20 Best WordPress Themes for Marketing Agencies

Ekalavya Hansaj

It’s almost cliche to begin a post with a question that’s even more cliche, but I guess I’ll go with it. Have you cared enough about the aesthetics and the preview of your Marketing Agency’s website? More than that, have you ever thought about bettering your website’s looks, responsiveness, and interactivity with visitors using the best WordPress Themes?



If your next question is why and you aren’t a big fan of change, maybe the fact that the 20 WordPress themes designed to cater to marketing agencies and their detailed elucidation will make a change in your decision for good.



These WordPress themes do more than work on the aesthetics, view, or cleanliness of your marketing agency online; these also help bring in more visitors and increase responsiveness. While there’s this, they also let you add that personal touch magic to your website. What good does it do? You want to stand out as the shark in the big fish pool.




1. ContentBerg




Our generation is always in a hurry, and we don’t have time or the patience to sit and wait for website pages to load. We want smoothly working websites; if a website does not run smoothly, we skip it and hop on to the next one. As a marketing agency, you wouldn’t want your customers to run away from your website just because it’s slow, would you? That is precisely where ContentBerg makes its entrance. ContentBerg is a fully responsive WordPress theme designed to cater to a marketing agency’s needs.



The theme’s minimalist style and design make it worthy, and it ensures that the media and headlines on your site pop as highlighter does on your skin. It comes with a very flexible homepage, and the widgets can be easily arranged in the way you’d like, and the theme layout allows you to choose precisely the type of content that can be displayed on your website. You can also choose the posts that will feature on the site’s top page, and when it comes to templates, you can make the best use of your imagination. The theme is translation-ready and mobile-friendly, making it easy for a large audience to access. Not only that, but the theme also includes social sharing buttons, has several article designs, is equipped with 10 header layouts, and does much more than one can imagine.




2. Genesis Framework




Keeping in mind the importance of SEO for any website, Genesis was created with built-in SEO options, allowing site owners to set titles, meta descriptions, pages, create templates, and more. It offers six different layout options, which are elegant and great for landing pages.



Among all the premium features, integrating popular WordPress plugins enhances its productivity. You can find Genesis tutorials available on popular sites, and with these tutorials, you can learn how to use the different features available on Genesis. It offers lifetime customer support and unlimited access to its premium features, with which you can give a unique custom look by changing the fonts, colors, templates, and other page elements.



Genesis offers a large number of customizable themes that are specifically designed to match all types of business niches. It is highly mobile responsive, supports all devices, has faster loading, and the SEO-focused structure makes it user-friendly and efficiently increases the chances of ranking higher in search engines.




3. Intact




Who doesn’t like things that come in handy with everything, especially those with multiple uses? I guess we all do. We prefer getting the job done using the least resources instead of investing its many resources. The same is the case with this WordPress theme. Intact is a multipurpose WordPress theme, and it has won an award for its demos. The theme comes with more than ten pre-built demos, and it also comes with a child theme, not to forget that all of its pre-built themes can be installed with a click of a button.



The theme provides a revolution slider, lightbox gallery, and a high-end page builder, which lets you have an incredible experience all across the site. The theme is 100% responsive, and the set-up process is quite quick. The concept of the theme is clean, sleek, and modern, and it comes with progress bars, plugins, and pie charts that make it all the more enjoyable. The theme constantly changes for the better as it keeps getting updated, and the customizable backgrounds, along with many other features, make your experience unforgettable.




4. Crane




A reliable, robust, multipurpose WordPress theme that will do wonders for a marketing agency.



Crane is a customer magnet!



The theme has a compelling design, which makes it have a very appealing concept and look that it is based on. The theme will make your website’s products or services sell like hotcakes, and the features that it comes with will ensure that your customers have a good time on the site.



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The theme suits all kinds of businesses, and it can sell everything everywhere. You can not only market your online products or services with this theme, but you can also promote your physical store or anything you would want to promote. The theme comes with 11 stunning homepages, and it also comes with over 150 complete inner pages. You’ll be able to choose between 2000 icons and five premium clip-art images, and not forget the 2000 icons to create a highly appealing website. You can get as crafty as you want to with the texts, price tables, custom fonts, and the headings of the website that’ll make it all look great, and the theme also features Google Maps, timelines, and all these little extra features to enhance the user experience.



I’m sure you’ll have a great time designing the message box, charts, and accordions of the website to get fascinating results. When it comes to driving the theme as per your imagination, the possibilities are endless, and you can go the extra mile to create a spectacular website. It is also straightforward to install Crane, and its user-friendliness makes it the perfect option for any marketing agency, including yours.




5. Academy Pro




Academy Pro by StudioPress is a gorgeous theme for marketing agencies selling online courses. It has an excellent, original flair that makes it feel fresh with a clean and modern aesthetic. It offers a unique design and multiple functions to add to your homepage that enhance the user experience of your website.



Integration of WooCommerce, the most popular e-commerce solution, helps you set up your online store and quickly sell products and services.



Academy Pro is a highly functional yet flexible e-commerce theme that fulfills all your marketing needs and plays a vital role in the success of your business.



Packed with exclusive features like a theme customizer with a real-time preview, a customizable header, and unique theme options, Academy Pro is handy for both professional and beginner users.



It has the essential mobile responsive feature, is optimized to run smoothly on almost all mobile browsers, and perfectly fits all screen sizes.








SEO WP is mainly built for creating websites for marketing agencies, and the best part about it is that even though it is designed for a particular niche, it is still very flexible, and a lot can be done with it. You can go on to create a professional-looking and smoothly working website using the theme, and it also gives you access to plenty of layouts as well as header styles to make your website look gorgeous.



The theme will allow your audience to take a look at the unique, as well as the bespoke, look of your website. Talking about the homepage and all the other aspects that enhance your website’s look, everything can be customized stunningly. With this beautiful theme by your side, you can reflect your ideas and your personality using the magic of all the options available with this theme. In addition, you can add an original touch to the website by using the incredible plugins; whether you are looking for a theme that you can use as it is or a theme that you can customize crazily, SEO WP fits all shoes.




7. Reuss




Reuss, the WordPress theme is highly recommended for marketing agencies and service providers. It is an elegant theme that gives a unique look to your website and makes it more appealing to the viewers.



It has a wide variety of customizable designer layouts. The landing page templates are specifically crafted to match all types of the business niche and are all included in its package.



With a highly functional multipurpose option, Reuss allows you to customize templates, move around page elements, change color, and even design new custom content to get the desired look for your website.



It also includes exclusive animation and effects like parallax scrolling, custom particles, and object animations. You can enhance the user experience by using these features.




8. SEO Crawler




When buying a theme for your website, you want the best of everything, don’t you? You want everything to be on point and ensure that your website catches the eyes of as many people as you’d imagine. With SEO Crawler, you have it all, and you get it as this WordPress theme for marketing agencies does justice to its specialization. The theme comes with three pre-built homepage layouts to give your creativity a little push, allowing you to run your mind’s tunes to get to the right rhythm, style, and boldness of your page. The theme allows you to create such an aura that your potential visitors immediately get the hang of the message that you’re trying to convey. The theme shows you off as a credible and reputable agency and sets the mood in the right direction.



From the appearance of your website to the responsiveness, the slideshow format, and everything else, the theme does wonders to create a stand-out theme. The theme is designed in such a way that it makes your website look like something prestigious, and it sets the bar high. The content templates and the other pages of the theme look stunning. The theme will allow you to customize everything you want and let you get the best out of your ideas.




9. Ekko




Ekko- the powerful multipurpose marketing WordPress theme that lets you personalize your marketing website in your unique style by using its customization tools and options.



With many pre-installed layouts, Ekko can either replicate the demo layouts or modify them according to your needs and use them directly. With Ekko, you can give your website the perfect look and options without breaking a single drop of sweat, and your website will be live in no time.



It has integrated plugins like WpBakery, Revolution Slider, WooCommerce, and Contact Form to save you precious time. It helps your marketing agency to start selling products and make services available sooner.



The package includes incredible features like parallax scrolling, loading animation, and a one-click demo install. To provide users with a comprehensive service and additional assistance, Ekko has documentation, video tutorials, and a dedicated support team ready to answer all your queries.




10. Searmek




A theme made for general and marketing agencies, Searmek is a WordPress theme with flexibility that goes beyond one’s imagination. It has been designed considering that it suits everyone’s needs and ideas. Searmek is a theme with open arms for customizations, and it is also very flexible when it comes to changes and improvements that the website owners make to ensure that they get the best of everything. The default style of the theme is good in itself, but every website has an essence to it, and that signature style is what makes it different from the rest.



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The theme also comes with many predefined samples that you can use to make a killer online presence on your website and create a powerful impact in front of the eyes of your customers. The process of finalizing the theme will be quite quick, and you’ll not realize when you’ll be done and ready to steal hearts with the eye-catchy website you just made.




11. OShine




Another theme out of the list of multipurpose WordPress themes for marketing agencies, OShine is the best option if you have gotten eyes wide open for a website theme that several business owners have tried and loved. OShine never fails to fulfill the needs of owners as it keeps getting the latest updates, and the theme keeps getting better.  The theme has over 50 good demos; I’m sure at least one will meet your expectations. You’ll be able to customize all you want and be allowed to do as you please to ensure that you get the perfect look for your website.



Changes are also quick and easy with this theme, and it also comes with the benefit of having numerous demos that you can choose from. The theme is ideal for those who wish to do everything their way.




12. Piques




The theme is the solution to all your needs and wants; Piques will fit the shoes of being ideal for photography galleries, marketing agencies, startups, and many other businesses. The theme has a professional look and feel, and the best part is that it can be tweaked as you want. The theme is mobile and user-friendly, so it is ideal for attracting all those clients. The revolution slider of the theme can be made to good use as it will allow you to showcase all your products and services in a jiffy way that they grasp your audience’s attention.



You can pick out the style of your choice from the stunning pre-built demos or create one on your own. The theme also has social media integration, which means you can add the links to your social media profiles there for your customers to see. This also helps with a broad reach, which acts as another layer of benefit on top of many benefits. The theme is 100% responsive, and it also looks gorgeous on all kinds of browsers and devices.




13. Ametex




Ametex is the all-in-one marketing theme that can fulfill all your digital marketing needs, whether you have a marketing agency or you provide digital marketing services as an individual. With the Ametex theme, you can customize your website, design it according to your liking and make it more stylish to generate more leads for your business.



It is a versatile and powerful theme designed to give users a flawless experience. The Ametex package includes ready-to-use demos designed to match every vertical in the marketing niche.



Features like cross-browser compatibility, fast loading, and high responsiveness that Ametex provides are exclusive features necessary for the modern web. You can establish a professional online presence for your e-commerce website. To do so, you need not be a professional web designer; you need to install Ametex, which will assist you further with documentation and video tutorials.



To promote your marketing agency services, products, and portfolio, you can showcase them on your website’s home page. With the integration of the Elementor page builder plugin, you can create your custom designs and layouts.




14. Troma




TROMA is a simple, creative, and powerful WordPress theme designed to fulfill the needs of fashion agencies, freelancers, designers, photographers, and other marketing agencies. It has a simple user interface, which makes it handy to use, and is optimized by professional developers who intend to make it more efficient, productive, and reliable.



You can give your website the classic digital look using the professional tools TROMA offers in its package. You get a lot of demo layouts to choose from for your marketing store, and these layouts are customizable so that you can add a personal touch to your website’s style and design.



It is moderately responsive and Retina Ready, which fits all device resolutions and runs flawlessly on all devices, supporting almost all browsers. Integration of popular plugins like Contact Form 7, and WooCommerce, makes your website shopping ready with user reviews on your products and services.



It has a feature allowing viewers to translate your website content to their native language for a better user experience.




15. Launchkit




Launchkit is a modern, powerful, popular landing page theme on WordPress with which you launch your product and services in the best possible way.



There are several templates and demo pages with various editing options using which you can modify the layouts and give a professional look to your next landing page. It has a simple user interface, high responsiveness, runs flawlessly on all devices, fits all screen sizes, and has popular plugin integrations.



Whether you are a professional or a beginner, Launchkit delivers a premium user experience to all its users. Engage viewers and captivate their eyes by adding smooth Parallax background images and beautiful looks to your website. With the Visual Composer, you can experiment with different header layouts, colors, and fonts according to your liking.



The installation process is easy, with video tutorials and necessary documentation on the download page.




16. Voux




Voux, the most comprehensive WordPress theme, promises to provide you with simplicity, power, retina-ready, and a fully responsive user experience. It comes with the integration of the popular Visual Composer plugin, which allows you to design the elements of your site so that you can create a unique presence with the exclusive customization features and tools that Voux offers you.



Other than marketing agencies, and e-commerce businesses, it is also highly recommended for news and magazine sites. The MegaMenu features allow you to add tags, categories, or subcategories to the menu option.



Using the Full-Screen Gallery features, you can give a professional look to your magazine site by creating high-quality picture galleries.



Customizing layouts is made easy with the powerful and efficient Voux theme with features like custom skin to create your unique layout, four ready-to-use skins, myriad color options, and the most amazing fast automatic loading features that quickly load another article in real-time.




17. Artem




Artem has two main variations, and both demos have an eye-catching single-screen layout where visitors can swipe, click and scroll through the homepage slider, which gives a seamless user experience to the visitors and encourages the viewers to sign up with your marketing agency.



It provides a bunch of templates that will readily match your business niche, and you can modify these templates to give them a personal touch and unique style by adding lots of visual content to them.



The popular Elementor page builder plugin is integrated into it, allowing you to make desirable changes to your site. A complete, user-friendly interface makes it handy for everyone, from professional web developers to a novice.



The installation process is easy, with video tutorials on its download page. It has a comprehensive support team ready to assist you with all your queries related to Artem.




18. BeTheme




One thing that sets BeTheme off from other WordPress themes for marketing agencies in the market is that the theme comes with Muffin Builder. If you are wondering what that is, Muffin Builder is a tool that allows you to combine wraps to create incredible page layouts for your Website. These wraps can be great for you as they come with unique custom layouts with columns and rows. This gives the pages of your website an advanced and creative design, further making it stand out. Once you finish them, you can fill your site with several elements and items.



The theme comes with more than 130 layouts, and if you don’t feel like making one for your website, you can always choose from them and get done with it with a click. BeTheme spoils you with so many options and choices, and it ensures that you enjoy the process of setting up your website.




19. Maker Pro




As the name suggests, Maker Pro is a pro at what the theme is made for. The theme allows you to build an eye-catchy website that will display your products or services in the best way possible. The theme allows you to create a well-designed website with an organized layout. Maker Pro comes with a classy and minimalist design that catches the eyes of a modern individual, and the theme’s typography is precise and striking, to say the least. You should expect the theme to be fully responsive and works smoothly on mobile devices.



The theme has a unique sense of professionalism that it comes with, and it serves the purpose of a marketing agency. It has several settings, features, custom page layouts, widget areas, and many other things, making it one of the best themes. The theme is typically made to catch the eyes of your business’s target audience.




20. Scalia




A WordPress theme for marketing agencies that looks as good as it sounds, Scalia comes with a handful of portfolio page templates, allowing you to shed light on your best products and services. Scalia also comes with classy sections and amazing gallery templates that you can choose from. The theme can be transformed as you can give it a look you imagine in your head by mixing anything that comes to your mind. You will never do it the wrong way with Scalia, as the theme also comes with a visual composer plugin to help you do it all in style. Scalia comes with a bag full of customization options and personalization, making it your go-to theme if you like to take control over it all.

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