How to Get Featured on Forbes

Published On: 28 July, 2022
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How to Get Featured on Forbes

The biggest shark in the sea, possibly the megalodon- that is what Forbes is like in the business and publication industry! Why? Well if it’s not the gentility that speaks for itself, Forbes has raised such a high bar for other magazines that once you are featured in one of its articles as an independent entrepreneur or as a company, you my friend, are walking the red carpet (if you were in Hollywood!)


Talking of Hollywood, Forbes is equivalent to the star director that millions want to meet and work with but do they all get the golden opportunity? No! Why? Because half of them aren’t serious about it and the other half either failed to impress the director (Forbes) in the first go, starting with an awkward ‘umm, hi… I am a big fan. Would you give me a chance to work with you’ or didn’t prove their worth?


Now, that you know where I was going with the analogy, you must be wondering how to get yourself featured on Forbes. Of course, you tapped on this post because you are curious to know about the tricks and tips that might come in handy!


As an entrepreneur, it would probably be on your wish list to get the best of exposure in every possible way. Well, let’s face it! It is definitely not easy because if it would’ve been, every entrepreneur would land on the Forbes list.


No worries, however, I can (try to) be your guardian angel helping you out with suggestions, tips, and tricks that can possibly get you featured on Forbes. I repeat again ‘possibly’.


How can I say that? Because I was there when it was written! (just kidding)


There are several platforms that allow you to get the desired exposure, but Forbes still tops the list as it is renowned all across the globe. I know you’re genuinely seeking help and I will give you my two bits to help you pitch yourself in the right way, get good COVERAGE and EXPOSURE (the golden ticket to Forbes Feature) and move towards getting featured on Forbes. But before all that, let me give you a little boost of enthusiasm and help you understand what are the ups of getting featured in Forbes in the first place – no grandiose exaggeration, just plain truth!


What are the perks of getting featured on Forbes?


Here’s a simple question:


Why do you feel like entrepreneurs are going gaga to be featured on this platform? Because it’s worth every bit of hard work and dedication that they have put to get featured. And why is it worth it? Well let’s understand that in detail below.

●Makes Way For Brand Reputation

When it comes to any brand, the brand’s reputation is one of the many key factors. Over the years, Forbes has managed to hold a prestigious role, and hence, a feature on Forbes will not only impact your brand’s reputation, but it will also gain you a lot of brand awareness.

●Makes It Easier For The Public To Trust Your Brand

In the modern era that we live in, it is not easy for people to trust any brand or company, as scams are all around you. Ask yourself a question- As a customer, do you trust any brand that shows up online? No, right? You check it out, do a thorough background check, see if the brand is involved in any scams, and then consider it for getting your hands on the goods or services.

Likewise, as an entrepreneur, you need to understand the customer’s perspective. With each passing day, one can see several brands opening up, but which one to trust? A feature on Forbes will give your brand credibility and people will be able to trust you instantly. It will act like reassurance and increase your brand’s chances amongst other competitors.

●Opens The Door For New Opportunities

This point is based on a simple fact- Forbes has a huge following, and it is a globally acclaimed magazine that is read by almost everyone.

Let’s consider this was some 1600s  and you’re a merchant with excellent trading skills but nobody gives you an opportunity to prove it. One day the king sees your worth and suddenly you are working for him – now, you’re the one everyone’s talking about and wanting to work with. You know who the king is – Forbes!

From investors, decision-makers, and C-level executives, to influencers, entrepreneurs, and other businessmen, every business-minded individual follows Forbes. It can be a little difficult to reach such important people and a feature on Forbes will open doors for several new opportunities, allowing you to make many new connections in your field.

●A Large Audience Means Better Clientele

A F.R.I.E.N.D.S. reference? Coming right up! Remember when Monica became the chef of that high-end restaurant? Before she worked there, she had several ups and downs career-wise as she was a chef at several other mediocre places. Now, what was different at that high-end restaurant? That restaurant was reputed and it already had a lot of people coming in. Once Monica joined, her work was appreciated by those customers which further led to more customers!


My point being, Forbes is just like that high-end restaurant. Forbes has created a large following and anyone who gets featured on the platform moves ahead to build a following of his own. The followers of the platform will potentially be turning into your clients.

●Several Skills And An Unforgettable Experience

It is not just about getting your brand out there, it is also about learning from the process. When you will work with the professional team of Forbes, I am sure that you will learn something new, each step of the way. Such experiences never go waste! In the world of business, these skills will surely come in handy! From writing to editing and publishing the final piece, the experience will be full of surprises.

●Other Publications Will Easily Feature You

Once you get featured on Forbes, it will become very easy for other publications to take a look at your potential and go ahead with featuring you on their platforms. Another reason is that other publications have faith that you are already familiar with the process, and hence, they will find it easier to work with you, rather than working with someone completely new.


Getting a link to your brand’s website can dramatically impact the referral traffic on your website. The best part is that this benefit will be never-ending.


Before you go ahead with the rest of the article, you also need to know that these results don’t need to show instantly. Everything has its time. You might not experience all the benefits right after you get featured, but trust me when I say this, when they come, it will all be worth it. Now that you know everything about the perks of being featured, let me take you to the next step. How to get featured on Forbes? Without further ado, let’s jump right in!


How to Get Featured on Forbes?


Aiming for the stars is what gets you there, if you’re all but stuck in a dark dungeon wishing to see a little light, that’s what you’ll see: a little light – you’re never getting out. So, EXPLORE and when you do that, you’ll know what you’re worth! In a nutshell, the first step to getting featured in Forbes is to be willing to be featured in Forbes.


After all the garrulous explanation and insights (which will always come handy), we’re finally here! In this section, I will talk about some of the many ways that can be used by you to get featured on Forbes. Let’s get started already!

●Foundation Is The Key

The first step to get started with it, is to start it right! It can be a little overwhelming. I mean, do you remember when Pam finally gave up and dove into starting a new life with Jim? (The Office), or when Jim and Pam finally left Dunder Mifflin and moved to Philadelphia? Each one of these decisions were so hard for them, and it took them time to go ahead with it. Similarly, this is going to be like a new venture for you; you need to go ahead, manage your site, create something remarkable, and then pitch yourself to get featured on Forbes – it may be tough but it will be worth it!


Create a website for your company. Start publishing blogs. Post high-quality, and engaging content. Give details about your company. Make it interesting and intriguing. Think of your website as your portfolio. Your website will not only gain an audience, but it will also aid the purpose of serving you with a great pitch to showcase some great work.

●Be Ready For Everything That Comes At You

Do you remember Rachel Green from F.R.I.E.N.D.S? If she wouldn’t have gone out of her way to start a new life, then she would’ve never been the successful individual that she was towards the end of the series. In short, she was READY to face the challenges that were thrown her way!


In this busy world, nobody has got the time to pass. When you finally decide to pitch your story, you need to ensure that it is interesting enough to be worthy of the reporter’s time. You have to make it a point to pitch a story that is worthy enough to be covered and to be featured in such a prestigious magazine.


Ask yourself innumerable questions while you create your story. Ask yourself why anyone should be interested in your story? Why should the reader care about it? What makes it exciting? This will help you write from the reader’s perspective and one of those readers will also be a Forbes’ journalist when you pitch in.


Once you have the perfect pitch, you have to be ready with a good press release- A short and crisp description of yourself. The trick is to not overdo it, you are not a salesman. Just give a hint about yourself to leave the reader interested in reading the whole feature. Leave a little excitement and mystery to catch the attention of the reader.

●Directly Message The Contributors

Yes, you read that right. Learn to be upfront like Phoebe from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. She was a badass who simply knew what she wanted and ended up getting it. I mean, I don’t expect you to be a badass, but you can actually look for contributors and writers of Forbes on Facebook or Twitter and as soon as you find one, don’t just bombard them with your pitch and everything else. First, check out the entrepreneurs they have written for and see if your story is equally worthy and if you feel it’s inferior, IMPROVISE and make it better! There’s no quitting!


Text them with a short and crisp version of your pitch and wait for them to reply. One important thing that you need to keep in mind is that these people are very busy. Do not expect a reply in minutes. Wait for a week or a day or two at least, before you message them again. You want to win them, instead of pestering them.

●HARO Is Known To Be Effective

Help A Reporter Out, also known as HARO is basically a tool that is used by several writers out there to get quotes from leaders as well as industry experts. Now while you are on a mission to get featured on Forbes, HARO might come in handy to make the job a little easier for you.


All of these writers that are on HARO work for high-end platforms like Forbes, New York Times, and Inc. among others. The best part is that if you simply amaze these writers by answering their questions, you might get your hands on the Forbes feature. What’s the bonus you ask? A backlink to your website will help your site in terms of SEO.


Now you know that HARO can be a way for you, but what to do in order to get through it? Let me give you an insight into a few tricks that you can use:


Don’t answer in a very general manner, and don’t go out of your way to talk about other things. Stick to the point, and give the answer to what is asked.


Don’t take too long to answer, as someone else might get selected before you do. Be as quick as you can.


Save all of your answers in your notes, as you might get several similar queries. This way, you will be able to save a lot of time and energy by sending your already made sample.

●Patience Is The Key

Do not give up. Reach out to as many Forbes reporters as you can, and be patient. Until and unless you have a PR agent by your side, the whole process will take a few days or it can even take a few weeks, so be patient if you’re all on your own.


Another thing that you can try is to build good and healthy relationships with a few Forbes reporters. It can be difficult to do so initially, but once you get there, a reporter might say yes to featuring you on Forbes. And that’s the dream, right?


Do you want me to give you another trick? Oh, you win! So, you should also take a look at other publications of Forbes and you can share your feedback with the writer or simply comment on your thoughts. It might be an effective way to grab that particular writer’s attention.

●Take Baby Steps And Move Your Way Up To Forbes

You cannot expect to just jump onto a feature in Forbes. Pitch yourself to get featured on small level blogs, and slowly climb your way towards the big baby! Depending upon your niche and your brand, look for platforms that feature entrepreneurs related to your industry, and take that shot.


Once you start getting featured on these blogs, you will not only create a good base for yourself, but you will also feel confident to go pitch to get featured on Forbes as you will be more familiar with the whole process. Hence, I suggest you move ahead one step at a time.


It’s not a bad thing to be a toddler when you’re new to something! Acting like a know-it-all isn’t getting you anywhere!

●Got Featured On Small Platforms? Act Smart And Use It As A Leverage To Target Forbes

As soon as you get featured on comparatively small platforms, use these features as a way to get to Forbes. These features will increase your credibility and it will increase the chances of you getting featured on Forbes. When a Forbes journalist does a background check, your feature on small platforms will pique his interest, giving him an idea that if some of them are talking about you, you have something worth talking about.

●Stay Active On Social Media

Social media is a pretty strong tool in today’s world, isn’t it? Have an active social media presence, talk about yourself, your business, your story, gain an audience, and get a good following. Using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram can be great ways to create an active presence. Engage with those who are following you, and collaborate with several influences however you can.


Yes, this is a long-term process. You cannot create a social media presence overnight. It might take a few months for you to become known on a larger scale over social platforms, but once you do, it will be worth it. You can use your following and presence as leverage when you pitch to get featured on Forbes; this way you will gain a lot of credibility, and all in all, this step should not be skipped

●PR Agencies Know What They Are Doing

Another way to get featured on Forbes is by hiring a PR agency. Hire a professional to do the job for you. This part is definitely not free, but it is worth every penny you spend (unless you are at a shady PR Agency that promises you not the moon but Jupiter along with it).


You won’t have to go through any hassles if you go on to hire the right PR agency. Remember how Dwight was Michael’s ‘Assistant To The Regional Manager’ at the beginning of The Office? He handled everything, and Michael? He sat and chilled.That’s exactly how it would be like if you hire a PR agency. The professional will go through the whole process, and you won’t have to get frustrated.

●Put Quora To Use

Quora has a widespread community and with more than 100 million users on a monthly basis, Quora is a platform that can be used by you to achieve your goals. You can answer the questions that are related to your field of expertise, talk about yourself, and make yourself visible on the platform. Moreover, taking a look at the answers of other expert individuals will allow you to improve your ways.

Now,you do know it’s not moonwalk and none of these steps you take will be easy. However, your goal is to get featured on Forbes and that is not something that will come easily, anyway. But here is the big ‘BUT’. What if you don’t get featured on Forbes (no negativity intended but a possibility is a possibility) So, hey, the article isn’t over yet! Hop onto the next paragraph to take a look at what else I have to say. What are you waiting for? Chop chop!

3 Other Magazines where can you look to get featured

Now, it is not possible for everyone to land on Forbes. Only a few selective entrepreneurs get a chance to be featured, and hence, you can only do your best, while hoping to be a part of this experience.


On the bright side, that is not the end of it. Forbes is definitely a prestigious magazine, but it is not the only one. There are a few other high-end magazines, which hold the same level of reputation. Getting featured in these magazines will also allow you to enjoy the same benefits, and I am sure that you will get to the place where you want to be.


Following are the 3 other magazines that will give you the same exposure, and help your business in all the possible ways:

1. Business Insider


Business Insider is a magazine that came into being in 2007. The magazine was started by Henry Blodget, and it has grown to become a prestigious source of digital news. The magazine aims to talk about everything relating to business and it aims to feature the generation’s business leaders. The magazine has a huge reader-base as it reaches over 25 million readers worldwide.

2.   Entrepreneur


The second high-profile magazine on my list is Entrepreneur. An American website as well as magazine, Entrepreneur’s vision is to be filled with the stories and news about several topics that relate to the field of business and finance along with talking about the emerging entrepreneurs who are making a change in society. The magazine is owned by Peter Shea, and Jason Feifer is Entrepreneur’s editor-in-chief.

3.   Inc.


Last but definitely not least, Inc. is an American magazine which started in 1979 and apart from the six annual print issues of the magazine, Inc. also publishes online videos and articles on a daily basis on its website. The website catches the attention of more than 33 million views every month, and has an audience of 1.4 million people, making it one of the top business magazines out there.


It is not an easy job to get featured in any of the prestigious magazines, but as an entrepreneur, you can only hope to do your best, and grow along the way.


Whether you get featured or not, I am sure that you will learn a lot during the process and that the experience that you will gain will be immeasurable. So, while I sit back and watch some other iconic shows to bring you references, go out there and do your best to get featured in Forbes and earn a name for yourself in your industry!

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