to help businesses succeed in digital marketing. Programmatic advertising, advanced analytics, and data management are some of the specialized services that Amobee provides. 

Amobee has been awarded “Adweek Media Plan of the Year” for its industrial contributions. Renowned brands like Toyota, Airbnb, and Coca-Cola boost their portfolio. Innovative technology and a data-driven approach empower marketers to engage with their targeted audience more effectively across different digital channels.

19) Zappar 

Location – 10 Barley Mow Psge, London, Essex, W4 4PH, UK

If your company is interested in Augmented Reality, Zappar could help you create an engaging AR experience with its innovative services. Their service mainly includes AR  campaign management, content creation, and app development. It has been recognized for its excellence in AR by winning awards such as “Augmented World Expo Auggie Awards” and Webby Awards. 

Giant companies like Warner Bros, Coca-Cola, and Hasbro are the notable brands in Zappar’s portfolio. It enables businesses to bring their brands to life and interact with their audience. 


Location – 16 St John’s Ln, London EC1M 4BS, UK

AYIMA is an award-winning digital marketing agency. It is an excellent mobile marketing agency that offers a comprehensive range of solutions. Their services include app store management, mobile advertising, and mobile campaign management. Their team  is recognized throughout the UK. They have a global client list. AYIMA has provided services to Vodafone, Jaguar Land Rover, and TUI. AYIMA helped create the prestigious portfolio for these brands. Their strategic approach help businesses maximize their mobile presence and drive impactful results. 

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Why Should You List Your Mobile Marketing Agency Platform with Ekalavya Hansaj?

Mobile marketing agency platforms help businesses learn and develop mobile applications. This gives them more visibility and credibility in the market. Ekalavya Hansaj is a leading mobile marketing agency platform that provides services worldwide. Ekalavya Hansaj is present in the USA, Canada, the UK, Europe, MENA, Asia, and Australia. 

We offer a wide range of services that could benefit your mobile apps. List your mobile marketing agency platform today to enjoy credibility and reputation. We will help you gain visibility and trust among potential clients. The insights and guidance will provide valuable strategic advice and opportunities. Listing a platform with Ekalavya Hansaj is a valuable step. This will help you establish yourself as a reputed company. By building the network, your client base will increase. 


Mobile marketing agencies in UK help businesses navigate and reduce the complexity of mobile marketing. These platforms offer a wide range of services. These services help businesses efficiently engage with mobile users. Ekalavya Hansaj will help you find success and growth as a partner for a mobile marketing agency. Through collaboration and partnership, companies can enhance their brand visibility. This will help them establish themselves as industry market leaders. Sign in today, dive into opportunities, and grow your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do mobile responsive and mobile friendly differ?

There is not much difference from a customer’s point of view. Still, mobile-friendly is “seeing” the information from the phone the same as from a desktop. While mobile-responsive is “experiencing” the same information from desktop to mobile. 

2) What should you know before developing your mobile app?

Before developing the mobile app, it is essential to conduct thorough research. This research helps understand the target audience, their needs,  and preferences. 

3) How can mobile marketing help businesses?

Mobile marketing boosts audience engagement, revenue growth, customer acquisition, and business brand awareness. 

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