20 Best WordPress Themes for Advertising Companies

Ekalavya Hansaj

Some of us have a WordPress site just for fun or to give our hobby a little push, while others do it for a living. For some of us, we do it to wing it at life, while many of us have websites we create as a career. It is not all fun and games for many of us to create a website, its look & feel; hence, bringing in the A game to attract visitors and earn money becomes essential. If you are one of those here for that reason, you must be interested in learning all about the different WordPress themes in case you own an Advertising Company.



When creating a website for advertising companies, the Advertising WordPress themes come at your disposal as they are mainly designed to cater to the needs of your business. The themes have many excellent features, fonts, sliders, and parallax effects to hop on the ranks and monetize your sites. Advertising is one of the most common ways to earn money from your website through ads. The WordPress theme allows you to add advertisements to your pages and posts, ensuring that you create an inviting space so customers are attracted.



While most themes might be cluttered, a few are mesmerizing and spectacular.



Below are 20 themes that will make your website look gorgeous and play a vital role in spiking your website’s conversion rates. These themes are so tempting that they make it hard for visitors to even take their eyes off them to look at anything else on the web.



These themes are not only designed to help you customize or aid your advertising company, but they’ll also make it easy for you to make money.



1. Wise Mag




Imagine looking for a well-optimized WordPress theme everywhere on the web, only to discover that Wise Mag was the perfect match. It is like finding your car keys in the entire house only to find them in your pocket finally. Wise Mag is a flawlessly lightweight theme and comes up with an incredible design that will attract all those visitors to your site.



Wise Mag can be customized easily, and ads can be added to its posts, pages, homepage, and on the bottom and top of the site. The theme is also quite flexible; you can choose its color palette per your mood and choice. Wise Mag also comes bearing a few extra gifts in the form of features like the famous WordPress live chat plugin, which is absolutely free. Do your visitors have any issues or queries? They can connect with you using the plugin on the website itself.



This simple yet rich theme is a match made in heaven for all advertising companies, and its uniqueness makes it stand out. The theme allows you to be as creative as possible. It comes with many incredible features like live chat unlimited, syntax highlighter, easy to configure, affiliates disclaimer, and Adsense optimized.




2. Grimag




We have consistently grown up hearing our grandma’s how simplicity is the key to life. Well, it is valid to an extent, but when you mix simplicity with modern ways, your result turns out to be magic. Talking about magic, let me tell you about Grimag. Known to be the magic of the world of WordPress themes, I mean a combination of simplicity and modern ways, Grimag is a theme that has a not-so-hidden talent of being the most powerful and excellent publishing solution for SEO experts as well as editors.



This theme is ideal for money-minded business owners, as its best traits are to attract customers and increase your website’s conversion rate. The theme comes with dark and light skin so that you can choose from any of the two with just a click of a button.



You get sharp retina graphics with the theme; when it comes to translations, Grimag allows you to select any language you wish. You can also play with fonts and colors. Its features, such as unlimited sidebars, one-click updates, a style customizer, an incredible admin panel, and many others, make it easy and fun to use. The theme is content-driven and fully responsive, making it your go-to.




3. Holmes




If you love watching Hollywood movies, you must have noticed how every movie has an essence, and everything else revolves around it. Just like there is one main essence to a movie, and the rest of the story acts as an add-on, Holmes is a WordPress theme with an essence that is considered the best advertising theme with a plethora of templates that your advertising company would ever wish for. Holmes is highly customizable, and it comes with a thorough admin interface.



Make an effort to know what everyone is excited about the ‘happening’. Knowledge, when primed with flawless execution, will help you ahead, and a big part of that comes from the fact that you are in sync with what the world is celebrating right at this moment.




4. Lisfinity




A lot of people in this world stay well-groomed at all times, and they don’t only look flawless, but they also stay up-to-date with the latest trends and fashions. You get what I’m saying, right? Lisfinity is just like those people in the world of WordPress themes. The theme comes with some of your website’s most stylish and modern demos, with features that perfectly complement its unique and spectacular design. The theme comes with a powerful search tool, making the customers’ experience hassle-free.



In addition, it has a fantastic how-it-works panel, and it is also very responsive. The theme is highly configurable, giving you control over what goes on your website while offering monetization options.




5. Knowhere Pro




Built for being a WordPress theme for complex classifieds, Knowhere Pro is a complex theme that can be configured in way too many ways while being used in more ways than you would ever imagine. The best part about Knowhere Pro is that it is highly configurable. To put it in simple words, Knowhere Pro can be given any shape you want to give it, and hence, you can set it however you’d like.



Not all of us come with instructions, and it can be hard to figure out us humans. On the contrary, Knowhere Pro comes with demos that tell you how to use it while offering ready-made options that make it all the easier to create an intriguing website. This means that it is not at all difficult to figure this theme out, and it is also equipped with numerous plugins to make it fun.




6. AdBreak




There is something about being minimalist these days. From fashion to trends, we all have started to dig the concept of minimalism, and now that it is in the air everywhere, why stay behind in the case of WordPress themes?



Well, here’s AdBreak, a minimalist and modern theme for all advertising companies. AdBreak, with a touch of minimalism and flat design, is an excellent option for advertising companies aiming to keep it simple and interactive to the readers. Whether your company is a startup, a small business, or a big company, it doesn’t matter. AdBreak fits all the roles providing you with that perfect contemporary design that you always needed but never thought of.



It is effortless to set up and use, letting you take control of the steering wheel as you build a website of your choice, with everything up to your creations and built using your hands and mind.



You don’t need to be a professional coder, making this theme suitable for everyone. The theme also comes with a flexible layout, and it keeps improving. Plugins give it an extra glow, and let’s not forget that it is search-engine friendly.




7. Leon




Memories are what keep the human race intact with the good as well as the bad times that they spent in the past. But what makes such memories? Do we remember everything? Or the things or the experiences that impact our lives or make us feel something are the ones that turn into memories? I’m sure you all would choose the latter, and you’re right.



This is precisely what Leon does. This WordPress theme creates such a memorable and powerful online presence that it makes it hard for visitors to go. It aims to increase your website’s conversion rate, and with just a few clicks, your visitors will not even realize when they went to become your valuable customers. Leon also has many features, like over ten custom sections, unique fonts, demo content, 24/7 support, and more.




8. Oklahoma




Let’s face it, we’re all here to find the best of everything, and why would we want to compromise with the best WordPress theme? Oh, and we all also love things that are multitasking, right?



When I was thinking about serving multiple purposes, let’s talk about Oklahoma, a multipurpose listing and directory theme allowing you to build a stunning and spectacular website without going through much pain. When it comes to Oklahoma, no stone remains unturned, and the theme has several features that make it flawless theme.



Oklahoma is user-friendly, and it has a bucket full of features along with its modern and sleek design, making it all the more fascinating. Go on to spin your head with all the creations you want as you use the ultimate customization options that come with this theme. Your website will reflect what you always imagined it to be, all thanks to the facilities that come with this theme, making it so easy for you to do it all. Equipped with super features and included plugins, Oklahoma makes it easy and handy for you to wing it all in style.




9. Listing Hive




Gone are the days when one had to go through mountains of trouble to find the best themes for your website. It was not long ago when it took a lot of effort, coding skills, and design to create a compelling website using a theme. Now that Listing Hive is here, all that complex process has just vanished, and it can all be done with a wink of an eye.



If you choose a suitable theme with unique features and plugins, it can do wonders for you, and this is all true in the case of this impeccable theme- a lightweight, modern, and clean theme that lets you build the website of your dreams. The theme’s minimalist design is essential, and you can change its color as well as the look and feel according to your mood and aspirations.



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10. LarrysList




Looking for a classified or directory ads theme? LarryList makes for a perfect WordPress theme for your advertising company. The theme is highly responsive, and it works smoothly on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices. The theme looks great, and I’m sure it will do wonders to bring in all those visitors to your website. It’s also always ready for translation; even the non-techies can easily use it.




11. Jobile



Whenever I surf a website that slips from one page to another like butter, I feel out of the world. In a world where we constantly look for ways to ensure that everything happens quickly because we don’t have time or the patience to do it any other way, Jobile enters.



Drum rolls, please.



Jobile is a responsive, clean, fast, and lightweight WordPress theme with a highly flexible bootstrap, making its game too strong.



There is no doubt that this theme makes your website look impressive and stunning, and it also ensures that you don’t miss out on grabbing the attention of your potential customers. You’ll be surprised to see how easy it is to change your website’s layout with this theme and how it comes with so many exciting elements that make it look stunning. You’ll also be allowed to make stunning sliders and the call-to-action buttons to up your game.




12. The Fox




A multipurpose WordPress theme to cater to all your needs, The Fox comes with an impeccable design, and its responsiveness and flexibility make it worth all your attention. We all dream of a powerful theme, don’t we?



The admin panel of this theme is simply powerful. Give your website a look at the perfect aura with this theme’s endless opportunities and features, and make the magic happen by racing the horses in your head. It will be a matter of a few minutes, and the result will be worth it all using this theme.




13. Advertising Agency Responsive WordPress Theme




In an era that runs on the Internet, we all long for engagement, and if you are just a business owner standing in front of numerous themes, asking one of them to get you that engagement, well then Advertising Agency Responsive WordPress theme is the right one for you (yes I referenced Notting Hill). Crafted exquisitely, advertising Agency Responsive can help you present your business’s product or service so that your audience won’t be able to resist.



We all dig minimalist designs, and this theme walks on the same road as it presents your website in such a compelling way that it becomes hard for anyone to take their eyes off of it. The theme will be full of mystery and keep your viewers busy as they will unfold something new each time they scroll through your website. Social media buttons are also integrated into this theme. So your audience will also be able to hop on all your social media pages to dig into the other details of your business.



The page style of this theme is drag-and-drop, which means that the viewers can take full control of each element of the page. The theme is well-groomed and polished, just like we all used to be before Corona hit the world, and we fell in love with our night suits. To put it in simple words, there is nothing about this theme that’ll disappoint you.




14. The Voux




Designed with love and all the world’s beauty, The Voux is a WordPress theme that is all about the details. Perfection is all about the details, right? That is precisely what The Voux is based on. It comes with several demos you can design to make the website you have always imagined. The theme does not require any prior coding knowledge, and you will get your hands on it quickly. The Voux also offers many header styles, making it much more attractive.



Get on board with the theme to get a feel of the ultimate social experience and monetize your website with several features that make it fun. This theme does not back down on professionalism, with features like adaptive images, a lightbox gallery, header styles, infinite loading, and header styles.




15. Marshal – Business Analysis and Market Research Agency WordPress Theme




Marshall is a theme suitable for Advertising and Marketing companies for its smooth and gracious working. It fits your idea of being minimalist and lightweight and has many exciting features that add to its essence.



The live drag-and-drop page builder makes it easy and fast to use. Hopping onto the critical features of this theme, yes, just like all of us have a key facial feature, this theme has a crucial feature that comes with custom widgets that instantly enhance the functionality of your website. The social media buttons are also available, allowing you to display content awe-inspiringly.



Another impressive point of this theme is typography, allowing you to choose from more than 500 Google Fonts. Marshall also loads quickly, which means your customers will have a convenient experience on the website and, not to forget, one that’ll be fulfilling.




16. Elbrus




Versatility is one of the few traits that make anything suddenly 10x better, and the same is valid with this WordPress theme called Elbrus. Elbrus is a multipurpose WordPress theme that can be customized however you want. Whether you want to create a simple and decent site with basic features or you want to create a site with all the fascinating features, high-profile looks, and professionalism, everything is possible with Elbrus by your side.



The theme makes it simple and easy to do anything with a Revolution Slider, which lets you build classy headers using indelible effects.



The theme’s visual composer allows you to shuffle the elements of the page and arrange them as you, please. That’s not it; the theme’s mobile optimization is incredible, with high responsiveness for tablets and mobiles. It does not come off as a surprise that the theme presents everything on your website very subtly, and it brings a representation that reflects your brand’s vision in the best possible ways.




17. Maggie Lite




Reminding you of the yummy noodles and instantly making you hungry, Maggie Lite is a WordPress theme that isn’t yummy but classy and clean with its feature-rich theme interface and a 100% responsive design. The theme comes with dark and light colors, several web layouts, colorful category backgrounds, and more. Apart from that, Maggie Lite comes with an eye-catchy home slider, tabbed widgets, a news ticker, and several other features that make your website all the more enticing and prominent on the Internet.



The theme also has multiple ad sections, which means that it is Adsense optimized. Being translation ready means that this theme can be accessed by anyone out there.




18. Goliath




A 100% responsive WordPress website compatible with Advertising Companies, Goliath is a theme that instantly enhances the look of your website, and it is well-optimized, making it run smoothly on all kinds of devices as well as browsers. The theme has a built-in rating system, an improved review display, and several excellent tools, making it a top-notch theme for your site. This theme makes it easier for business owners to set up their advertising, and it also comes with an ads system that lets you make way for Google Adsense, image banners, or Iframe.



The best part about this theme is that it comes with numerous exciting features such as visual composer drag & drop page builder, mega menu plugin, and several others, making it one of the best themes out there.




19. True Pixel




Have you ever craved a theme that is like a complete package of everything you ever wanted? True Pixel is a fully responsive, Widget ready, flexible, clean, classy, and perfectly balanced mixture of a simple yet highly sophisticated WordPress theme that comes bearing style.



The theme lets your customers experience the look and feel of an eye-catchy layout, and it also ensures that the space to display your content on the website is not compromised. Considering the need for speed, flexibility, and usability to please an impatient audience, True Pixel is the complete package that will be your website’s most extraordinary life partner. The theme also comes with a truck full of color schemes, options, and features, making it all the more worthy.




20. Adv WordPress Theme




First impressions deserve all the hype that they get, don’t they? There is no doubt that first impressions are dealmakers or breakers. The statement also stands true for the Adv WordPress theme, whose versatility makes an impactful first impression as Adv WordPress Theme comes bearing fetching buttons and immersive galleries (see what I did there?).



The design of the Adv WordPress theme is relatively flat and straightforward, and it also lets you go wild with your imagination as you can customize it until you’re satiated with the result. Editing, arranging, and doing all the other things on the theme pages is pretty convenient. The buttons help content areas, drag and drop headers, and all the other tools with the theme allow you to create the right vibe for your advertising company to give your customers the ultimate surfing experience.



The theme is fully responsive, and you won’t have to worry about it not working appropriately on tablets or smartphones. The theme also comes with parallax effects, creating a unique illusion and giving your website’s homepage a smooth vibe and feel. Another great thing about the theme is the extensive menu which adds a beautiful touch to the overall look, streamlining the navigation on your website. The theme has the power to increase your conversion as well as engagement rate. It’s worth a shot!



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