20 Best Software Directories Your Agency Shouldn’t Miss

Ekalavya Hansaj



A recent survey found that most businesses adopting SaaS technology have achieved their goals efficiently and are scaling faster than their competitors. Over the past seven years, the SaaS industry size for software directories increased by around 500%.


Companies with less than 50 employees use at least 16 SaaS applications on average, while those with 50 to 99 use 24 applications, and those with 100 to 499 use 47 SaaS tools. Larger organizations with more than 1000 employees use 177 SaaS tools on average. The rise in demand for SaaS tools is increasing the competition for companies that provide Software as a Service


The US has approximately eight times more SaaS companies than any other country, and surviving the increasing competition is worrying for startups or entry-level software companies. As a SaaS agency, maximizing visibility, reaching potential clients, building trust, improving brand recognition, and driving sales are some significant concerns. 


This makes listing tools on different software directories important for businesses. We have compiled some of the top software listing platforms to help you get noticed by potential clients, showcase your testimonials, and get 10X more revenue.


What are Software Directories? 


Software directories are an online registry of SaaS businesses on the index-organized alphabetically by location or industry, among other factors. Each software listing is linked with the brand’s official website.


These software directories are a go-to resource for B2B buyers looking for a SaaS platform for Software. Additionally, they allow buyers to search for businesses by brand name, rating, location, or keywords, bridging the gap between the SaaS agency offering the service and the business seeking that expertise.


Importance of Software Directories


Most software developers may wonder why they should waste time and resources on software listing on different directories. A strong product or solution will not make you successful, but having the right platform for marketing your solution makes you successful in your domain.


Adding software listing on directories is essential to your marketing strategy. 


  • Boosting SEO strategy


One of the notable benefits of software listing is they help in boosting your SEO strategy with industry-relevant keywords, creating a backlink to your website, and better SEO approaches. It is an excellent way of generating relevant backlinks and earning citations, helping you rank among the top search engine results.


Furthermore, a good SEO strategy helps drive organic traffic to your website.


  • Improving brand recognition


Does a SaaS platform for software listing only help with boosting SEO? No, they come with different advantages, such as improving brand recognition.


Building brand identity is complicated for most businesses, especially for tech startups and early-stage companies. They can list their agency on a SaaS directory which usually has a great network of peer agencies and businesses globally. Thus, they enhance your brand visibility and ensure more clients are getting interested in what you are selling. 


  • Building Trust with social proof


These software directories allow software users or clients to leave their valuable feedback after using a particular product, which is verified by the platform before posting publicly. This ensures your target audience checks out the review and builds trust in your brand, leading to improved sales.


  • Generating high-quality leads


Lead generation for any business is an important consideration, and listing your software on SaaS directories ensures generating high-quality leads. To increase your opportunity of running a successful B2B lead generation strategy, you must identify where most of your customers stay and get your software listed in such directories.


Top 20 Software directories


Here is a list of the top 20 software directories to help your business grow and gain market visibility. Each platform has some unique offerings and criteria for selection. 


Get listed to get spotted!




Capterra is among the oldest and most popular go-to SaaS platforms for software listing. It is an intermediary link between SaaS brands and clients, where clients get a free trial of the vendor’s software, and the vendor pays a fee to the platform for helping them increase web traffic and sales opportunities. 


Clients can leave back a review on your software after using or buying them, which increases your chance of acquiring new clients. Plus, the platform led down several in-depth guides and other research for your knowledge growth.


Capterra is a part of the very popular Gartner community and therefore ranks on the top search pages. You can get listed on the platform under Basic and Pay-Per-Click options, but you can also sign up for free without asking for any promotion. 




G2 is one of the best SaaS platforms for software listing as it is more community-based, and users can support a brand with valuable reviews. 



When you create a G2 profile, you can expect a ton of attention, leveling up your brand awareness, tracking customers’ voices, and capturing more demands. 



You need to have ten reviews on a profile to get on the G2 Grid, and your placement depends on the voice of your customers and is free of cost. With more than 5.5 million buyers, this platform is definitely a great place for software listing.




GetApp, like Capterra, is a Gartner product ranked among the best software directories. The built-in interactive tools and detailed product data on the platform make it easy for clients to compare SaaS solutions. 



They create innovative, data-fueled marketing campaigns and reveal customer insights, connect with in-market buyers worldwide and increase your reach, leverage the review collection program to build a trusted reputation, and increase your conversion rates with several digital marketing services. 



The basic software listing on the platform is free, and you will be joining 50,000+ software businesses currently a part of the Gartner community. You can receive a free estimate for the GetApp premium account, which offers a range of advanced offerings and exclusive marketing services.


Software Advice


Just like Capterra and GetApp, Software Advice is also a Gartner product that generates leads for their business with a pay-per-lead advertising model. The platform helps you generate leads by recommending prospective clients who suit your ideal customer profile. 


Software listing is a paid service on Software Advice; however, investing in such platforms is worth considering if your product is unique and impactful. Software Advice platform helps screen authentic products and lists only the suitable ones.




It is designed to help B2B companies list their software on TrustRadius directories, generate more in-depth reviews, and attract in-market buyers. They drive brand preference, improve conversions, and create more downstream intent data. 


Software listing on the platform is free, but you can generate leads faster with the premium plan.




GoodFirms is a review and research platform that helps IT companies and technology vendors gain unbiased reviews on their services and products and attract more consumers. This B2B platform helps build reputation, generate qualified leads, increase conversion, and improve service. 


Some top software categories listed here include project management, CRM software, marketing automation, inventory management, and more. Anyone can list their SaaS offerings at no charge on the platform, but with the startup plan starting at $300/month, you can boost your branding.




CrozDesk helps software vendors to meet the right buyers at the perfect time. Apply for software listing at no cost on the platform and get access to high traffic, niche audiences, and more than five times the industry average conversion rate. 


CrozDesk offers a marketing toolkit consisting of Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Pay-Per-Lead (PPL), and buyer intent data. The popular software categories on the platform are accounting software, applicant tracking software, CRM software, human resource software, project management software, and more. 


Product Hunt


Product Hunt is a platform that brings trending technological solutions from vendors to users and is an excellent starting point for startup vendors. One main reason for software listing on the platform is access to a huge global community of tech people and early adopters. You can have a free product Hunt personal account to share products.




Serchen ensures software vendors sell more by driving website traffic, managing business reputation, and connecting with qualified buyers. The platform offers more than 300 categories of software listing, specializing in cloud services, and the listing is free. It can’t get better, right?!


SaaS Genius 


SaaS Genius is a software recommendation platform that unleashes vendors’ potential to reach many prospective customers. Software listing that is not allowed on the platform are: 


  • Mobile apps that are not part of a larger software that can be used on desktop


  • It is a B2B product only


  • The products have no customers in the US


  • The products are in the Alpha and Beta development stage


Some popular software categories on the website are CRM, Email Marketing, Help Desk, HR, Project Management, and Marketing Automation. 




It is a popular software directory listing some of the top SaaS products in the market, empowering users to make the right decision during purchase. Once listed, your product gets exposed to 100 million technology buyers on the platform. 


They create compelling content to speak about your products to your target audience, build brand awareness, and drive demand generation to fill your pipeline.




Everything on this platform is related to business and technology, and Business-Software was created for vendors and buyers. If you have launched a new product related to running a business, adding that to this SaaS platform for software is an excellent thought. 


Software listing is free, and you need to undergo a simple procedure. Once listed, you can reach an audience of 4 million+ tech buyers and have an opportunity to make your product visible on the site within two business days from when you get approved.




If you are running a software or tech company and you have a new product to list on software directories, using Techcrunch.com can be a great try. This platform has a powerful editorial arm that ensures greater visibility of your product and is a great place to attract investors. 


You can also speak about your product and business to attract potential leads by creating content and product-related educational guides.




It is the number 1 digital marketing platform for entrepreneurs where you can get software listings for free and reach out to 1+ million customers. You can sell digital products from software, PDFs, online courses, WP plugins, Ebooks, Template libraries, Chrome extensions, and Conference tickets. You can earn money for every digital product you list on AppSumo.




BetaPage is a platform for like-minded people supporting startups and innovation, and if you wish to contribute your innovation to this community, register yourself on the platform. 


If you have a SaaS tool to launch, start submitting your product and reach out to 30,000+ members on the platform, connect to investors and other founders, and get access to several valuable resources. Their one notable benefit is you can list a product in all stages, under development, beta, or live. 




DiscoverCloud.com is a leading marketplace for B2B SaaS companies. The software listed on the platform is seen by real decision-makers working in different organizations, including CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CMOs, VP-level executives, and more. 


They offer great features, including a constant flow of high-qualified prospects, generating new leads and boosting conversion, featuring special offers, and gathering real-time user feedback to increase visibility. 


CNET Download 


If you are willing to distribute your software or application to millions of people globally, you can submit them on CNET Download. Whenever you submit software to the platform, the file is scanned multiple times to check for viruses and comply with their Principles of Quality. 


Once they determine that an application contains virus or malware components, they decline the listing request on the directory.


Launching Next


Launching Next publishes the newest and trending tech startups and their projects. You can submit new software for free; their experts check them thoroughly before listing them in the directory. The platform automatically sends you an email if the software gets published. 


However, if you want your startup published within one business day, you must pay $59 to upgrade to the next page.




SnapMunk.com is a startup directory where you can list your software for free. However, the platform offers two paid offers: Premium and Gold. 


Premium members must pay $19.99 per month and rank 2nd in the search results; they can add up to five categories, get listed in five search locations, and add photo albums, videos, and links to your website. 


Gold members must pay $39.99 monthly and receive numerous benefits from adding videos, jobs, phone numbers, website links, reviews, publishing articles, ranking on the 1st page of the search results, and more. 


Ready SaaS Go


Ready SaaS Go is free and non-profit software as a-service directory designed by WalkMe.com. This platform serves as a central showcase for the SaaS industry to launch the latest products and allow customers to choose the right software for themselves. 


You can discover and learn the hottest trends, changes, and events in the SaaS industry for better understanding and knowledge. Vendors can list any software on the directory that businesses might require while operating in the current market.


Why Choose Ekalavyahansaj.com to List Your Company On its Software Directories?


Ekalavyahansaj.com is the one-stop destination for top agencies to publish and showcase their management, marketing, software, and sales tools. Get your software listed among our network of 300+ brands from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Asia, Europe, and MENA. 


If your software meets our quality standard and ranks among the best tools of the month, we ensure to post them on our homepage and increase its visibility. 


Only our platform’s member agencies or existing customers are allowed for software listing, and non-member agencies can speak with our inbound sales team for assistance.


Software listing is not free with Ekalavya Hansaj, but we ensure a range of benefits unique to each paid plan that will make your investment worth considering. We presently have three plans, and each ensures promoted placement


  • A basic plan for Growth: Pay $499 per month or $5,988 per year to list one software/SaaS tool and win a bronze badge 


  • Bestseller plan for Aggressive Growth: Pay $999 per month or $11,988 per year to list three software/SaaS tools and win a golden badge


  • Enterprise plan for Super-Hyper Growth: Pay $1999 per month or $23,988 per year to list seven software/SaaS tools and win a platinum badge


Are you still wondering why to list your software on our platform? We promise you the following:


  • Get globally discovered across all prominent target markets.


  • Find the right buyers for your SaaS tools. 


  • A range of advertising options, including promoted placements, projects, tools, etc.


  • There are numerous free opportunities for platform members on their dashboard, including billing discounts on marketplace bills, discounts on our subscription plans, 25% off on profile claims, and more.


  • Member agencies on the custom and Managed Agency Services plans get surplus competitive advantages like access to an ad-serve platform, the ability to publish themselves, and more.


To learn more about our advantages over other software directories, speak with our inbound sales team, review our pricing page, and learn about our services. 

See increased revenue, better brand recognition, curated reviews, and even showcase your clients’ work on your dashboard. 


Sign up with Eklavya Hansaj today to start your successful tomorrow! Feel free to choose the plan that best suits your agency’s and its clients’ needs. 


Ekalavya Hansaj has partnered with the world’s leading payment services provider Stripe to manage its customer billings. 1% of our annual revenue goes towards our solutions for climate protection.




Most of the time, software directories are undervalued, even when they bring in a lot of advantages. The reasons may be that people don’t know their benefits or think investing in software listings is a luxury. Make sure you understand the need for software listing, look into the proper directories and get your tools listed for greater visibility and opportunities for customer acquisition and driving sales.


Software listing on Ekalavya Hansaj is allowed for member agencies of the platform. That doesn’t mean you cannot list your software in its directory. Speak with our inbound sales team, or visit our official website, ekalavyahansaj.com and look for the Add Agency link at the top of the page. Click on that link, fill out the form, and on meeting our standards, you can be a member of Ekalavya Hansaj, and we allow you to list software as per the price plan you choose. If you have a new product to launch, ask our experts and complete your software listing immediately!




Do I need a software directory listing?


Software directory listing is not legally mandatory; however, SaaS businesses listing their software or tools on software directories have gained more success and growth than those who don’t. Software listing is important in your SEO strategy, improving brand recognition, building trust, acquiring prospects, driving traffic, and improving sales.


What are the features of a software directory?


A software directory consists of a list of software/SaaS tools arranged alphabetically by name or location. They offer different filters, including industry, ratings, etc., for clients to find the right software. Each software listed in the directory briefly describes the company and the product, its location, image, video, website link, contact information, and authentic reviews.


What does a software directory do?


A software directory bridges the gap between software developers and software users. Software companies can list their product on one or more software directories for free or at a cost to get greater visibility, and users can search for business-relevant tools on the platform. They allow the users to leave behind reviews after using this software to help others decide and support the brand in building a reputation.