20 Best WordPress Themes of all time

Published On: 14 July, 2022
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20 Best WordPress Themes of all time

Did you just make a WordPress website to showcase the thing you can beat others by miles? Oh, I know! You are unsure about the themes that you should pick for your business. Well even if you are dealing with a rough average, then there are ten thousand WordPress themes to choose from for your dream website. People, in general, are lost about what themes to use for their content.


A lot of the query is what themes the content creators should use or whether there exists a theme that serves multiple purposes or has live support for smashing that bug that is loitering in your screen. This is why we bring you a guide to the top 20 WordPress themes that are going to help you to step your game up in 2021.


The themes that have been curated here are based on the multiple utility customizable options or support based likeliness or are some of the best options available for particular niches. However, all of these themes are the best that there is and if you are someone who is willing to go the extra mile, these themes will make sure that your efforts do not go unrewarded.


X theme has a premium and unique functionality which makes it a strong competitor for many other themes on WordPress. It is a multiple functional theme loaded with powerful and exclusive features like Analytic Integration, Visual Composer, Scroll option, Revolution Slider, Customizable template, and more. It comes with regular updates that make it more efficient and with each update the user experience is enhanced to make it more accessible. The Internet is a great place where you can amass an international audience and expand the roots of your business.


With a versatile toolkit housing more than 30 additional premium plugins, Xtheme allows  you to craft your unique page with every option under your control. You will never find two identical pages made using the X theme because of high versatility and the availability of different customizable options. Although Xtheme is loaded with high-end features, it is also considerably responsive as well and the interface is user-friendly too.


Jupiter is one of the best selling WordPress themes with an impressive star rating. It has high adaptability which helps it to adapt the style of your site and enhance the productivity and the design of your personal blog or e-commerce store. It comes with elementor extensions which provide you with the ultimate excess to new widgets and functionality. Jupiter comes with more than 150+ pre-made demo sites, with customizable header styles and adjustable logo, color, fonts, and more that make your work even easier.


Other features of Jupiter include one-click demo content installations, options to set a maintenance mode, MegaMenu, custom font uploader, video background effects, and a unique set of icons. Jupiter is also an SEO-friendly WordPress theme that can help you to boost your e-commerce business online, helping to impress the site visitors visually.


Bridge is a powerful modern theme that can traverse the gap between casual and professional web pages. To offer designers, business owners, and bloggers, it has more than two hundred creative themes in it. User-friendly layout welcomes first-time site owners to design their web pages in their unique ways and manage their business with ease. The site translation is a very popular and essential feature that Bridge offers, it helps to expand the user base and popularity of your site and your overseas fans will find this utilitarian


Bridge offers you the most amazing search functions that enhance the visitor’s browsing experience; with this search feature, a user can directly go to their topic of interest without scrolling through the endless post. Bridge has dozens of innovative functionalities that give an exclusive and high professional look to your website with a comprehensive custom theme, collection of icons, unlimited colors, smooth animation effects, and in-built premium plugins.


I acknowledge that there is no shortage of themes that can be used if you are going to begin a magazine blog but a theme such as Newspaper must not be compared with other ones since it has all that overrides the rest (mostly).


This is considered to be the best theme out there when it comes to high traffic magazine websites. Consequently, it has 85000 delighted customers. As for its layouts, there are 2 ways to create these, using either specially crafted tagDiv Composer page builder or the visual composer plugin, which comes free with the theme. So, if you want to get your website up and running in no time, you have an option to simply single out from 80 unique pre-built demos.


The built-in panel of the theme also includes plenty of options that help you make changes to your site to meet the exact requirements if you further like changing your design. Perhaps the best and most useful part of the theme is that it has a number of ways to monetize your site. Moreover, it is also completely optimized for AdSense. Don’t find this enough? Let me tell you that this theme offers more than 40 social media integrations, which helps you share your content on several platforms and this theme is fast, flexible, and completely optimized for speed.


It is a scintillating feature that Newspaper combines worth imbibing elements with an intuitive setting that allows you to build almost any sort of publication.


In a nutshell, Newspaper is one of the 5 most top notch themes out there for news related high traffic websites. You may find it a tad exorbitant. However, you won’t find anything better than this if you literally have requirements that this theme can meet.


Ronneby theme was specifically designed to give powerful and high performance with flexibility so that the users can tweak their websites according to their linking. Either blogging or selling your products around, Ronneby will smartly clothe your content in a design that you have never seen before, with its huge number of article formats, gorgeous widgets, and customizations. It provides you with 40 sophisticated demo layouts to choose from, and all these layouts are highly customizable so that you can give your website a unique declaration.


Ronneby is developed by DFDevelopment, and they make sure that it is a handy theme with all the latest features that can help your website to withstand in the market and gain continuous success.


Features that make Ronneby a true competitive theme are a Customizable Design, Header Styles, Premium Plugins, Responsive Settings, easy one-click installation, a translation option that translates your website in different languages, Integration of social media platforms, and a built-in gallery. Ronneby can customize your website for a non-parallel see, it has a devotee interface that is intuitive and easy to use.


Indigo is a modern magazine and blog theme which was tailored for almost all types of your business niche. It is designed in such a way that it can meet all your blogging needs in almost no time. Installing Indigo is a simple and easy process;all installation-related information is documented on the Indigo download page.


You can perfectly replicate the structure and design from the demo page with just a simple click. All the themes that come with Indigo are compatible with Gutenberg, the new WordPress 5.0 block editor. The easy customizer in Indigo helps the users to change colors and fonts according to their own linking and upload their own logo with just a simple click. In order to stand out and compete with others, Indigo is made highly responsive and retina-ready to automatically adapt and fit on any screen resolution either on desktop or mobile.


Every theme that comes with Indigo is localized and translation ready to translate your website content into different languages. Indigo is SEO friendly and is coded by professional developers who ensure that it is clean, readable, and easy to modify with the latest web standards. With WooCommerce support, users can sell products straight from their websites.


Hudson, the ultimate e-commerce WordPress theme comes with premium features and a responsive layout. The multipurpose layouts can aid your e-commerce shop, blog, and e-commerce business website, and make them look innovative and appealing to the eyes of the visitors.


It is one of the top-rated WordPress themes, which is combined with clean and modern layouts, and minimalist e-commerce features. It houses custom widgets, built-in shortcodes, social media integration, advanced filters, a rating system, and more to help you to manage your e-commerce store.


You can also maximize your products’ selling rates with the help of Hudson which is compatible with WooCommerce, the most popular plugin used to run e-commerce websites. In order to achieve awesome visual and transition effects, Hudson uses the jQuery library, HTML5, and CSS3.


You can add options like product management, user account panne, shopping cart, rating system, translation option, and more to your website’s homepage. The WooCommerce plugin provides comprehensive customer support and increases your store’s sales.


Enfold is a true multipurpose theme that has been regularly updated ever since it was launched. Enfold, crafted by Kriesi has more than 200,000 downloads and an excellent 5-star rating on ThemeForest. It provides almost every tool that you would require to create your WooCommerce or WordPress website of any type. Along with the various features and design variations that Enfold comes with, it has high flexibility that allows you to customize your website as per the requirements of your BUSINESS.


Since Enfold comes with professional and multipurpose design, I would recommend it to people who want to create a complex website that has a multitude of features. Enfold is considerably responsive, mobile-friendly to earn more traffic to your website, retina-ready, translation ready with more than 20 language support, has RTL support, and integration premium plugins and social media platforms. With its well-documented information and video tutorials, you will find it easy to operate with this theme.


I know that to find a theme that can be the cream of the crop in terms of covering several different sorts of magazine websites and news, encompassing food, fashion, and travel is undeniably a difficult task to be carried out, right? Newsmag is here to help if your pain point is finding a theme that mostly fits all niches.


Even the demo of its classical blog makes it stand out of the crowd by making it a relevant choice for personal bloggers seeking a theme that is packed with user-friendly features as well as templates.


Newsmag is perfectly designed for publishing content in a wide range of formats and it is both easy to read and use. While it has been easy for one to add text and image-based content to your website, Newsmag provides the user with all the templates to make sure that the pieces of information are presented in the blog as perfectly as possible.


It would be astounding to you that it also has great YouTube support. So, whenever you find yourself in need of uploading content on your website, it gets quite easy with Newsmag.


You can quickly and easily paste ad codes on your website’s theme setting in case you have got the approval of Google AdSense and you can also apply for approval from other Ad networks.


Newsmag is updated a number of times to keep other features and templates up to date. It is also being consistently enhanced so that improvements can encompass faster-loading speed, more responsive and elegant design, several third-party plugins support, and other features such as drag and drop page builder tool, premium widgets’ library.


Isn’t this incredible, guys?


This is undeniably a good option in case you have to create a user-friendly content website, including news, fashion, cooking, etc, and don’t at all intend to stay embroiled in coding.


If you have been running a magazine website, you would foreknow what has to be done when it comes to maximizing the readership of your online magazine since your content has to be both immensely easy to read and attention capturing. However, creating a balance between these two and maintaining it on a regular basis is a bit of a headache. Right? But it isn’t at all difficult for you if you have Pennews.


To run efficiently and quickly, it has 30 gorgeous layouts based on sports, lifestyle niches, fitness, and art, and if you even have unique layout requirements, the plugin called WPBakery page builder plugin makes this task easy to be carried out; you can do it, by dragging and dropping.


You should also know that what differentiates this theme from several other magazine themes is, this theme can blend high customizability with already streamlined optimization. So, for newbies, this theme also supports Google AMP so that they can’t stare into the problem of low page loading speed on mobile devices and it also allows you to create unlimited in-feed ad sections for affiliate marketing.


In view of the offers, flexibility of theme, power, and the potential of monetization, this isn’t at all a bad option; you can consider this. Also, PenNews is undeniably worth considering even for those going the extra mile to get a professional online publication off the ground quickly.


Being a food, fashion, or travel blogger, merely relying on social media to communicate with your readers doesn’t seem to be a good idea at all, right? Perhaps you would like them to engage with you directly on your page and this is nothing short of a potential job for the theme called Pixwell.


Pixwell is primarily known for providing its users with features that they can use to share their content in a fully responsive, stunning layout. Moreover, the demo content of it can be installed in merely one click, and the drag and drop built-in ruby composer allows you to create a modern design without even the basic knowledge of coding. Even the layout options are practically innumerable with the options of hundreds of available customization.


It also comes with the feature to create noteworthy galleries and single out from 800 google fonts to meet best what you ultimately want. The theme has tons of functionality that is related to blogging as well such as bookmarks to save the content to go through later or the option to react to anyone’s posts with emojis.


You can even monetize your website by either applying for affiliate marketing networks such as Amazon, other shopping sites, or place ads anywhere on your website from Google AdSense.


So far it is truly a robust and fast loading theme for bloggers who run a business and even for magazines. Its flexible design can easily adapt to any niche based website and incredibly help you share your content with your audience.


Consequently, it is worth a try.


Although there seem to be innumerable options available out there when it comes to attractive magazine themes, to find easy to use navigation and relevant aesthetics in the one package appears to be a tad more difficult. Fortunately, GridLove combines a flexible design with customization options to allow you to create a user-friendly layout.


Especially for newbies, it comes with a built-in intuitive drag and drop module system to help you create organized layouts in a tad better way and it also allows you to customize your posts while featuring a selection of layout and formatting types and color schemes to single out from.


And, if you intend to double the monetization potential of your website or blog, it fairly allows you to place banner ads on posts or pages. Moreover, you can also highlight the ads of sponsored posts so that they can stay visible to whoever visits your website.


If you have a fair bit of large-scale publication along with tons of sponsored posts that have to be displayed, this theme can suit you!


Sahifa is quite elegant and comes with a powerful admin panel that allows you to configure theme setting and over 400 design options.


Although it is simple, yet powerful with indelibly customizable features. It has 3 site layout options: Framed, Wide and Boxed. With this theme, it is too easy for you to make changes or create a design that meets your requirements. Moreover, the time page builder of it features a simple drag and drop interface so that your homepage can easily be customized with multiple block layouts, which are in-built. This flexibility spreads into the content and homepage slideshow layouts with page templates and over 40 shortcodes. Also, the other design feature of Sahifa has innumerable color schemes with over 650 google fonts, 35 custom widgets and a wide variety of sidebar, and much more to offer.


It stays focused on making the content accessible and enjoyable for your readers and the ajax live search functionality helps your users to effectively search for what they are seeking. Other features such as mega menus & menu icons can make it quite easy for your users to navigate your site.

Click Mag

If you have been a WordPress user, it isn’t at all possible that you haven’t heard of this theme since it doesn’t need any sort of introduction; it has gone viral and as for the usage, it should be ideally used only when you intend to maximize reader clicks, social shares as well as ad revenue.


Most of its features have been designed to get people to keep on moving throughout your site’s content a little quickly. Using this theme, you can easily feature trending posts and add a rotating image gallery of articles at the bottom of the pages on your site to give them a hidden command so that they can read more. To make content even more interactive, you can organize both posts and pages into dynamic and quite attractive slideshows. There are also just a few plugins that stay focused on driving traffic to your website and increasing clicks as well. These are reviewer WordPress plugins that help you add reviews and tables to your posts and its Theia Sticky Sidebar plugin can enhance the visibility and exposure of sidebar content.


Ideally, it should have to help you drive traffic to your website but only if you are well versed in SEO and social content on social media platforms. Also know the ins and outs of SEO.


To help you make the most of the traffic, this theme offers tons of ways to paste ad codes and the layouts provide you with multiple ad locations in different sizes and ad specific widgets. This theme is primarily known for providing users with maximum ad exposure throughout page placements.


If you want to start a blog with the primary intention only to make money, you should go for this. Although perhaps it is simple to some extent, yet it will turn out to be the best theme for you if you somehow succeed in your efforts to drive traffic to your website. Just give it a go!


It is a fact that WPZOOM once described Alpha as one of the most complex themes out of their collection. Why? This theme has 2 skins: the first one for magazines and the second one for newspapers, providing you with totally different looks.


It has been built advancedly – consequently, it also comes with logo options, a featured slideshow, breaking news ticker, post slideshows, and custom backgrounds, and its templates, which are built-in, also include blog archives, page with left sidebar. It also has custom shortcodes such as buttons, social options, list styling, various columns, and infoboxes. For advertising purposes, it has myriad banner areas on the template as well.


The theme’s features itself say it should be singled out only when you truly want to give your blog a professional look and make it easy for your users to imbibe the pieces of information.


Esteem is a Vintage WordPress theme with which you can create a business and blogging site and give a classic look to it. It was designed specifically to provide its users with high performance and numerous benefits with which you can do more optimization into your website. With Esteem, customizing content and editing has become easy and you can actually focus on other things that your website requires. WooCommerce compatibility is also an important feature using which you can start selling products without difficulty and create a well-managed store.


Esteem supports various types of integrations which include the popular Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, Brizy, Elementor, and SiteOrigin. It has a huge number of different starter templates and you can simply replicate these Starter Demos and begin with your next project already. This is an excellent theme with everything that I’d look for on my e-commerce website. I loved this theme’s brilliant responsiveness with great out of the box controls.


You won’t have to go through any hassles if you go on to hire the right PR agency. Remember how Dwight was Michael’s ‘Assistant To The Regional Manager’ at the beginning of The Office? He handled everything, and Michael? He sat and chilled.That’s exactly how it would be like if you hire a PR agency. The professional will go through the whole process, and you won’t have to get frustrated.


Insight is a perfect option for those who want to document their stories and adventure with an abundance of space for high-quality images and galleries. Whether you are a professional or beginner doesn’t matter, you can use Insight without any difficulty and there are good numbers of video tutorials available on it that will help you if you further require any assistance.


It is made fully responsive to deliver seamlessly high performance, no matter whether you are viewing the Insights theme blog on your desktop, tablet, or mobile; the theme will readily adapt to the screen size perfectly.


Professional web developers work for countless hours to make Insight the most productive theme, and it receives regular updates that make sure that you get the latest features and an amazing user experience.


It has a hassle-free installation process. Insight offers options to adjust layouts, management advertisement, control colors, and search engine optimization, and more to fulfill all your custom requirements. It provides you with custom widgets using which you can instantly add advertisement banners, social media icons so that the visitors can share your product details and their reviews.


I don’t have to let you know that keeping people glued to your website page is a job of enticing animations and micro-interactions. However, with a theme such as Zeen, you don’t at all have to be apprehensive about animation or interactivity from the time of investing into the theme itself. Why? Because you immediately get access to all the features and layouts that will work towards helping your website scale. Higher and higher!


It has tons of different and additional features such as AMP-compatible pages(know the importance of it!), a lot more to offer and the most top-notch attribute of the theme is perhaps its animations as well as micro-interactions. The way it adorns the screen space doesn’t let any space go waste and you may also conceive of the elements of Zeen as the equivalent to leading lines.


I should let you know that it also holds a record on international website ThemeForest of reaching 100 sales merely within a span of half-day.


In my opinion, the most unique aspect of it is, it encompasses the exclusive use of a new tipi builder; it has a groundbreaking page builder that can provide the users complete control over the site. It wouldn’t be wrong if I say that integrating a page builder such as the Tipi builder can turn out to be immensely beneficial since not only does it allow you to keep an eye on the live preview of all customizations but it also makes streamlining the process of building easy and immensely effective. Zeen allows you to make the most of all the possibilities and eventually have the layout of your desire.


What I find the best is, Zeen doesn’t rely on any sort of third-party dependencies, which usually, other themes do. The code of the theme is immensely clean and is great at complying with the best coding standards of WordPress.


Given that this theme has what overrides a number of other things and has ideally whatever a relevant theme should have to have, you should give it a go.


Genesis is the master theme that comes with a large selection of high-quality layouts. High flexibility and various customization options allow the site owner to create their ideal website with a flawless performance and user experience that comes with Genesis.


It offers additional design, features, and functionality for your website. Most popular for its renowned fast loading code and SEO friendly structure, Genesis is one of the best that WordPress themes have to offer. People who are looking for a theme to build a strong foundation for their website find Genesis particularly appealing.


Every child theme in Genesis has its own unique settings, and you can make changes to those settings with just a few simple clicks. It has customizable layout options like color style, default layout, navigation, and unique blog page templates to match your business type. It offers premium support,  lifetime updates, and built in security. Genesis is made mobile-responsive which is an important feature because it brings more traffic to your website.


Seocify is a multipurpose WordPress theme designed for marketing agencies, SEO Agency, Digital Marketing, and Social Media website. It offers built-in pages like pricing pages, about us, reviews, product pages, and portfolio pages.


It supports the latest WordPress 5.0 version and comes with exclusive homepage layouts which were designed to match with all types of websites and can be modified easily with the various customization tools.


It is made user-friendly by the developers and has video tutorials to learn how to use different features that it offers. The WooCommerce plugin support makes your website ready for shopping and turns viewers into potential buyers by providing a seamless user experience.


It offers modern features like animated sliders, icons, and other visual elements that elevate your website above the competition and gives a unique and custom look to your site so that your target audience finds it more appealing. Users get premium support services from the theme developers who intend to solve all their queries.

Review 20 Best WordPress Themes of all time.

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