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US TikTok Advertising 2022

Executive Preview

Revenues soar as opportunities emerge for brand and performance advertisers on TikTok

What’s in the full report?

The full “US TikTok Advertising 2022” report contains our first-ever forecast for US and worldwide TikTok ad revenues, an analysis of the opportunities and obstacles in TikTok advertising, and strategies for success in 2022.

3 questions the full report answers:

1. How big is the TikTok advertising opportunity, and what makes it unique?
2. How can advertisers on TikTok overcome challenges such as privacy, targeting, and ad creative?
3. What are best practices for advertising on TikTok in 2022?

What are some takeaways from this report?

  • TikTok’s US net ad revenues will rise by 184.4% to $5.96 billion in 2022, per our inaugural forecast.
  • By 2024, TikTok’s US ad business will be larger than YouTube’s. To put this into perspective, it will take TikTok just five years to accomplish what YouTube did in 16.
  • In Q1 2022, the median TikTok advertiser that was also active on Meta found the cost per thousand (CPM) on TikTok to be 39% lower than that on Meta’s ad platforms— including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network—per Tinuiti.
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Who is this report for, and why do you need it?

This report is critical for leaders at media and advertising companies, consumer brands, retail and ecommerce companies, and agencies.
TikTok is no longer an experimental play—it’s a must-buy for an increasing number of advertisers. But advertising on TikTok isn’t the same as on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. To excel on TikTok, advertisers must use paid media strategically to support and build on creator-led, user-generated, and owned content.
In our full “US TikTok Advertising 2022” report, Insider Intelligence analysts detail TikTok’s current options for formatting and targeting, what types of companies are advertising on the platform, how it’s helping them achieve different marketing objectives, and best practices for advertisers integrating TikTok into their paid social strategy. The report will ultimately help you determine whether TikTok advertising is right for your company.
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