17 Tested and Effective Tricks to Grow Your Twitter Followers

Published On:29 January, 2022
Ekalavya Hansaj
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17 Tested and Effective Tricks to Grow Your Twitter Followers

‘Twitter is complicated,’ ‘I don’t understand what I am supposed to do to get more followers,’ ‘I am done with Twitter’ – I’ve heard so many people say things like these and do absolutely nothing to figure out what they should be doing to gain more Twitter followers.
Appreciatively, you do not belong to the league (that’s why you’re here, aren’t you?) unless you read the complete post and still do not act on any of the tricks.
It can be intimidating to be traversing the busy and teeming-with-controversy terrain of Twitter, particularly when you’re a lone ranger. The restraint on resources, ideas, know-how, apart from the impediments of delusional guidance such as ‘Grow your Twitter followers to 50,000 in a week’, maybe the abysmal gap between your brand and an incendiary follower base on Twitter.
The trepidation of these, however, should not stop you from going out there and trying to increase your brand approach and following on the platform. With over 330 million users, Twitter, much like Facebook, is a social platform that should not be left unexplored if you are aiming to reach more people and increase your brand recognition in general
If you stay patient enough to see your Twitter feed exploding, the 17 tricks (that actually work) elucidated below will definitely help you gain a massive follower base over time.

17 Tested and Effective Tricks to Grow Your Twitter Followers

More than quality traffic, establishing your personal brand requires having quality followers to generate traffic in the first place. Twitter can sometimes be an overwhelming and ‘controversial’ platform, and growing your Twitter following may not feel so easy.

Twitter is much like a frat party, there’s always something happening, and if I am to say ‘Twitter is a crowded and busy place,’ it will be an understatement.

Now that we’re talking about frat parties, how do you get yourself noticed at the frat party? The easiest way is to be ‘pre-established’ as the centre of attention. For that, you either have to be the favourite rugby player in the college or the charming cheerleader who everyone seems to adore.
It’s pretty much the same on Twitter; if you want to get followed, you either have to be very popular, or you have to do something to get popular.
And what exactly do you do? You must have heard this on every other post you’ve come across by now- ‘Get Real and be interesting.’
It’s just another vague way of saying I don’t know what you’re supposed to do. Figure it out yourself.
Do not fret, though! I am not going to get even close to being as academic as that. Thus, let’s bring it down to 17 tested and approved tricks that can truly help you gain more followers on Twitter and establish yourself and your brand as the favourite rugby player/cheerleader out there.
1. Start Conversations or Engage in One
You must have noticed that influencers and bloggers reply to comments on their pictures, messages of their followers, and also comment on fellow influencers/bloggers’ posts. Have you?
Replying to comments, thanking users for retweets is not just a gesture of being grateful but also a spoon of honey to attract hundreds of bees, aka followers.

You see, Twitter is designed to be a conversational platform. So, you have to make time for engagement.


Let me put it this way, and you must have heard of the story in which to open the giant door, you have to use the magic word ‘Abracadabra.’ Remember? Similarly, ‘Engagement’ is the magic word to open the door behind which millions of followers are waiting for you.

Engagement involves liking, retweeting, and responding. Remember, the better your engagement, the better is your reach.

Let me guess, and you want to crack this theory of engagement and want to discover how to actually improve it? Hold my coffee mug because I’ve cracked it already.

1. To improve your engagement, the first and foremost step is to study your followers and determine your audience, their taste, and their likes. Always remember your audience is your engagement. Would you like to comment or even follow someone whose tweets are not in your interest at all?

2. Always retweet your network’s tweet, especially when their messages jive with yours. This way, you are not only keeping your account active but also building connections with like-minded people

3. Share more information in successive tweets through infographics, videos, or external links. Twitter has 280 characters word limit. In this way, you can deliver your message to the audience. Hey! Not only that, it makes your tweet more interesting and conversational.

4. Take out at least 10 minutes of your day for responding to comments on your tweets or to tweets you are mentioned in. Trust me, and your audience appreciates your attention

5. Create connections with people of the same niche or business around the globe.
I remember I made the connection on Twitter with my favourite blogger, and one day, he retweeted my tweet, and I was jumping on the bed out of joy (although I hurt myself a little as I fell on the floor, but it was all worth it) I gained 50 followers instantly (wink emoji).

6. Ever heard of Twitter chats? Twitter chats are the most fun way of growing audience engagement. Twitter chat is a group of people having a conversation around a specific topic. Every Twitter chat has a unique hashtag, and the host of the chat will ask questions to which the participants share their answers and comment on other participant’s answers.

Wondering about the benefits of joining Twitter chats?

Well, Twitter chats help you being a part of a community and thus building long-lasting relationships.

I would recommend you to follow the participants of the group and engage with them outside of the Twitter chat.
2. Know when to tweet

Timing has always been of the essence. The chances are high that you are probably making a lot of tweets through your handle, but most of them come at 02.00 AM. Do you know what is wrong with that? Well, let me elucidate that for you. The tweets that you make are not even reaching the majority of your followers because they are fast asleep. Chances further reduce because when they wake up and skim through their walls and feeds for any tweets, they will be taking a quick glance over everything, and they will not pay enough attention to interact with your content in particular. This is why you should make sure when the majority of your followers are willing to spend time on your account, retweet and engage in a conversation with you. For this purpose, you can safely choose the late afternoons to catch up with your dear followers.

However, in certain cases, these may vary. If you choose to cater to international clients, time zones play an important factor in the spreading out of tweets. This means you will have to put in some effort to know how to maintain an appeal to them all.

The best way to do the same is to spread your tweet times equally in the day, apart from the fact that you can always coax your followers to keep notifications from you on a priority basis. This also means that you will have to give them better and quality posts so that they feel keeping you on a see-first basis is not a waste of options.

To increase visibility, keep tweeting using proper hashtags without cluttering the post itself. Also, you can engage in interactive tweets so that your followers feel the need and the urgency to retweet or answer to the tweets that you make. Crowd engagement tactics play a very important role when you are talking about making tweets that will just grab the attention of the followers.

3. Know what’s ‘twittering’ all over Twitter

This is something that I personally recommend to everyone out there. I understand that you are excited about showing what you are doing but tame your horses a little. Twitter works on one pattern only, and that is ‘trends.’ Whatever is trending on Twitter is the surest means to get noticed.

This is what I mean when I ask you is to know what the Twitter-sphere is tweeting about. I will give you a small example of how this happens. Haruichi Furudate created a manga named Haikyuu! Which focuses on volleyball as a sport. The manga has been adapted as an anime. The day ‘Broken Hearts’ aired live, Haikyuu manga sales bumped high, and the only trend on Twitter was everyone exploding about the character arc of the wing spiker of Karasuno. This is how trends help.

Apologies if you aren’t into anime (you should be!).

Make an effort to know what everyone is excited about what the ‘happening’ is. Knowledge, when primed with flawless execution, will help you ahead, and a big part of that comes from the fact that you are in sync with what the world is celebrating right at this moment.

4. Post more visual content
The majority of the human species react positively to visual content, and your followers will not be any more different. Visual content has an appeal on the psyche of the audience, and they end up spending more time with the content and often retweeting it if the content is especially of high quality. While images are excellent modes of catching attention, videos are one of the only ways to hold the attention of the audience for a longer span of time and not make them feel forced to do so.

A live demo for this one would be the fact that you will rarely ever see any Facebook advertisement, which is not a video spanning for a minimum of eight to ten minutes. Videos also make it easier to demonstrate a story while effectively becoming an excellent topic to engage in.

This brings us to the question of what are those pictures and videos that you could possibly upload through your Twitter handle. While there is no set specific formula for this, I personally prefer a video that is endearing and upholds the kindness in human beings. However, this is no sure shot method to success, and you will have to experiment it through. A lot of it depends on what you intend to tweet through your handle and the objectives you have in mind.

A blogger who is into the travel, food or beauty industry can make time skip videos or transition videos. Believe me, these kinds of videos garner a large amount of audience and are often followed by people who share similar interests. Regarding this, you will have to see it through, make polls and ascertain what your followers are executing from you and perform and deliver accordingly.

5. Retweet

Looking for a way to build connections and strengthen relations with your audience over Twitter? Well, the solution to this is the two arrows pointing up and down you see below the other’s tweet. YES, I AM TALKING ABOUT RETWEETING. Retweeting tweets by other people show your concern for others’ growth. This not only helps you in building connections but also helps in building a positive image of your brand.

Abracadabra, you are getting noticed by thousands of people!

6. Cross-platform promotions
Cross-platform promotions are essentially the only means to tie in your popularity in a cohesive and singular unit across all social media platforms that there exist. If you are already using Twitter to promote yourself, I am sure you would not miss the chance to gather a good round sum of your followers across all platforms, if possible. Especially if you are making videos, promotions on Facebook and Instagram is a powerful tool that you would not want to miss.
Cross-platform promotions also play a one more important factor in your promotion campaign. Being present across all platforms helps gain followers who are scattered on the mediums and also helps in leaving a digital footprint that can be traced back to your Twitter account. This ensures that everyone will eventually come across you in some way or the other, eventually building up your followers.
7. Tweet often but not so often.
Keep track of when and what contents gather the most attention. There is a reason why I am going to repeat this point here, although I dealt with it separately. Ideally, I will suggest to make six slots and then keep posting during the slots to keep a constant flow of tweets and quality content. Also, while you do this, make sure to include images and videos whenever possible because we all know that the imagery goes the extra mile.

Once you’ve started tweeting, I know it gets a lot exciting for you when you are finally in that zone, but the truth is, if you keep tweeting every five minutes, dominantly filling up people’s feed, they will be incessantly forced to unfollow you.

Once you’ve started tweeting, I know it gets a lot exciting for you when you are finally in that zone, but the truth is, if you keep tweeting every five minutes, dominantly filling up people’s feed, they will be incessantly forced to unfollow you.

Everybody likes listening to anything meaningful that a person has to say, but if you keep speaking on and on and on, they will eventually have to shut you up. To do that, all they have to do is hit the ‘unfollow’ option, and this isn’t a list that says ‘How to lose your Twitter followers (a guy) in 10 days’.

8. Use hashtags without getting spammy.

Apply proper hashtags on your content for added visibility. The reason for this is people search specific keywords when searching for tweets, and in cases where your tweets are surfaced in the search feed, they will, in all probability, go through it. Proper hashtags are the shortcut to having your content noticed, and there are no two ways about it.

However, do not start to hashtag everything from a small ‘paper clip’ to ‘Jupiter’ in general. Being spammy with hashtags only makes you look creepy, and nobody either likes or follows CREEPY!

9. Use Twitter Analytics to know what works.

Every post that you make, every photo you decide to upload and every video that you share has the potential to change the internet sphere, good or bad. Since you are using this guide to generate more followers,  you will need to know how to use Twitter Analytics so that you can determine what is good and what is bad. Here I do not mean in a moral sense; I solely mean good or bad from the terms of crowd engagement. You will need to understand what kind of posts get more audience, build hype and garner followers.

The analytics will show you in detail what contents are most popular among your followers. This makes you aware of the topic you would want to build snippets on. Now that you have gathered this knowledge make a note of the time when your account had the maximum reception from your followers. This knowledge is crucial because then you will not only know when to post, but what to post.
10. Live Tweet Events
Once I attended a summit that has its unique hashtag, I tweeted a picture of the event under the same hashtag and not only got noticed by the event organizers and participants but also by fellow attendees. So live-tweeting is my personally approved way to reach new accounts. Share your takeaways, your aha moments or lessons that were learned in a tweet, including a video clip or your selfie from the event.

PS- Don’t forget to tag event organizers, hosts, or participants on your tweet. Else how are you going to get retweeted for an event update?

11. Use Polls, Contests, and Giveaways

Using polls helps because it makes your followers feel important. At the end of the day, you need to remember that the most important stunt is one that makes the crowd feel unique, and polls do exactly that. It makes the followers enthusiastic because, more often than not, it helps them influence your choices, and as the classic MBA rule goes, the customer is king! The arranging of polls and contests helps in making the feed a bit more interactive and exciting, while giveaways are the best ways to ensure that the followers get a firsthand experience of the quality services you deliver while building a massive rapport with your followers and building your overall count of followers.

12. Reach out to influencers

Are you following known and trusted influencers? If not, just pick your phone and do this right away. Why? Because this is how you can build a relationship with these known influencers and also with their followers.

My personal recommendation would be to follow influencers from your niche. This way, when you are engaging with their content, you are also attracting the audience that is interested in your niche. Tada! You gain followers!

Don’t limit engaging with influencers to just follow or interacting but also try involving in influencer marketing for good follower growth.

Influencer marketing is like ‘winner winner chicken dinner’ for your brand promotion. (Yes, I do play Pubg! Let’s add each other?). This is one of the best and fastest growing tools to advertise your brand and gain followers in just a snap.

Do not worry; I am not talking about getting Kardashians for your promotion (you can reach her if you have a really good budget, though) but what I am talking about is involving micro-influencers. Reach out to influencers with 50-100k followers to promote your brand/tweet.  Even a global brand like Pepsi is doing so; what are you waiting for?

13. Follow more individuals or businesses in your niche.

This is a very important thing to take into consideration. While they are your competitors, you need to collectively view all the businesses in your niche as a unit, where all of you will grow together. Also, keeping a good follow list of important industries makes sure that you get noticed and increase the leaching effect from the gigantic popularity of the biggest meanest fishes in the sea. Interacting with them makes sure that people, in turn, notice you and interact with you. A big example of this phenomenon is how businessmen hoard around politicians who are prospective candidates for the ministry. This makes sure that they are taken seriously.

14. Ask for retweets

Today I will share with you the easiest way to get a retweet, the one that has been hiding inside the Pandora’s Box for years, and that is- just ask for it. If you put a ‘please retweet’ request, your content will get shared. Every one of those readers will smash their retweet buttons and share your tweet. That is how easy it is to get a retweet, and I am not kidding. I am totally serious. Next time try this trick; just ask for a retweet and see the magic happen.

15. Mention other personalities on Twitter

The easiest and the smartest way to get your tweet noticed is by @mentioning other people while tweeting.

Why do you think people tag celebs wishing them happy birthday on Twitter?

Wait, you are not going to use this greatest and powerful tool just to wish a happy birthday to celebs! Use this tool while sharing any article or blog or anything. Tag the blog writer or the brand or celeb your tweet is about. This way, your tweet can get noticed, and if you are lucky enough, they can also retweet your tweet.

@mentioning is also a great way to invite people to start the conversation over your tweet.


Simple, post a question relevant to you, your niche or on trending topics or on anything,

@mention your friends and fellow influencers on that post. Tada, see conversation pulling on your comments automatically and your engagement scoreboard going higher and higher. Easy-peasy right?

16. Include CTA

A call to action button can work wonders. Make sure you add a call to action button for more crowd engagement. Promoting your brand through Twitter is the easiest when you have proper CTA at the most visible areas of your profile. It helps connect with people almost impulsively and is a great way to increase networking. The biggest advantage of CTA is that it is customizable and, in most cases, has a preloaded editable template that is both effective and time-saving.

17. Customize your profile logo

Imagine Burger King using the same display picture as McDonald’s. Will you be able to differentiate both the brands? Being from a similar background, how come these brands stand out? What is your brand’s unique identity?

A logo is your brand’s unique identity, which makes a brand stand out. While using Twitter for your brand promotion, keep in mind that your first impression might be your tweet, but to know more about you or your brand, people will visit your profile, and that is what is going to make them follow you.

Having a unique and attractive profile requires a keyword-friendly bio and, most importantly, a top-notch Logo. Logo speaks about your brand. You must have noticed that while posting tweets, it is your profile picture that displays on the left side of your tweet and gets mostly noticed. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention while choosing the logo for your Twitter handle.

Also, if someone shares the screenshot of your tweet on other social media platforms, the logo on your profile picture is the element that will be highlighting your brand to their audience. So, if you think logos are just your identity, you are so wrong because logos are also a great marketing tool.

Don’t you easily recognize the brand by seeing their logo? Big yellow M, three-pointed stars in a circle, the White bird in a blue box; you recognize them all right?

Tip (no one asks for)- Make sure to add your full name or your company’s name on your profile.  Also, don’t forget to add your website’s link or other social media links in your bio. People following you on Twitter might be interested to know your presence on other digital media platforms.

Aren’t you curious to check the Instagram blog of every person you follow on Twitter? Is it just me, c’mon I don’t buy it!

Getting yourself noticed amid the crowd and growing your follower base is much like making space through a New York subway on a Monday Morning. However, if you push hard enough (in terms of non-violent analogy), you are surely going to win over your trepidation by turning it into a lethal weapon to win followers on Twitter.

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