20 Advantages of Enrolling as a Marketing Freelancer on Agency-Owned Marketplaces

Sugandhi Saxena

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Marketplaces owned by agencies have become increasingly popular among freelance marketers as a means of connecting with potential clients and securing job opportunities. Such Agency Directories offer a range of advantages for freelancers, such as the chance to showcase their skills and expertise, access to a large pool of customers, and the convenience of having all projects and payments in one place.


The freelance market is worth $1.5 trillion and growing at a CAGR of 15% to make the most of this booming economy, enrolling through agency directories is the best possible way. You get a competitive advantage, better support from peers, and increased visibility!


This post will explore 20 advantages of applying as a marketing freelancer on agency-owned marketplaces. Whether you are just starting as a freelancer or looking to expand your client base, agency-owned marketplaces can provide a wealth of opportunities for marketing professionals.



Who is a Marketing Freelancer?



A freelance marketer is a marketing expert who works remotely for various clients. They typically work on a contract or per-project basis to complete marketing activities. While they may specialize in one aspect of marketing, many have experience in several areas, including:


A. Consulting


B. Content marketing


C. Digital Analytics


D. Graphic design


E. Search engine optimization


F. Social media



What are the Responsibilities of a Freelance Marketer? 



The following are some essential duties that a freelance marketer performs.



A. Developing marketing strategies and plans


B. Creating marketing materials, such as content and advertisements


C. Managing social media accounts and campaigns


D. Running email marketing campaigns


E. Analyzing data and metrics to evaluate campaign effectiveness


F. Collaborating with clients to understand their needs and goals


G. Managing project timelines and deliverables


H. Providing excellent customer service and communication to clients


I. Maintaining accurate records and documentation



What are the Skills Required to Become a Freelance Marketer? 



Freelance marketers must possess a combination of technical and soft skills. Here are some required skills for becoming a successful freelance marketer.



A. Technical Skills 


Freelance marketers must be familiar with the different software platforms they use daily. Using SEO and SEM abilities to reach a broad audience through search engine rankings are examples of technical skills. They must be able to conduct marketing campaign assessments and traffic monitoring on client websites. They need to understand data analysis and run Google ads, among other functionalities.



B. Content Marketing Skills 


Freelance marketers create written and audiovisual content to lure customers to visit the client’s site. This aids them in establishing a web presence. Blog posts, video content, and podcast listing platforms can all be used by freelancer marketers to reach the brand’s target audience.



C. Time Management Skills 


As a freelance marketer, managing time is crucial for completing various tasks on time. Several time-sensitive activities require attention, from meeting deadlines to responding to emails and processing invoices. Effective time management skills can help streamline workflow, minimize confusion, and ensure everything runs smoothly.



D. Communication Skills 


Freelance marketers must have excellent communication skills. They need to have excellent active listening, written, and verbal communication abilities. Clients prefer freelance marketers who express their ideas clearly on Agency Listing platforms. This allows for easier and hassle-free collaborations.



How to Become a Freelance Marketer? 



Freelance marketers are one of the most in-demand professionals. Many skilled individuals can make thousands of dollars monthly, especially if you enlist your services on an agency-owned marketplace like Ekalavya Hansaj.


Are you willing to become one of the most sought-after marketing freelancers?



A. Enhance your skills


To become a skilled freelance marketer, you must have a degree in a relevant field like marketing, public relations, or communications. For freelance marketers, it’s crucial to have work experience before offering services independently. Scanning job directories for internships and entry-level roles can be an excellent way to broaden your marketing expertise. You can look for marketing internships and jobs on Ekalavya Hansaj’s SaaS platform for job directories.



B. Utilize the resources available online


You can strengthen your marketing abilities by using various online resources. Multiple Online Courses Listing platforms are available where you can learn from top educators and universities. These courses allow freelance marketers to gain insight into the newest tools and technologies. With these certifications and courses, you can expand your skill set.



C. Discover your area of interest


You can specialize in one area and start looking for projects that will allow you to improve those abilities. Consider Online Course Directories for Management and leadership skills, which will help you to learn more about the strategic and conceptual side if you prefer general marketing tasks. Content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and digital marketing are all areas where you can specialize.



D. Create a website 


To effectively showcase your services to potential customers, it is crucial to have a website that provides comprehensive information about yourself, your credentials, and your expertise. Make sure to highlight the benefits of working with you and showcase your previous work samples through a portfolio. Remember to include contact information for potential clients to contact you quickly. You can attract and engage with potential clients with a solid online presence. Also, by listing yourself on agency directories like Ekalavya Hansaj, you increase your online visibility and can get more projects!



E. Develop your brand 


Make use of the power of social media to build your brand. You can promote your brand image on various social media platforms and websites. Publish content about your freelance marketing services on Job Listing platforms. You can also set up personal pages on social media and connect with other freelancers.



F. Find potential clients


Look for prospective clients to collaborate with and pursue opportunities to expand your clientele. Joining online job boards or communities where firms list the various marketing activities they need help with could also be beneficial.



What is an Agency-Owned Marketplace? 



An agency-owned marketplace is a marketing platform that connects clients with independent marketers. Agency directories are usually packed with various agencies offering marketing services such as social media handling, advertising, branding, and content production. Freelancers and clients can benefit from the agency-owned marketplace as it is a central hub for coordinating communications, organizing tasks, and processing payments.


The agency may charge a commission/fee. Still, the Partner Platform offers many benefits, such as easy project management, access to potential clients/job prospects, and a built-in network of marketing experts.



Why is Ekalavya Hansaj Considered One of the Leading Agency Directories? 



A leading agency-owned marketplace, Ekalavya Hansaj connects companies with a pool of verified and experienced marketing freelancers. Here are some crucial reasons why Ekalavya Hansaj is considered a leading SaaS platform for Partner:



A. Quality talent pool


Ekalavya Hansaj has a rigorous freelancer vetting process, ensuring that only experienced and skilled professionals are allowed on the platform. This results in a high-quality talent pool that clients can trust to deliver excellent work.



B. Wide range of marketing services


At this SaaS platform for Software, freelancers can discover comprehensive marketing tools to help with their work. Freelancers can showcase their work on the platform allowing for better collaboration.



C. User-friendly platform


Clients can easily find and hire freelancers on the Ekalavya Hansaj platform, which is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. The project management dashboard is intuitive and equipped with messaging, task lists, and file-sharing features to facilitate efficient collaboration between clients and freelancers.



D. Dedicated account management


This SaaS platform for Agencies provides clients with a dedicated account manager who is a single point of contact throughout the project. This ensures that clients receive personalized support and that their needs are addressed promptly.



E. Secure payment system


The Ekalavya Hansaj platform prioritizes the security of both clients and freelancers during transactions. With prepaid packages starting from $499 monthly, freelancers can enlist their services on our agency listing platform.



F. Positive reviews


This Partner Listing platform has received numerous positive reviews from clients who have used the platform to find marketing freelancers. Clients consistently praise the quality of the freelancers and the ease of working with the Ekalavya Hansaj team.



20 Advantages of Signing Up With Agency-owned Marketplaces or Agency Directories For Freelancers



Businesses can benefit greatly by working with freelancers with fresh perspectives and exceptional work ethics. The following are some essential advantages offered by agency-owned marketplaces for freelancers.



1) Access to More Business


Joining freelance agency directories saves you from spending countless hours searching for gig on Google. Instead, when you post your portfolio, you can sit back and let the businesses come to you. With a broader pool of options, you can select the gig that best suits your needs while enjoying competitive rates and flexible working hours.



2) Increased Exposure 


Usually, Agency Platform endorses its freelance professionals by utilizing different marketing techniques like email bulletins, social media updates, and focused advertising initiatives. This approach is helpful for companies searching for freelancers as they are more likely to find the marketplace and the freelancers registered on it.



3) Pay Only For What You Need


Small businesses and startups with limited resources can save money and focus on other operations by opting for the “Pay Only For What You Need” concept. This approach allows them to hire services on a temporary, part-time, and seasonal basis based on the requirements and budget. This can also be beneficial for freelancers, who can offer their services to multiple clients.



4) Access To A Variety of Projects 


Joining the SaaS platform for Agencies can provide freelance marketing professionals access to various projects and clients. Unlike working with a single client or company, entering a marketplace allows freelancers to work on projects from multiple businesses, each with their unique goals, audiences, and challenges.



5) High-Quality Work 


If you’re facing issues with an employee, it could be due to conflicts with other team members. On the other hand, with a freelancer, you can skip office politics and personal connections and dive straight into work. Consequently, they’re more likely to concentrate solely on their work, catering to your requirements and finishing your project to the best of their abilities. On a marketplace like Ekalavya Hansaj, freelancers can showcase their past projects and reviews, allowing businesses to make an informed choice.



6) Flexibility 


Freelancers can adjust their workload to suit their commitments and choose the type of tasks and customers they want to work with. On Software Listing platforms, they can also set their fees and negotiate the terms of their agreements, gaining reasonable compensation and focusing on what they are most passionate about and skilled in.



7) Reliable Payment System 


Freelance marketplaces make it easy to pay freelancers without worrying about payment methods. Automated payments are secure and tracked via a dashboard, keeping earnings and payment history current.



8) Faster Deliverables 


When businesses hire freelancers, they can complete tasks more quickly than by recruiting full-time workers. Due to project deadlines and various assignments, freelancers are more motivated. Businesses are often guaranteed faster turnaround when they work with freelancers on a partner listing platform.



9) Customer Support 


Working with Agency Directories offers advantages such as access to customer support. Freelancers can connect with the support team via email, phone, or live chat for assistance with account management, payments, project management, and client communication.



10) Enhanced Skill Diversity


Compared to conventional recruitment techniques, hiring freelancers through a freelancing Job Platform gives businesses a considerably more expansive choice of prospects. Without drastically limiting your search parameters, you can locate individuals with the specific skill sets you require, wherever they may be, regardless of their specialization. This implies that someone with what you need at any given time will always be available.



11) Networking Opportunities 


As a freelance marketer, you become a part of a like-minded community when you join an agency-owned marketplace. A Partner Platform offers various networking opportunities like discussion forums, mentorship programs, and collaboration chances. You can share your knowledge, ideas, and experiences with other professionals by actively participating in online forums. You can also benefit from the guidance and advice of mentors who can assist you in growing your business and honing your skills.



12) No Long-Term Commitment 


Small businesses often lack the resources to build a robust internal team. Using a freelance marketplace to engage independent contractors as needed can be highly beneficial. The freelancer isn’t your employee; therefore, you don’t have to worry about benefits or payroll taxes because the SaaS platform for Job takes care of everything. This is the most excellent part of the situation. Freelancer marketers, too, can move from project to project without being bound to a single organization.



13) Reliable Platform 


Working with a reliable Partner Listing platform can prove to be pivotal for their business. It gives them an edge to show clients their commitment and accomplishments by partnering with a reliable agency-owned marketplace. These platforms often vet freelancers before positioning them on their marketplace.



14) Customized Deadlines


Using a freelance marketplace lets businesses and freelancers work at their own pace. If your company needs someone who can promote an e-commerce website from scratch, hiring someone from a freelance Agency Directories would be less expensive and more flexible than hiring a full-time marketer.



15) Opportunities For Growth


Working in a marketplace that an agency manages might present various options for freelancers to advance their careers. Freelancers can gradually expand their talents and grow their expertise in particular areas of marketing as they take on new tasks and get more experience. Working with a credible Software Platform can also give marketing freelancers access to a network of business experts, enabling them to grow their professional networks and forge influential connections.



16) Increased Job Security


Unlike finding clients on one’s own, being enlisted in Agency Directories can offer access to various clients and projects, providing a consistent source of income. Ekalavya Hansaj’s “Partner of the Month” program allows the spotlight on selected partners, leading to an increased revenue stream.



17) Exposure to International Clients 


Exposure to international clients can help freelancers build relationships and establish their reputations on a global level. Clients who appreciate their work may recommend them to other clients within their network or industry, leading to additional work and opportunities.


Freelancers that work with international customers can remain updated on market developments and best practices. Working with clients from different countries can give freelancers valuable insights they can use to improve their work in the future. Agency directories on marketplaces allow for easier access to international projects.


18) Competitive Rates


You can expect to receive competitive rates if you work as a freelancer through an agency-owned marketplace. These Podcast Directories usually offer diverse projects and clients, which may lead to heightened freelancer competition. 


This competition could result in better pay rates for skilled freelancers, as clients are willing to pay more for quality work. Additionally, since agency-owned marketplaces represent a large pool of talent, they may be able to negotiate higher pay rates on behalf of their freelancers. Showcasing past projects, client reviews, and ratings can also allow marketing freelancers to ask for a substantial fee.



19) Easy to Find, Hire, and Onboard


It’s simple to find talent on a freelance marketplace. Many qualified applicants were waiting and prepared to take on assignments. Publish the job description, evaluate the applications, and select the best applicant to meet your company’s needs. 


New hire onboarding can be costly and time-consuming. Yet, hiring someone through a freelance Job Listing platform is more straightforward than doing it yourself or through a conventional recruiting firm. 



20) Marketplace Dashboard Serves As An Excellent Portfolio


When searching for a freelancer, distinguishing between genuine experience and mere talk can be difficult. However, utilizing agency directories for freelancers can assist in creating a favorable image. Depending on the industry, these directories provide information on completed projects, earnings, client feedback, and test scores to demonstrate expertise.



Why is Signing Up on Ekalavya Hansaj, a Boon for Freelancers?



For freelancers looking to increase their revenue and develop their skills, joining Ekalavya Hansaj can be a great opportunity. 


A. Access to a wide range of clients and projects: Ekalavya Hansaj provides access to diverse clients and projects across various industries, allowing freelancers to broaden their portfolios and gain valuable experience. Ekalavya Hansaj’s platform is availed by businesses from the USA, the UK, Europe, Asia, MENA countries, and Australia.


B. Flexibility: This SaaS platform for Agencies offers freelancers the flexibility to work on their terms and choose the projects that suit their skills and schedule, providing a better work-life balance.


C. Networking Opportunities: On this Software Platform, freelancers can partner with fellow professionals, forming partnerships and expanding their professional circle. This could result in future collaborations and projects to work on together.


D. Competitive rates: Freelancers can benefit from competitive rates offered by clients on this Agency Listing platform, ensuring they receive fair compensation for their services.


Overall, signing up on Ekalavya Hansaj can benefit freelancers, providing them access to a global clientele, increased exposure, reliable payment systems, training and resources, flexibility, customer support, growth opportunities, and learning opportunities.



Wrapping Up 



There are many advantages to signing up as a marketing freelancer on agency-owned marketplaces. Marketplaces run by agencies give users access to a larger talent pool, more exposure, a more excellent range of projects, flexibility, and secure payment methods.


In addition, these Agency Directories provide networking possibilities, a solid platform, and chances for advancement. Also advantageous to freelancers include improved job stability, exposure to a diverse clientele, and freedom of choice.


Ekalavya Hansaj is a popular marketplace for freelancers. It offers a range of advantages to its members, including access to a diverse range of marketing projects, flexibility in terms of working hours, dependable payment methods that are transparent, and the possibility to connect with established professionals in the industry.


By leveraging these benefits, marketing freelancers can grow their careers, expand their skill sets, and establish themselves as field experts. Agency-owned marketplaces have become essential to the modern workforce, providing a win-win situation for freelancers and agencies.


If you want to earn more and increase your client list, signing up with Ekalavya Hansaj is a must. Connect with us today!



Frequently Asked Questions



 Q1. Does freelancing pay well? 


Yes, freelancing can be quite lucrative. A freelancer’s earnings can fluctuate depending on their abilities, background, sector, and geographical location. Nevertheless, numerous freelancers earn a cozy living and even surpass the compensation of conventional employees in their areas of expertise.



Q2. What are the top 5 best freelancing platforms?


If you are looking for the best freelancing platforms, then Upwork, Fiverr, Ekalavya Hansaj, Toptal, and Guru are the top five contenders you should consider. These platforms offer many opportunities for freelancers across various industries.



Q3. Which freelancing categories are more in demand?

The current high freelancer demand centers on several categories, including web and mobile development, digital marketing, content creation and writing, graphic design, marketing, and virtual support. These categories mirror the growing importance of a business’s online and digital presence and the escalating requirement for remote work and assistance.



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