20 Best Agency Directories Your Agency Shouldn’t Miss

Ekalavya Hansaj



Every entrepreneur works toward their business’s success and strives to beat the competition to stay ahead in a very cluttered market space, and marketing plays an essential part in the path of their growth.


But what has changed in the marketing strategy in the last decade? Things got digitalized, and digital channels are preferred over traditional mediums.


Yes! in 2020, the global digital advertising and marketing market was estimated at $350 billion, which is now projected to reach $786.2 billion in 2026. (Source) The US digital advertising and marketing market is currently estimated at $460 billion.


For every $1 spent on PPC (pay-per-click), $2 is returned, which means 200% ROI. Isn’t these numbers eye-catching? 


But how can you make the most of these numbers? How to land your product in front of your target market and ahead of your competition?


How to get the best marketing and advertising strategy, convert leads, generate revenue, and drive sales from social media, Google, and other platforms? 

Hire an outstanding marketing agency! But then, there are a plethora of marketing agencies available.


You can look into the agency directories to find the best-fit agency for your business. Read the success stories, resources, blogs, contents, case studies, and everything offered by each agency listed on these directories and meet your business lifesaver.


What are Agency Directories?


Agency directories are websites that act as a broker platform or marketplace to connect business owners, marketers, or other prospects to appropriate marketing agencies. It is a comprehensive database of marketing, advertising, creative, web design, and PR agencies across the map. Additionally, agency directories allow agencies to find prospects between the middle and end of the funnel.


These are beneficial for both parties, where agencies can reach out to genuine prospects interested in their services, and prospects get to hear from the right service providers who offer needed services.


Agency directories are a powerful tool for businesses looking for ways to level up their social strategy and work with a partner on the day-to-day management of marketing campaigns.


These agencies are experts in the skills needed to market your products successfully. They can offer various services per the business’s needs, budget, and location!


On the other hand, if you are listing your agency on the directories, you can meet your potential clients and showcase your portfolio and client reviews to expand your business further. It is also a good place for agencies to collaborate with other partners who can complement their services and work in partnerships.


What is The Need for Having Agency Listing?


Are you looking for new clients for a range of SaaS tools you developed? It is when agency listing on directories turns out to be beneficial. 


Agency directory listings can help you connect with marketers specializing in your industry and area. They play a valuable part in new businesses by increasing visibility and making new connections within the directory network.


Agency directories like Ekalavya Hansaj is a boon for marketing agencies and clients seeking these services. Agencies can showcase their offerings in a single dashboard and solve the problem of discoverability they often face, especially in such a competitive space!


However, getting listed on a SaaS platform for Agencies takes a lot of work, as you need to pass specific strict standards. Therefore, select the right agency directories, see if your services align with their focus, and track their performance verification standards.


Top 20 Agency Directories


Are you looking for an agency directory to help you scale your business? With multiple agency directories available, choosing the right one can become a struggle.


We have listed the top 20 agency directories for you to consider. Read on to find out more.


Agency Spotter


Located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Agency Spotter is one of the leading service-based agency directories that use factual data, like verified client reviews, to help marketers find the best-fit agency partners for prospective companies. They cover 40 marketing service areas with a variety of advanced filters.


The five macro-categories include strategic, marketing, design, research, and digital. Each macro-category has subcategories like advertising, content marketing, email, etc.

Agencies listing on the platform can benefit from their free plans; however, the paid ones increase your chance of getting noticed and offer promoted listing across the agency, project, and brand-specific searches.




AdForum is a full-service marketing agency listing over 25,000 members and a library showcasing thousands of past campaigns across multiple industries. The directory allows brands and marketers a sophisticated searching feature to select the type of service they are looking for, who are the potential audience (multicultural or luxury), and other categories. So, if you are an agency aligning with the platform objectives, and clients are searching for someone like you, this platform works like a bridge connecting both.


AdForum offices are located in New York and Paris. The platform serves as a news and content hub for marketers and advertising agencies. The introductory agency listing to AdForum is free; the plans start from $63 per month for greater profile visibility.




Clutch goes beyond digital marketing into other industries like software development, video production, managing public relations, and other marketing and tech-related industries. It sets a different example from other agency directories offering a comprehensive listing and detailed reviews of each of the 3000+ agencies in their agency list.


Clutch offers major categories of services: digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, mobile marketing, content marketing, and search marketing. Within a subcategory, clients can filter by location, services, hourly rate, client budget, industry, and reviews. The platform enlists agencies offering various services under development, design and production, advertising, business services, and IT services.


You can avail of the free listing opportunity by providing three client references to submit your company profile for review.




The headquarters of Sortlist is at Brussels South, and other locations include Brussels, Paris, Madrid, Rotterdam, Munich, and Cluj-Napoca.


Sortlist is a popular agency platform due to the use of a comprehensive database and AI to make an informed decision; thousands of businesses worldwide are writing new business stories with their providers, allowing access to a tailor-made selection of agencies fitting needs and criteria and having a human touch to promote efficiency. 


More than 20 services within the advertising and marketing industry are offered by Sortlist and a few filters, including rating, works count, team size, recommended, and location. Are you offering similar kinds of services and looking for good prospects? An agency listing on this platform is recommended.


For clients, the three ways of meeting the right agencies within 48 hours for free are posting a project and meeting agencies, exploring their catalog of providers, and getting personalized advice. When your agency is on the list, you have a better chance of being visible to more clients.


Agency listing is free on Sortlist, but options are limited as it needs businesses to become Sortlist certified with a paid account.




Digital Agency Network with headquarters in London, UK, helps search local agency directories across the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Asia. Clients can filter agency directories via cities, services, and industries. DAN consists of diverse agency listings, offering digital marketing, social media management, web design tools, team management software, sales tools, customer service software, and more.


It focuses mainly on local city directories for different digital agencies to reach potential clients when they search for such agencies. You need to fulfill certain conditions for membership approval on DAN. They offer exclusive invitations and special discounts for marketing events and maintain digital agency job listings to recruit new team members.


DAN offers a one-year free trial of agency listing but with limited visibility options.




Credo offers the fastest agency search results, no matter if a business budget is $1,000 or $100,000 per month or if they are looking for a full-service agency or small specialist firm. It is a matchmaking platform connecting business owners with verified firms from the exclusive digital partner agency directory and the finest SEO and inbound marketing agencies. They offer numerous marketing services like Analytics, content marketing, lead growth, etc.


Only paid accounts are eligible for agency listing on Credo. The platform will vet such agencies and pass several tests to prove their expertise.




UpCity is an agency directory with more than 50,000 agencies on the list, focusing on location-based searches connecting local businesses with prospects in the same city. To get listed on UpCity, you must have a reputation for excellent marketing service in the local market, as the platform is very strict about it. Only agencies in the United States are listed on the platform after an in-depth analysis of the reviews and agency credibility. 


If you want to get more business, getting listed on this platform is imperative for your agency. However, a paid account on UpCity is the best to increase your visibility. You can always speak to their experts or know the enlistment process before getting enlisted. 




It is the official platform of the US Advertising Agency Trade Association that offers a range of robust tools and training for ad agencies. 4A features a U.S.-based advertising agency directory with more than 700 listings. Memberships are available for US agencies of any size, from boutique startups to large holding company agencies. 


Visit their website to find the criteria for obtaining membership. Once the application for listing is submitted, they review the agency and its financials, followed by a voting system. The entire process takes between two to four weeks. 




TopSEOs is an agency platform that provides opportunities to SEO, PPC, and other digital marketing companies to rank them accordingly for small businesses, enterprises, corporations, and other entities. It has a research team that evaluates your agency’s strengths, weaknesses, specialties, client referrals, and more. 


Clients can filter the recommended agencies according to their location and services (like SEO, PPC, Email marketing, social media marketing, and more). 


You get a free option of agency listing on TopSEOs, but you must pass their strict evaluation process.




If you think it’s a dessert, well, you are wrong, but this is a wholesome platform for marketing agencies!


Pudding boosts about their world’s best marketing agency listing on the platform. Previously known as Rnked, this marketing broker platform uses AI technology to connect business owners with relevant marketing agencies. 


You can check their directories to choose agencies of your need and read their case studies and success stories. Users can filter the agencies by country and service in the public directory. 




G2, previously known as G2Crowd Marketing Services, is one of the leading peer-to-peer review platforms for different SaaS companies and contains a robust marketing services directory.


They offer free and paid agency listings and genuine customer reviews verified by G2. The paid accounts get the advantage of efficient lead generation as the platform directly manages the leads through the website. The options for marketing services available at G2 are branding agencies, inbound marketing, marketing strategy, inbound marketing, lead generation services, PR firms, and reputation management services.




Winmo is the next-generation REDBOOKS, an evolutionary sales intelligence platform with more than 20 years in business development. The platform is an evolution of two industry-leading platforms: The List Online and AdDataExpress. It is a valuable tool for marketing agencies looking for lead generation. 


Winmo uses machine learning to offer up-to-date data on their ad agency listings. They offer a free trial to test the services before paying for Winmo features.


Creative Ham


This is a US-based marketing agency directory with an endless list of agencies featured on its platform. With over 800 listings, it is one of the unique agency directories focusing on creativity. 


When you apply for your agency to be listed on Creative Ham, submit your most creative work for the platform to review before confirming your membership. 




FindBestSEO helps SMB businesses and big corporations find digital marketing agencies for specific needs offering services under SEO, Digital Marketing, and Web Design. There are more than 4,000 agency listings on the platform and 300+ categories; however, SEO agencies get the top priority. Clients can filter agencies by location, service and ranking, and recommendation. 


Agency listing is not restricted to the United States, but they choose companies around the globe.


Top Digital Agency


The Top Digital Agency is an all-in-one project management solution that streamlines the process of hiring, managing, and financing service providers for digital projects. If your agency offers either of the services: app development, web design, branding, social media, content marketing, and SEO, you can enlist yourself in their directory. It includes different case studies, articles, and interviews in the listing to showcase each agency’s expertise and increase their options to connect with potential clients. 


Agency listing is free on the platform; however, you must purchase the TDA tokens to add any premium features that increase your visibility and revenue.




It is one of the leading online B2B marketplaces that connects brands and agencies in the US and worldwide. They have a list of 10,000+ agencies that provide web designing, branding, digital marketing, software development services, and others.


DesignRush provides various opportunities for agencies to promote their expertise, including thought leadership articles, best design awards, and more. This platform ranks in the top Google search results for industry-focused keywords, generating monthly 50,000+ leads from organic traffic. 




It is a popular local online marketing agency directory for US-based companies and operates business directories in over 35 countries. They allow agency listing for free, and to advertise your company online and get more customers, you need to sign up for their premium membership.




It is one of the largest and most trustworthy online business directories supporting small and medium-sized businesses. It helps promote business and attract new customers by connecting local businesses with 7000+ area Chambers of Commerce worldwide and 2M+ business community members. You can enlist your agency on ChamberofCommerce.com with the free basic membership and get to the premium version for additional benefits.




Yalwa is an online business directory available in 50 countries worldwide and in five major languages. Companies can list their agencies in this directory to help people find local information about businesses in their neighborhoods. Clients can search for companies by industry, city, or distance from their current location. 




Manta is an agency directory featuring USA-based small-scale companies. You can get listed on the platform for free and advertise your products or services online, attracting local customers. It also acts as a search engine where the listed companies will be featured on the web, increasing visibility to prospects worldwide. 


Small businesses can create a free company profile and get categorized under business services, consumer products and services, food & beverages, industrial, health, and tech & communication. However, you must pay to advertise your business on the web.


Why choose Ekalavya Hansaj for Agency Listing?


Ekalavya Hansaj is one of the world’s top brands serving agencies, businesses, freelancers, content creators, and journalists and helping them to earn thousands of dollars in extra revenue. We have thousands of verified agency directories showcasing their offerings across categories like location, podcasts, newsletters, online courses, published articles, client reviews, case studies, webinars, and marketplace listings, among other categories, to choose from for what fits perfectly with your needs.


We have agencies across the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, and MENA, so no matter where you are, we will help you connect with the world’s leading local and global agencies that suit your needs. Agencies can visit our official website, sign up with us and complete their profile with detailed information. 


Agencies with 100% profile completion get, on average, 16 times more successful results. 


We allow clients to search for agencies filtering by region and city, services, and rating. Scroll down our agency homepage to learn about our agency network, their news, newsletter, resources, and much more. 


Ekalavya Hansaj is a globally known marketing and advertising expert to help large companies & HNI individuals connect with top-class agencies across the globe. 


The basic plan for agencies starts from $499/month for one listed software/SaaS tool, $999/month for three listed tools, and $1999/month for seven listed tools. The same price quotes are followed for listing partner or partnership programs, jobs, events, podcasts, and online courses. 


And you need a paid account at Ekalavya Hansaj to list them on our platform and get discovered by our network of 250+ news brands. You can also explore our resources, newsletters, and brand stories to help you flourish and establish yourself as a leading marketing agency. 


You can filter online courses by rating, skills, and providers. Click on our marketplace and find numerous offerings that suit your needs.




It is stressful to survive in the digital marketing industry, as acquiring new clients, retaining existing ones, and driving sales and revenue are difficult. You need to establish a good presence across multiple directories to increase visibility, build trust and reputation, and generate consistent leads to deliver higher revenue and agency growth. Getting listed on an agency directory helps create a good presence that helps to reap the rewards in terms of revenue and increased partnership.


We know clients are looking for the right fit and the level of trust from their agency partners, and on the other hand, agencies are looking for prospective clients to survive the market. ekalavyahansaj.com can help marketing agencies increase their business, while companies seeking a marketing platform can easily find a partner that best suits their needs.



1. What are the five types of agencies?


The five main types of agencies include creative, digital, marketing, advertising, and PR.


2. What are directories in marketing?


Directories in digital marketing are specifically a directory of different agencies and their services, and provide necessary information like contact details, client reviews, case studies, webinars, etc.


3. What are digital agency services?


Digital agency services include strategic and creative marketing and advertising plans depending on user experience, social, data gathering, and analytics. They help manage social media accounts, optimize website pages, create and publish content, and implement SEO strategies to attract potential brand leads, build trust, generate revenue, and drive sales.