20 Best Shopify themes in 2021 made for conversion

Published On:10 February, 2022
Ekalavya Hansaj
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20 Best Shopify themes in 2021 made for conversion

Ever since the plunge into the cavernous recessions during COVID-19, the world is significantly getting back on its feet after being hit with economic paralysis. The days of sitting at home, slouching on the couch, and worrying about your online business are gone. Everything is getting back on track and it is high time that you rise, tie that motivation around your temple and get back to business.

Every Shopify store that experienced the bat-effect is now in dire need to come back stronger with the new year on the horizon. You got your inventory refreshed? Great. What about a change in how your Shopify Store looks? I know you’re thinking it’s pointless changing your Shopify theme, but have you considered a Shopify theme that may help skyrocket your conversions and sales? I don’t see any reason to not bring about a transition in your Shopify store to give it an instant boost, especially after all that it has gone through.

‘Okay, mike. I will get a new Shopify theme, but which ones convert?’

This is what I’ll cover in the post today. However, there’s never just one Shopify theme that can be a cure-all to all your cold business. So, before all the themes that can be your golden-ticket to sales, let’s dive into what you should be looking for in your ‘perfect’ Shopify theme before investing in it.

5 things to consider before buying the perfect Shopify Theme in 2021

1. Speediness over Design

The world is crazy about speed these days. They want the fastest phones that can handle applications within the blink of an eye and their net speed faster than light (I don’t know if that is even possible, and even if it were what purpose it would serve in my daily life). However, when we talk of a phenomenon in technology and cars, speed or how fast it can do tasks seem to be the primary metric against which the likability and the usage statistics are compared by the general mass.

Hence, cutting to the chase now, you will lose a lot of traction and potential clients if your site takes more than three seconds to load. Your site may be aesthetic and melt the kid in us who wanted to pursue art a long time back, but if your site takes ages to load even with a reliable connection and decent internet speed, I am sorry my friend but you are losing on a good amount of business because of that slow speed.

A potential and most often the only reason why a theme works fast as the day is because they have fewer codes to be processed. That means fewer lines, a lower number of CSS files, and less javascript jargon. Next time you choose a theme for your Shopify, please restrict yourself from buying the ones that cut you out on speed. Some themes intentionally use a slower loading approach. Now if your business is not compatible with people who can just gaze at the Victorian nuance for hours, we suggest you drop that theme.

2. Device Compatibility and Responsiveness

An important factor that you should consider when choosing the theme for your Shopify profile is that the theme should be compatible with users from different platforms. The theme that you are taking a fancy upon might be great to look at on a desktop but you need to realize that a good portion of the traffic shall be from users who are viewing from their mobile handsets. Hence it is always suggested that when you are choosing a theme, you check and re-check the utility of your theme on mobile platforms.

Also, it is while you are doing this that you also need to pay heed to the platform optimization of the theme that you choose. A frequent issue that is spotted is that the desktop version when viewed is replete with the image and the buying options all on one screen. However, the same theme when viewed on a smartphone makes things tedious because you will have to scroll for miles to get the buy or add to cart option. This is why we always encourage the person to verify the customization capability of the themes that you use.

3. Support and Reviews

The nightmare of every user is when they buy a Shopify theme and realize that there are desolate humans in a vast area of sand when it comes to customer support and outreach. In order to avoid this and save yourself from wondering about it like a lost person, it is always highly advisable that you take care in going through the support and review section of any theme of your liking.

Please verify how that theme works and looks by checking profiles who are using that theme and take care to analyze whether the theme suits your needs. Shopify does take care of the themes they make and are constantly vetting them by high-end developers but well, your peace of mind is entirely yours to secure.

4. List out your Functionalities and check if they are available

Please do not find yourselves lost in the themes that are sported online. After you have sorted through some of the themes that you find online and have adjudged their main functionalities, make a list of what you need and then search accordingly. If you find a theme that has most of the features you need, get the theme, and then add the remaining features into the theme through the help of a developer.

In order to truly determine the theme you desire, you can set up a Shopify partner account and then play around with the themes a little till you get a hang of them and see what fits.

5. Customization and Navigation

This is the most important thing you should keep in mind when selecting a theme from Shopify. Shopify for your benefit allows you to tinker with the codes of the theme. However, you should take one thing into consideration very seriously. The more you change your code, the fewer chances there are of your theme crashing or not working the way you wanted things to work. A good theme should be easily customizable without having to pore through all those lines of code.

20 Best Shopify themes in 2021 made for conversion

People sell on aesthetics and there are no two ways about this. The people who visit your profile will be attracted to the visual charm of your profile and the overall presentation. Remember, you can’t always go on a discount spree and hence there will be plenty of competition. Hence the main brownie point that you need to focus on from the viewpoint of the customer is that the theme needs to be compatible, it needs to be soothing or eye-catching and it definitely has to serve your purpose.

With this in mind, here is a list of the best performing themes that will help you step your game up in 2021.

1. Outstock

Trust me to have your back when we say that we know how undecided you are in your life. You don’t know whether to ask that man you know or just give a cute handwritten letter to your girlfriend whom you have known for many years now. You surely wouldn’t want this indecisiveness to destroy your chances at business right?

Don’t you worry! It’s not just me who has your back, but also Outstock. This theme was meant for across all niches and for all kinds of brands irrespective of where they come from. Not only is it (mostly) universal, the theme has a special customer engagement feature in the form of the Look Book feature.

This feature allows the customer to view how the products can be used in their real-life scenarios. The design is also clean and minimalistic and we all know how soothing it is to see non-cluttered pages. No matter whether you’re inexperienced or a pro at Shopify, this theme suits the needs of everybody with its feature-rich self.

2. Lezada

When I said I am here to help the indecisive people, I did not forget you my friend, the superconscious guys. And that is why Lezada will spoil you with over 200 variations to choose from. No matter what type of online store you wish to build, this theme has an answer for you. Another added benefit is that this package allows you to add a blog in addition to your regular wall. Lezada also takes care of your brand and business promotion on Instagram. The best thing about Lezada is that you get support from the developers to curate the theme according to your business anytime you need.

3. Supply

Supply is a theme that is built on the open-source Shopify Timber. The amazing part of this theme is that Timber happens to be a fully documented open-source project and hence the user can turn back at any point if they happen to get stuck. Supply is relatively simple when it comes to helping your business stand out. Boasting a flexible menu system and a clever collection of tags product type and advanced group filtering solutions this theme is extremely easy and time-saving for those customers to come to visit your e-commerce store. The best thing about the Supply theme is that you can integrate a newsletter from the setting of your admin page for all those dedicated customers of yours.

4. Handy

Finally, we are here where we broach the subject of a Shopify theme that is built specially to serve the smartphone users out there. While all Shopify themes are built with compatibility features for smartphone users this Shopify theme focuses on mobile design as its first and foremost priority. Moreover, this mobile-based theme is jam-packed with features so if you’re worried about missing out on features, you can rest at ease, soldier. Owing to its money friendly nature, the theme allowed you to add social media feeds as well as animations into a sidebar while highlighting selected products throughout the website. If you are looking forward to serving the mobile user community, this might be a theme you agree with.

5. Minimal

Minimalistic design has been the range for quite some time now. It distresses you, helps you look about without having your concentration bombarded with million other things and Minimal does just that. The cherry on the cake is that it is a free theme and extremely user-friendly. This free theme has a unique addon feature of product recommendations based on the customer’s choices which allows your customer to seamlessly travel through the line of products and thus coming back to you for more! The theme makes it a point to leave a lot of white space throughout the website so that the attention is held where it should be.

6. Basel

If you are someone who aggressively wishes to market your products across different social media, this is the right theme for you. With a gazillion features to offer, the body important takeaway of this theme is that they help you seamlessly broadcast your products across different social media. Another of its key features is that it works on a drag and drop page building mechanism which makes it very easy to customize for visual clarity and draw attention to the products as you want them.

This Shopify theme has a high rating of 4.71 out of 5 and has been purchased by a little over a thousand people so far.

7. Gravity

For those of you who drool over dark themes, Gravity is here especially for you. This theme is one of the most beautiful dark themes that you can use for your e-commerce store and is a multidisciplinary theme that can adopt irrespective of your business model.
Another brownie point for this theme is that it is reasonably fast and is a very fluid theme to use with great performance analytics. The theme is priced at $180.

8. Testament

When you’re talking about a star-studded cadet, you’re obviously talking about the Testament. This theme is built by one of the top five developers of Shopify themes. The varied customization options available make this theme one of the best themes on Shopify stores. The popularity of this theme can be discerned by the fact that this theme has been used by 9,300 different websites.

Although the customization of the theme makes it fit for every niche out there, we recommend this one especially for those who are to set their businesses along the line of health and beauty products.

9. Responsive

For those who are desperately searching for one of the most attractive Shopify themes that will make your jaw drop at the stunning aesthetics, Responsive is the theme you are searching for. This theme mainly focuses on the e-commerce niche of houseware, garden business, and home. The theme also supports a high amount of customizability along with being extremely robust across all forms of devices.

10. APMixMart

The APMixMart is a Shopify theme that sports a decent account of customization. Using this theme you will have the support of dedicated Shopify developers along with the assurance that the lines of codes will not crib from your speed. In addition to that, you get a cousin section entry, customized headers, and customized CMS. The brownie point, however, rests with the fact that their aesthetics does not affect your loading speed and so far is also tagged as one of the most used themes on Shopify with over one thousand plus positive reviews. The theme is known for its reliable and on-demand customer support team helping you out till you’re satisfied with the theme.

11. Universe

Universe theme is one of the best themes available on Shopify – it is a complete, multi-purpose theme that can be easily configured and fits all kinds of niche businesses. It is a lightweight, customizable theme that provides a total solution for versatile stores and it is suitable for both small and large stores. With the various customizable sections, it gives users the power to edit and design layouts according to their own liking.

On its demo site, you can get a close look at the features that the theme has to offer. The theme is sure to make your page look more stylish and productive with high-quality photographs of products to greet visitors, helping tell the story of your brand. Some other essential productive features that the Universe theme includes are the support of video backgrounds, integration of Google Maps, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

The success of an e-commerce store significantly requires mobile responsiveness, and the Universe theme was specifically designed to work on every screen and it is completely mobile friendly; it has fast loads and compatibility with almost all browsers that make it work flawlessly on any device.

If I am to say, the Universe Theme is an excellent option for the e-commerce stores because of its high responsiveness, and with all the built-in features that it offers, you would end up saving more money.

12. Blockshop

Blockshop is a unique, responsive, customizable theme that was built to sell anything and is made for everyone. Blockshop theme comes with a premium retina display template, a user-friendly interface that readily endures trends with simplicity and style on the user’s store.

The Spacious grid captivates the customers with the best-selling products and offers that they can seize at the moment, thus bringing in more conversion to your pocket or store, whichever you prefer. Blockshop is an excellent choice for start-ups, boutiques, businesses, and independent artists; it promotes all of your activities with the help of its powerful combination of modules.

The theme efficiently does its job by making your store look more elegant, professional, and stylish than your competitor’s store with its striking fonts, tasteful colors, and powerful layouts. Blockshop has a high customization potential and it has four different style variants to choose from for your e-commerce website.

Among the four styles, Deli design is well suited for fashion, clothing stores, and delectable food products. The theme was carefully crafted with excellent features that gain the visitor’s attention and provides the store visitors with a ‘wow’ experience.

A modern storefront design to your products page carries high-quality photos with zoom features, detailed product description, and a social media share button which helps the visitors to promote your brand and products on multiple platforms.

Blockshop has rare features that enhance your e-commerce website with currency conversion switcher, mobile friendly design, product image slideshow, and multicolumn drop menus.

13. Wokiee

A high-quality multipurpose theme that makes your website look more designer and creative, Wokiee has myriad powerful designing tools that make it more than just a theme. It is highly recommended for all types of e-commerce websites and stores, no matter what your niche.

Characterized by its versatility, Wokiee delivers high performance to your store. Wokiee gives you full control over your store’s design and features even if you’re a beginner with no web design experience.

In today’s modern era, mobile traffic is higher in comparison to desktop, so your store should be available on mobile with high responsiveness. Wokiee supports various types of mobile platforms and it has various types of layouts and styles that are specifically designed for mobile view.

E-commerce features like a mega menu for convenient functionality and management of desired menus, AJAX search, filter and load more button, one-click installation, and connectivity to social media platforms, make Wokiee one of the best themes to get for your store in 2021.

If you take a closer look at the Wokiee demo page, you will find fully modern designs for your website with more than 27 riveting layouts to choose from for your store’s homepage.

14. Fastor

It’s in the name – Fastor is by far one of the fastest and cleanest themes, enhancing user experience to a great deal.

Fastor is an impressive theme packed with must-have features to create a perfect store for almost all types of e-commerce businesses including selling computers, fashion items, grocery, health-related services, and more. You name it and Fastor has a design match for all your business types.

The trick? It lies in the general-purpose layout.

The popups tools help you to bring all your new products to the viewer’s attention and the ‘share’ option allows visitors to share their reviews and your products on social media directly.

Customizing the product filter settings makes it easy for the shoppers to focus on a particular product and the autocomplete features help the visitors to find the right product that they are looking for. Fastor is an SEO optimized theme that supports video tutorials providing instructions for installation and configuration.

15. Retina

One of the best and most responsive award-winning themes, Retina is designed to help to showcase your products to visitors with bold imagery and refined styling. It is highly recommended for stores selling fashion items, apparel, and furniture, and it can also be modified to match your business.

Retina theme layout accommodates full-width images, video of products, and content slideshows are some elements which make your website more modern by giving a unique look and feel to your websites.

Retina also has the built-in popup display tool which encourages potential users to signup and also helps you to promote your latest products and discount offers.

Packed with features like Instagram integration, multi-level menus, product filtering, and customer testimonial publishing tool, Retina is available on both desktop and mobile platforms, with high responsiveness and enhanced productivity.

16. Shoptimized

Offering more than 30 premium features which include a currency converter, pop-ups, search for products, and social media integration, Shoptimized is a theme that really CONVERTS.

Amongst all features that Shoptimized offers, the customization feature is the most impressive which allows you to easily tailor the top menu according to your store’s needs.

This customization helps you to link internal pages like FAQ blog, about us, contact us, reviews, and support to your website. Sometimes to make your store stand out from the rest you need to have Masterful customization which allows the owners to customize their website.

The homepage is also a key factor for the success of a website, and Shoptimized allows you to edit your homepage according to your choice and make your banner more eye-catching which is a huge selling point that can drive traffic to your store.

The sub footer available can allow one to add social media icons, trademark information, and other details, the product is the most important section of a website or store.

With Shoptimized the users get a user-friendly interface the customers get a safe and secure shopping experience.

17. Empire

With built-in top-class features including the social icon, drop-down menu, predictive search, and the advanced products filter enhance the user experience, Empire owns the ’empire of themes’.

It is an eye-catching theme with modern layouts which stands out to be the perfect theme and a great choice for businesses with a bigger selling catalog of furniture, electronics, and fashion. Having options to reorganize the homepage designs and other sections that can be hidden or enabled depending on the user’s preferences, the theme is highly flexible.

Sharing product reviews, offers, and brand promotion are made easier with the option to share them on Social Media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. The posts readily add interactive elements to your website and ensure that the latest content is always displayed on your website automatically.

Other reasons to consider Empire for your e-commerce website or store is the live search feature, quick add to cart function, and integration of review apps to publish customers’ feedback on your website.

18. Atlantic

Along with the modern design and beautiful look Atlantic theme also comes with 4 different styles that you can put into practice. It was crafted to work with kinds of e-commerce websites and stores but it is specifically recommended for jewelry and accessories stores.

Atlantic allows you to add full-width welcome images, videos, and sliders to the homepage of your store. It is ideal for showcasing your products, brand, and delivering a fascinating user experience to the customers. Atlantic also has the feature to display pictures and links of items available in your catalog.

The blogging features help to display the latest content from your Instagram account and that allows you to share more content with the viewers and also helps in gaining huge traffic on your website.

Another popular feature is the Mega menus which upgrade your drop-down menu and this feature can be used to tempt visitors into checking out for more products and offers onto your website. With its glamourous design and looks, Atlantic creates a strong and memorable impact on the visitor’s mind accompanied by boost conversions.

19. Shella

The ultimate responsive theme available on Shopify, Shella is packed with exclusive features and an enhanced user experience that maximizes conversions and productivity.

Premium Shella is a multipurpose theme that comes with more than 99 pre-designed pages that makes your store look unique and is readily able to set the right tone that suits your store and products. Known for boasting perfection, Shella Offers a clean, well organized and high performing online store.

This flexible theme includes features like pre-built content that includes 15 different designs for your homepage, apart from layouts featuring large full-screen sliders, and to help with your inventory promotions. Shella has a large number of e-commerce templates to choose from and designs to work with and make your e-commerce business successful.

20. Booster

Other than giving an amazing and stunning appearance to your website it also provides necessary and essential functions that you need for your e-commerce business.

The theme is optimized to encourage potential customers and visitors to purchase and readily increases the rate of conversion ratio and sales. Selling products online was never easy before but Booster makes it easier with its optimized conversions.

Main features of the Booster theme include Currency Converter which helps the visitors to convert currency according to their convenience, Mobile Optimization- with an increased number of mobile users more traffic can be gained from the mobile platforms.

With Booster you don’t need various plugins separately since it is integrated with all the necessary plugins that you’ll ever require for your store. Talk about saving money.

Booster is one of the latest and most buyable 2021 Shopify’s multifunctional themes that efficiently brings the in-store shopping experience online.

Review 20 Best Shopify themes in 2021 made for conversion.

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