20 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Followers

Published On: 9 May, 2022
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20 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Followers

‘Oh, just 100k followers on Facebook. I am trying to build a bigger audience base, you know!’

Deep inside, you’re envious of the fact that despite having better content than the guy flexing on a whole different level, you’ve managed to get only one-fourth of the followers he has. We don’t have to play good- some of you must have been there, especially if you’re an influencer.

So there can be two reasons the flexing guy has more followers, one he is god’s favorite child, second, he has been strategic about growing his follower base. While I may not be able to do anything about the former, I can definitely help you with the latter, helping you grow your Facebook followers organically.

Completely off the topic but once you do have more followers, please don’t flex like that guy! It’s glib, just like Ian in The Vampire Diaries, however no one likes that stuff in real life.

Now let’s go easy and get over the biggest dilemma of all times first- which is more important between facebook likes and followers?

Facebook Likes vs. Facebook Followers – What exactly do you need?

Ever looked at your Facebook business page and wondered why your page has both like and follow options? Ever wondered why one is higher while the other one is lower? On some pages, you might have seen more likes than followers while on other pages you might have seen more followers than likes. Ever wondered why is it so? Most importantly, ever wondered what is more important?

Well, that’s a lot of ‘ever wondered’ but really did you ‘ever’? Let’s uncover this mystery!

Facebook Likes

When someone likes our Facebook page it means he/she is attaching his/her name to our page as a fan. In simple words, ‘our likers are our supporters’.

Facebook Followers

When someone is following us it means he/she will see our post and updates on their feed. In simple words, ‘our followers are our audience’.

Here is a twist in the Plot

A person who likes our page automatically starts following us! Surprised right?

Then why do we have less follower count than our likes count?

Okay, Schrutes! It is because the person who likes our page has the power to unfollow our page without hitting the unlike button. This means they are your supporters but not really.


Stick till the end with me- no don’t do that we’re still socially distancing from each other. So, stick to this post till the end and I’m sure you’ll be gaining loads from it.

Which is more important – Likes or Followers?

Most of the organization targets to increase their Facebook likes and lord what not they do to increase the count. But is it worth it?

Some of you might find this harsh but believe me FACEBOOK LIKES DON’T MATTER. So if you are running for getting more likes on your page then you are on the wrong track.

When you start seeing the gap in the number between your Facebook Likes counts and Facebook Followers count that is the time when you should wake the hidden detective Dwight Schrute in you.

Facebook Followers are more important

Our goal should be getting more followers than getting more likes. Followers’ numbers are more powerful than like numbers.

Here’s why we said so:

Valuable Presence

When someone unfollows you it means they are no longer interested in your page’s content. By clicking the unfollow button they are choosing to stop seeing your post on their feed. This makes their presence on your page equals to zero.

The person who is following you gets regular updates of your activities like when you go live your follower gets notified- this makes their presence valuable to your page.

Content Engagement

Our followers are our real audience. A follower is someone who is engaging with your content and helping your page to grow. Although, here’s the catch- the people who liked your page and are following you by default may or may not see your posts. The visibility of your post on their feed is totally dependent on their daily engagement with your page.

Brand Value

Having a good number of Facebook likes do not actually make your brand value in the market. It is because even if you’ll have a good number of likes your engagement could be comparatively very low.

Let us understand this in this way:

Will a page with 50K likes but getting only 20 Likes and 1 comment on their Facebook posts make any good statements about the brand to you?

“The real value of a big community over Facebook is only when your engagement is matching your fan base else your Facebook likes are just numbers.”

Benefits of Having a Huge Followers base on Facebook

Facebook followers are our business page asset. There are numerous benefits of having a huge follower base on Facebook and here are a few reasons that strongly support the fact:

  1. Your content reach will increase

The higher the number of followers the more reach your posts get- this means more folks can see your posts in their feeds. Hence, your post no matter in which format (image, text, video, or gif) can reach a lot more people. An increase in content reach brings us to the next point.

  1. Increase in the number of interactions on a post

Our followers are the ones who see our content first on their feed; their involvement in our post is what makes it reach many. It is a famed proven fact that just a percentage of followers interact with the page’s content, a lot more followers mean a lot more reach and a lot more possibilities of interactions such as comments, mentions, likes, and more.

  1. The credibility of your business will automatically increase

From a rational user’s perspective, the greater the number of followers, the more authentic and legitimate a page seems. Therefore, the more followers or fans you have on your page the more trust and credibility your page will garner.

Let’s say this like an account with 10,000 followers selling women’s shoes holds more credibility than an account with 500 followers selling the same product. A rational consumer sees your number before engaging with your business.

  1. An increase in followers means an increase in Traffic

10% of your blog’s traffic is from your social media presence.If a lot of individuals are following you on Facebook, they are likely to visit the website from your Facebook page. Therefore, Facebook Followers translate into website visitors too. Thus, if your target is to increase your website traffic simply work on your followers on Facebook and you will definitely see an amazing response.

  1. More followers are equal to more positive word-of-mouth

Consider your Facebook followers as a means to gain access to more people. Always remember your followers bring you new followers. It’s more like a chain of people watching the possessed video from the movie Ring, only in a positive manner.

If a follower shares your post on their profile/page, you can get an instant and rapid boost from their network as their network sees your post and checks your profile. If they liked it;

Congratulations, you gained new followers!

  1. Rise in the chances of your content to get viral

If you have got a lot of active followers on Facebook, you are all set to get viral. Viral content gets your brand/business right in front of a large potential market instantly. Facebook algorithms work in a way that the most popular content gets automatically displayed on the feed section. This makes your content visible to many.

Boom, you are popular!

  1. Increase in the number of Conversions

More Facebook followers means more financial benefits. If you have a store on Facebook or you are an online business, more followers on Facebook could lead to more direct business or conversions.

  1. You will attract businesses

We all know that more followers mean more business.

It is now very common that brands reach others’ businesses to tie up and promote each other. Many bloggers or influencers’ primary source of income is product promotions and once you gain a good number of followers you will attract several business bees around you.

20 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Followers

Growing your business over Facebook is a smart move to create effective brand awareness. With over 2.45 billion monthly users Facebook successfully holds the position of the world’s largest social media platform. But with the new algorithm, let us say it is not that easy to increase your followers on Facebook anymore.

But, hold that thought; I’ve got your back! I have listed 20 simple ways to increase your Facebook followers.

So, go on…

1. Invite people to like your page

This is the easiest way to increase your followers; Facebook allows the page owners to invite people to like their page from their own friends’ list, so start by inviting your friends and family.

Facebook also allows you to invite people who aren’t your fans but have commented or reacted to your posts. This allows you to reach a new audience and convert them into your permanent audience.

Thus, don’t forget to keep a check on who interacts with your page and invite people who are liking your content.

2. Facebook Ads

Like any other advertisement medium, Facebook Ads holds a freaking lot of potential as a marketing tool. Facebook Ads is basically about paying Facebook to help you reach a wider audience

Facebook Advertisements help to increase the visibility of your brand. The Ad that you created will appear on your targeted audience’s News Feed. It improves the engagement of your Facebook page and can also lead to conversion.


  • Set your goals clear before creating Facebook ads.
  • Make sure that your ad content is powerful, unique, and attractive.
  • Facebook allows its users to choose their targeted audience i.e. their age, gender, location, etc. So, choose your audience wisely.
3. Trending Content

The key to getting your content viral over social media is being up-to-date with the trends. Imagine using ‘play-date’ as a theme for your content when everyone’s already full of it and has already moved to a different quirky remix.

Memes are currently dominating the market on Facebook, thus, using the trending topics and making a meme relating them with your brand is the smartest of the smart move to get attention.

Tip: Make sure to tag similar pages or your friends to get your content noticed.

4. Host a giveaway

Giveaways are proven successful marketing tools on social media. It is like a piece of bread kept to trap a mouse.

Remember the Domino’s ‘SuperFan’ Contest that created a huge buzz on the internet? Domino’s offered its customers to win $10,000.

Now, you know why Domino’s hosted such a huge giveaway!

5. Facebook Like pop-up for the win

Adding Facebook likes pop-up on your website is one of the best and effortless ways to automatically increase your Facebook followers.

Just so you know- consequently, showing a pop-up as visitors arrive on your website is usually not the best way to gain followers.

I would suggest you to let your visitor stay a bit longer on your site and then display a well-timed pop-up or one that appears after a reader has scrolled down a page to a certain point. An exit pop-up is also a good idea; it gives the visitor the time to get the idea of your business and what you have to offer. Therefore, there is a high chance of their conversion as your followers.

6. Just a matter of time

Trust us when we say this! It is important to analyze and plan the time to post your content. It is important to learn when your audience is highly active and scheduling your posts during that hour. This leads to more likes and shares and thus helps you in reaching a wider audience.

7. Effective use of Facebook live

Recently it has been noticed that Facebook live videos went viral like crazy. The live stream is always a good way to connect with your audience better since it adds a personal touch to your feed.

P.S.- Promote your live videos like you constantly promote your event. Make your Facebook live event on Facebook.

Buzzfeed made one of the best uses of Facebook live for their Facebook page growth. How? They started going live on a regular basis with exciting content. One of their live videos hit 10 million views within 5 days. The video was 45 minutes long and successfully grabbed the attention of its viewers and made Buzzfeed ‘BUZZ’ for a good number of days.

8. Say YES to Influencers Marketing

Influencers Marketing is the best of the social media marketing tools. It is basically mentioning your products or brand from someone who has a dedicated fan base and expertise in their niche over social media platforms.

You must have seen influencers posing with a product, highlighting its benefits and qualities on captions, and mentioning/tagging the brand on the post. Well, this in a nutshell, is influencer marketing.

Send your blogger’s package to the most suitable influencer for your brand and in return ask them to promote you over social media. Influencer marketing can be done on both a barter or monetary basis. It depends on the popularity of the influencer.

We right-swipe the idea of engaging a popular influencer to collaborate with your brand.

9. What are Facebook groups for?

Facebook is famous for its close communities. If you are a content writer you can create a Facebook group of content writers through which you can connect with other content writers around the world.

Easy! Use your Facebook groups to promote your page.

10. Why have you created other social media platforms, duh?

Cross-promotion never goes wrong. There are chances that the people who are following you on Twitter might not be following you on Facebook and that is all because they might not know you exist.

Let people know your presence:

  • Weekly Post links to your Facebook posts on other platforms.
  • Upload stories to acknowledge people of your existence on other social media channels.
  • Add your Facebook page link to your Reddit, LinkedIn Profile
  • Don’t forget to mention your page in interviews or meetings.
  • Include your Facebook URL on the packaging of your product.
11. Use appropriate hashtags

You must be aware of the importance of a hashtag on Instagram and Twitter. But do you know a hashtag is equally important on Facebook to boost your reach?

Hashtags make your post searchable to the interested audience.

It also highlights your specific campaign or brand image or post that the audience could be interested in. For instance- Use #discount if you are offering a discount on your products. The relevant posts related to discount would be seen by the audience searching for them. The chances are your post can also get noticed.

12. Boost your activity by automation tool on Facebook

Don’t have time to post your 1 PM content at 1 PM? Don’t worry my friend, you are not the only one. Use automation tools to schedule your posts not only on Facebook but also on every social media platform. An automation tool is software that allows you to schedule your tasks online. It is a smart way of conducting your activities to reach your potential audience at the right time.

“Schedule your one week post in a day, get relieved of the worry of posting it for the rest of the week.”

Perks: This gives you plenty of time to work on higher impacted projects.

13. Consistency is the key

It is very important to be regular on your social media platforms. Consistency always works for your page. How?

Let’s find out with an example:

Imagine if you are running a clothing shop and opening it only once or twice a week, and then wondering why aren’t their customers coming to your shop? Will you do that to your business? No, right?

Treat your business page the same as you will treat your physical business.

Make consistency your business priority. Daily post engaging content and manage your Facebook page.

14. Video content is a bonus

Ask yourself what type of content do you like the most when you open social media? Do you like posts with exaggerated texts decorated with fancy adjectives and metaphors or do you like a short, crisp, point-to-point video post?

Now, what do you think your audience would prefer?

I would like to quote my answer as, “Video content is on-trend.”

15. Don’t underestimate the power of engaging with your audience

If you are a Netflix addict like me and actively follow Netflix on every social media platform like me, you know what I mean.

Engaging with your audience built a mutual relationship between you and your audience. Reply to their comments, queries. Send them sweet notes when they appreciate you in the inbox.

Netflix is doing the same!

Whaaaaat? You never noticed?

16. Ask your followers to tag you

When your followers tag your brand in their post their friends and family can see your product. This way you are more likely to get noticed by your follower’s network.

Pro tip: Send a sweet email or a note to your customers asking them to tag you while posting the picture of your product. This makes your brand authentic.

17. Support for support: Engage with similar pages

“One tree doesn’t make a jungle”

Get involved with other similar pages. Help them grow and in return ask them to help you grow. Comment on their posts, share their post content regularly on your stories, and ask them to do likewise. This brings their follower’s attention towards your page and thus helps you to grow your followers. As simple as that!

18. A personal touch is not a bad touch

A consumer is always interested to know about the people behind the business. Don’t you want to know the team behind all the funny posts, savage comments, and sassy replies behind Wendy’s social media accounts? Trust me, I do want to.

From time to time, get personal on your business page. This will strengthen your relationship with your audience.

19. Email marketing always works

You must have received several emails regarding several offers or referral links to a blog or website- that is email marketing.

Email marketing is still the most effective digital marketing strategy. Link your company’s page in every email you send. This makes your customers aware of your presence on the commonly used social media platform i.e. Facebook.

Always remember that your subscribers didn’t really sign up to receive the marketing emails. So always keep your consumers in mind before sending out these promotional emails.

20. Embed your posts on your website

Your Facebook followers are just “one click away”

Embedding is basically the integration of links, images, videos, gifs, and other content into web media or social media posts. When you embed your Facebook posts in your website it makes your Facebook page get noticed and stand out by the website visitors.

The website visitor can directly follow you without even leaving the website.

Review 20 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Followers.

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