20 Best Partner Directories Your Agency Shouldn’t Miss

Ekalavya Hansaj



I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together, we can do great things,” said Mother Teresa, and this holds substance if we talked about best partner directories.


But in business, until recently, it was thought going solo was the best thing, but we are here to tell you that agency partnerships and partner directories are no longer a taboo. 


We’re bringing a new perspective in 2023, where agencies working together make more significant changes, expand the community, acquire more clients, and generate more significant revenue. It is no more the truth that keeping your business strategies hidden can bring success. 


Partner listing on agency and partner directories is an incredible way for agencies, freelancers, small businesses, or enterprises to increase their marketing reach, earn referral business, add value to existing customers, discover new leads, and get exposed to several perks you might not be able to reach alone. 


What is An Agency Partner Program?



An agency partner program is an arrangement where a company joins a partnership with another agency or business that can help you in numerous ways, like sending you leads or doing all the legwork to close business deals. 



As a B2B SaaS company, a partner program could help you to increase your sales. Partner programs can help with marketing, sales, and customer satisfaction. You can collaborate with a partner(s) to generate unique customer experiences, build mutually beneficial relationships, develop indirect sales channels, and improve income.



Agency partnerships can be advantageous to early-stage businesses or startups acquiring clients as these platforms have a greater social network to help you gain potential clients, add value to your existing customers, collect payments, manage customer relationships on your behalf, and more.



A study by Forrester found that 77% of brands believe that partnerships are key to their growth and lead to increased revenue generation!



Generally, a partner program can be broken down into three categories:



  • Affiliate partnership: Businesses and individuals work with your agency for commissions and charge an upfront fee for listing your products and services.



  • Reseller/agency partnership: Businesses and individuals have several clients who implement your services and products against a fixed fee or act as an intermediary platform.



  • Channel partnership: A channel partner is a business that collaborates with another organization to market or sell its services, products, or technology, such as a reseller, service provider, vendor, retailer, or agent. This can be done through a co-branding partnership.



How to create a partner platform for your agency?



Before you start finding high-quality, revenue-generating partners for your business, ensure your basics are strong to gain success in the market and fulfill your long-term goals.


Build your partner directories structure



The first thing for a partner platform is to determine the payout structure. It is good to keep the system simple and transparent. A 15-25% per lead conversion can be a standard price. Check your competitors’ offerings to get a clear image of how to define your platform structure. Instead of providing commission, you can offer non-monetary incentives like lead sharing or backlinks.


Create a signup form or application



Create a simple application for partner listing on your directory and clearly state the offers like commission, referral bonus, etc. The form must gather general information and not go overboard with unnecessary data. You must have clear standards for qualifying partners and verify each application if they meet your criteria before qualifying them.


Construct and lay out the terms and conditions



There should be specific terms and conditions for partner listing. Ask for assistance from a lawyer but do not add complicated terms that can confuse the applicants. 


Choose the right tools



Ensure you have the right software for a successful partner program, including analytics and tracking tools, a partner dashboard, a leads dashboard, and payment integration. 


Create all necessary resources



Before accepting inbound submissions, ensure that all the resources you plan to offer the affiliates are ready. It includes onboarding or training materials, product guides, tech support guides, etc.


Begin with an outbound search



You should start finding partners in your network or ask for recommendations. Once you get partners, provide a dedicated account manager to develop personal rapport. Ensure you have an excellent onboarding process, pay all commissions on time, provide cutting-edge support, showcase your partners on your website, and keep them motivated. 



You can consider an example from Ekalavya Hansaj. We have a clear set of priced plans, exclusive benefits available at each tier, and an option to compare between different tiers. It gives people a transparent insight into who we are and what we do. Getting listed on our platform will open up many opportunities to expand your business and provide your clients and end-users with a more comprehensive experience.


Top 20 Partner Directories




Are you looking for partner directories that will help create new business opportunities? But don’t know where to find compatible partners for your business and industry; we have compiled a list for your benefit!


Meta Partner Directories



Meta Partner Directory gives companies an excellent opportunity to meet skilled creative partners. There are 1000+ listings on the platform verified by Meta for their excellence and expertise in marketing and advertising across all Meta platforms. Only the Badged Meta Partners can get listed on the platform and access benefits like priority-based issue resolution and additional customer service. There are eight categories under the Meta directory: Campaign Management, Community Management, Creative Platform, Conversion Data, Feed Platforms, Measurement, Messaging, and Selling on Facebook. 


Databox Partner Directories 



The Databox Partner Program was designed as a partner platform where partners can advance their data analysis processes, track real-time performance insights, and generate more and more data in one spot from any device. The program was categorized into three tiers depending on their expertise levels, Registered, Certified, and Premier Partners. 



Each partner on the Databox Partner Directory has an area of specialization and showcases their particular abilities to attract more and more clients. Within the directory, you can find a list of experts in different industries under “Experts in,” including Google Analytics, Salesforce CRM, Hubspot Marketing, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Adobe Analytics, and 70+ integrations. 



One benefit is that they don’t charge you for partner listing, allowing you to increase your agency visibility and meet users across multiple industries. Join the partner program with a Databox Agency Free account.


HubSpot Partner Directories



HubSpot Partner Directory is an expert hub with top-class marketing agencies, consultants, and service providers. They have proven expertise in using HubSpot software and are trained enough to become certified in one or more areas. The partner listings have four tiers depending on the points they acquired, depending on sold and managed MRR, and so you will also get an equal opportunity for partner listing. More than 6500 partners are listed under Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond categories. 



Clients can search using filters like service, industry, HubSpot accreditation, Offline location, country, language, budget type, HubSpot certification, and HubSpot partner tier. To get listed on the platform, you must be a tiered HubSpot partner, which means you must buy software and earn points to secure either of the HubSpot partner tier statuses. 


Google Partner Directories



Google Partner program is a platform that adds advertising agencies and third parties that have proven to be skillful with YouTube, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Shopping, AdSense, and other Google-networked platforms. Agencies and consultants must require a Google partner badge to become a partner for their text and video ads expertise.



Partner status, certifications, and region sort the agencies. Partner listing on the Google partner directory is free. However, the premium partners are recognized among the top 3% of Google Partners in the country for each calendar year, which means greater visibility. 

MailChimp Experts Directory



MailChimp Experts Directory is a platform for connecting MailChimp partners with external agencies or individuals and offering quality services. Only certified professionals with proven experience in specific areas can list their agencies on the MailChimp platform such that clients hiring them gets premium services. Agencies are filtered by specialties like branding, digital advertising, email marketing, etc., language, and location.



Partner listing on MailChimp Partners requires a paid plan. More than 1000 MailChimp partners have acquired at least one of the MailChimp Academy’s three certification programs: MailChimp Foundations, Email Automation, and Email Marketing, and they have excellent track records.


Microsoft Advertising Partner Program



Microsoft Advertising Partner Program is a relationship between Microsoft Advertising and the most efficient marketing agencies, technology partners, and channel partners in the advertising industry. Microsoft helps such companies to distinguish themselves through public recognition and offer growth through exclusive training, technical, marketing, and sales resources. 



The platform’s Elite and Select marketing partners receive additional benefits of accessing exclusive partner events and in-person training, prioritized account management, deep engagement with the engineering teams, access to research and the latest trends in consumer behavior, and more. 



This SaaS platform for partner listings has five main service categories: Campaign Management and Analytics, Online Advertising, Retail Media, Shopping Campaigns, and Website Development.



Application requests for partner listing into the “Partner” tier are accepted throughout the year, but for the “Elite” and “Select” tiers, you can enroll only during the annual open enrollment cycle, which is from January 1st to March 31st. Eligibility and participation of partners on the platform depend on meeting criteria; for example, being a previous Microsoft advertising customer for a minimum of 6 months is recommended.





You can join the partner directory of impact.com, which helps companies gain visibility to potential prospects searching for a perfect agency on the platform. They primarily work with OPM agencies, influencer agencies, and PR agencies.



It takes only a few minutes to get listed on impact.com and is free of charge. You need to create a new PartnerPage account or signup using the existing account to access your profile. Once you thoroughly complete the public profile data, it gets live on the website. You will receive notifications from the platform via email. 



No matter your experience level, it is always good to get an agency certificate with their free online courses and follow a curriculum that abides by industry trends. 


Shopify Expert Directory 



Agencies joining the Shopify Expert Directory can increase their revenues, enhance skills and expand their network as a part of Shopify’s thriving global community of agencies, applications, consultancies, and technology partners. They collaborate with thousands of partners, from global enterprises to startups, to help millions of commercial businesses.



Partner listing on the platform requires agencies to go through a Partnership Program with a Certified Expert, and a paid account is necessary.



As a platform partner, you can earn extra revenue for each client you refer to Shopify and expand your profits to 20% from referral bonuses, recurring commissions, and more. You get access to training and support, gather certifications and badges, and learn opportunities to develop product expertise and increase your network through in-person and virtual events, community groups, and forums.


CallRail Agency Partner Program 



CallRail Agency Partner Directory is a perfect destination for digital marketing agencies, consultants, and solution providers to offer services, increase visibility, and represent themselves as industry experts. Not only does it help to attract new customers, but this partner platform also grants partners access to advanced call tracking features, exclusive sales support, robust tools, and revenue share (15% from each client you have managed via the account center).



Partner listing on the directory is free, but they are picky in choosing agencies and can reject your application.


Acquia partner program



It is an authentic SaaS platform for partner listing that includes 1000+ most capable and talented digital leaders worldwide. You must apply a valid company email for partner listing on this platform. The platform experts review the application, confirm your eligibility, and contact you for further processing. Upon acceptance, all members within your organization will get access to Partner Acquia Academy. 



Your agency can apply for the Acquia Practice Certification Program, where the platform rewards partners who demonstrate a mastery of Acquia’s Cloud Platform under three categories: Drupal Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and DXP. Such certifications prove your business’s technical achievement and commitment to driving transformative business engagements on the platform.


Zapier Partner Program



The Zapier Partner Program is designed to offer all its partners a clear way to success. It is a great SaaS platform for partner listing, where Zapier allows companies to connect with apps for automating processes.



Partner listing on the platform is free, but you must keep adding more users and maintain a healthy integration for more benefits. Partners are categorized into four tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum; each level up includes access to additional benefits. 


GetResponse MAX Partner Program



Your business can grow with one of the most complete and popular email marketing and marketing automation platforms, GetResponse MAX. They offer the highest commission in the SaaS industry, a 25% referral commission for each deal the partner closes, a 40% reseller commission for silver accounts, and a 50% reseller commission for gold partners’ accounts.



This platform is specially designed for marketing agencies to support at every step of their growth journey and add trendy marketing automation tools as a part of the service. You can sign the partnership agreement, get Max’s expertise and knowledge, and refer or resale while earning handsome commissions. 



They offer advanced marketing automation, email marketing, SMS marketing, Facebook and Google ads, sales and lead funnels, and plenty more features, integrations, and templates for partners.


ActiveCampaign Agency Partner Program



ActiveCampaign Agency Partner Program is an automation platform that helps companies grow their business and manage client accounts. You can register as an Affiliate partner, Agency Partner or App Partner. Being a commission partner, you can earn 20-30% commissions in lifetime revenue and a 25-55% plan discount dependent on account volume for reseller partners. 



Additionally, the platform offers unparalleled benefits, including dedicated onboarding success, industry-leading revenue share, sales support, access to marketing development funds, an opportunity for product certification, and more.


Birdeye Agency Partner Program



Birdeye is an all-in-one platform for managing reviews, social media, customer conversations, and surveys from one central place. Partnering with the platform enhances your SEO and SEM solutions for increasing your revenue per client and improving client retention. 



You can choose a partner program that is suitable for you: Resellers, Integrations, and Strategic Alliances. As a platform partner, you can access tech support and success teams, strategic growth initiatives, and partner marketing with new Scan Listings tools, demo accounts, and more. 


Hootsuite Agency Partner Program 



Hootsuite Agency Partner Program allows companies to make more money, have fewer problems with their industry leadership, and get peer support. You can plug your existing and prospective clients into Hootsuite and become a partner. Together you can work towards business growth and enjoy numerous benefits. 



You need a crash course in Hootsuite, a good business plan, and shiny sales materials to get listed on the platform. After onboarding, you start working with Hootsuite experts to set sales targets, generate new leads, and sell Hootsuite. After completing each milestone, you will disclose new discounts, more sales materials, consultation support, and better profit methods.


WP Engine Agency Partner Program



With the WP Engine Agency Partner Program, you can collaborate with WordPress’s top-class and largest ecosystem of agencies. This platform will allow you to get more leads, earn top commissions, and get discounts on resell hosting. 



Their agency membership tier includes Member, Preferred, Advanced, and Strategic, each with specific advantages. Though you can join the program for free, you must invest in a partnership to access various incentives, new features, and products.


SproutSocial Agency Partner Program



SproutSocial Agency Partner Program keeps your business ahead of trends, industry changes, and consumer needs. You can become a partner of SproutSocial, and combine the power of the resources, support, and expertise to close more business deals, expand your client offerings, offer outsized value to clients, and drive business growth.



You can refer businesses to the platform and earn revenue share that offsets your agency costs or reinvest to increase your service offering. To ensure partner listing, you must be a Sprout Social customer. 


Justuno Agency Partner Program



Justuno Agency Partner Program helps businesses looking for growth and unlocking new revenue streams. It allows agencies to generate new leads through co-marketing opportunities and service partner directories.


You can earn commissions for every customer you refer to Justuno. However, the rates are determined by partnership tiers with membership depending on total referred revenue over a lifetime. Agencies can take advantage of two plans available on the platform: Professional Services and Justuno Plus. However, each partner program provides the knowledge and tools you need to grow your business and succeed. 


Klaviyo Agency Partner Program



Klaviyo Agency Partner Program fuels the growth of digital marketing agencies, freelancers, system integrators, influencers, tech partners, and their clients. You must fill out a partner program form, and platform experts review the application and contact you within a week. You get access to partner-specific tools, training and support for long-term growth, and many more benefits from the platform.


Slack Agency Partner Program



Slack Agency Partner Program lists consulting, software, security and compliance, and promotional partners helping businesses to unlock their productivity potential, undergo massive transformations, enhance efficiency, and extend tech support. 



Agencies partnering with Slack have experienced more excellent adoption rates, deeper user engagement, and higher customer satisfaction. 


Why Choose Ekalavya Hansaj for Listing Your Agency On Its Partner Directory?



We help the world’s top agencies from the UK, US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia, and MENA to publish and showcase their best software and agency-specific platforms in a network of 300+ brands. Therefore, when you partner with Ekalavya Hansaj, you are enhancing the opportunity of meeting more prospects, scaling your business, bringing additional revenue in the form of affiliate commissions, and gain market trending knowledge from our exclusive partner programs. 



Member agencies and existing customers of our platform can list their Partners and Partnership Programs from their dashboards by logging into their accounts. Non-member agencies need to contact our Inbound Sales Team, and someone will connect you within 24 hours. 



We have led down three plans for partner listing on our platform. The Basic plan allows a single partner listing, two published articles, and a bronze badge at $499/month; the Bestseller plan will enable you to list three partners, five published articles, and a Golden badge at $999/month; and Enterprise plan costs your $1999/month, but you can list up to 7 partners or partnership programs, 15 Published articles and a Platinum badge. 





There are several advantages of joining an agency partner directory, starting with meeting promising leads, generating revenue, building trust, and driving sales. Enlisting with one of the top partner directories ensures you get the best training, product guides, instructions, customer support, and guidance at every step from platform experts. 



You don’t need a separate advisor, advertiser, or marketer but reach out to a massive network via these partner directories. To become part of a burgeoning partner directory that features some of the best global talents that will help substantiate your revenue by thousands of dollars, you must sign up with us today!




How do I create an agency partner program?



You can create an agency partner program with a solid platform structure, a range of offerings, and transparent terms and conditions, facilitate integration and training, develop a communication strategy, start looking for partners, and plan excellent ways to maintain the partnership.


What is the Google Partner directory?



Google Partner Directory consists of agencies who have mastered either of the Google network platforms like AdSense, Google Ads, YouTube, etc. and are listed as partners when they fulfill a range of new criteria added by Google for their partnership program. 


What is the Facebook Partner directory?



The Facebook partner directory has a list of agencies partnered with Facebook that Meta has vetted for their excellence, expertise, and badges of Meta Business Partners. With partners, you can give share permission to assets but not to access them as admins or employees.

Note: This article has been written and published by the editorial team at Quarterly Global