20 Tricks to Effectively Grow Your YouTube Subscribers

Published On:10 February, 2022
Ekalavya Hansaj
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20 Tricks to Effectively Grow Your YouTube Subscribers

It’s 2021, and there’s a hullabaloo from Covid-19 vaccines to the last-minute Brexit deal; a lot of things feel changed with a seemingly hopeful and newfangled year on the horizon, yet, the one thing that remains unchanged is the struggle to grow YouTube subscribers as a content creator.

With a deluge of new YouTubers teeming on the platform that are craving to get successful and grow an exponentially large subscriber base, switching the camera on and spouting what you think MIGHT help you get subscribers isn’t the complete picture of your job description as a creator anymore. The constant demand to create something unique and new while also experimenting with ways to make your content compatible enough to be loved by YouTube’s algorithm must have someday caused your burnout.

As a small screen entrepreneur (that’s what YouTubers are, if I am to opine), to stand out means to opt for strategies that can help you catch the fleeting success; success in terms of subscribers. In an ever-filling pool of content on YouTube, it gets hard to make a splash but then again, not everyone is willing enough to know how high you should jump from to make a splash that’s visible.

Now that I am here addressing your problems, I am also here to bring you solutions – I am going to tell you exactly what height you should be jumping from, so you actually make a splash with a BANG!

Let me tell you a secret that might dishearten you: It’s not just the content that determines how fast and effectively you can grow your YouTube subscribers. There is a lot that goes behind the screen.

Over the years of analyzing and churning out strategies that best garner subscribers on your YouTube channel, there are 20 strategies or tricks that seem to work the most.

What are those? That’s exactly what you’ll know in this post…

1. Only Produce Highly Watchable Content (obviously)

Quality is no joke. Your content needs to have the right amount of entertaining, informative, and engaging vibes in order to catch the eyes of the audience. The quality of your content should have constancy all throughout the video and you should ensure that you start off well so that the viewers stay till the end.

If gossip girl, FRIENDS, and all the other binge-worthy shows have a baby, then that is exactly what your content should look like!

If you have a channel for informative content, don’t forget to add the innards of entertainment so that your viewers enjoy the process of learning and are left wanting more.

One tip I have for you is to create a combination of evergreen as well as burst videos. Burst videos will act as those trendy hits that’ll instantly get you under the spotlight and the evergreen videos will stay with you for a long haul. Just like The Beatles!

Don’t create content that hides under the shadow of average videos that the platform is full of. Honestly, we don’t need those anymore! Your aim should be to stand out from the crowd and your goal should be to create content that makes you sit on the throne. (Alexa, play GOT’s theme song in the background please).

Don’t create content that hides under the shadow of average videos that the platform is full of. Honestly, we don’t need those anymore! Your aim should be to stand out from the crowd and your goal should be to create content that makes you sit on the throne. (Alexa, play GOT’s theme song in the background please).

How to produce engaging videos and content for YouTube?
1. Research extensively

Yesterday someone made a chocolate cake without using chocolate. Sounds absurd right? Just like chocolate is what makes a cake, chocolate cake, research is what turns your content from ‘eh’ to ‘WOW’. Before you make one of your own, take a look at other similar videos out there. Take notes, see how others are doing it, and what each one of them is doing that makes them different from others.

Don’t ever copy, but learn and try to create your own unique thing. Get inspired by your competitors, don’t just research but indagate and come up with other creative ideas to make your content worth a watch.

2. Script Ahead

Many people have a knack for cameras and they feel like they can simply create content spontaneously. However, if you are aiming to create quality content effectively as well as efficiently, then you should definitely consider making a script.

You might have the flair to just wing it in front of the camera but you should not do that. Plan, make a script, read it, reframe it, and keep repeating the process until you get the perfect script. This will ensure that you create content that has been made to the best of your abilities.

Do your own thing and be the trendsetter instead of being one of those who just follow the footsteps of famous trends. Think about what you bring to the table, your best skills, your creativity, and then mix the ingredients together to create a powerful and unique script.

Your script will act to sort out the disheveled mess of ideas in your brain, helping you stay organized while also allowing you to stay on track. Your script will make sure that you don’t jump off the topic and keep your audience engaged.

3. Use the right tools

Tools are the weapons that you use to win the war. In order to create a solid video, you need to use the right equipment for your studio. To one’s surprise, just a good camera does not do the job. A camera needs the support of other tools such as a good background, tripod, good lighting, and other important tools that’ll depend on what you’re looking to create.

Take a look at your budget, and invest in such tools accordingly. You can do with an iPhone or any other good-quality phone to skip the expense of a camera, and you can invest in all such equipment instead to create what the audience will then call magic.

Once you’re done creating your video, don’t forget about the tools you’ll need to promote what you just made. Such tools will allow you to gain organic viewers as well as subscribers on YouTube.

4. Edit Ruthlessly

Editing is hyped for a reason. Think of yourself as the director of a movie, and the dramatics are all in your hands! You need to edit ruthlessly and keep doing it until you get the best shot. In a world that revolves around perfection on social media, we have all awakened the editors in ourselves and it is time that you put your skills to good use.

Record loads, and then select the best shots. Don’t publish the videos haphazardly or it will only come back to haunt your channel! There are some of the best video editors that are available out there, so, start with the free ones, and then you can slowly move onto the paid software when you feel the need to have more professionally available tools that can offer a change in your videos for the good.

Editing may sound like a daunting process, but it is an integral part of video creation and you just CAN’T skip it. Trust me on this, and I bet you’ll thank me later.


Okay so imagine this. You’re watching a show that does not have a good start. Will you continue to watch it? You listen to a song that has hazy beats that aren’t appealing to you, will you wait for it to get good? No right? The same concept stands corrected for your YouTube videos.

The first few seconds of your video will decide its fate (more or less!). The first 10 seconds will leave an impression in the viewer’s minds and being the driver of the video, the direction will be in your hands. Did you get my point right? Put your heart and soul into the first few seconds so that you steal the attention and the hearts of your viewers and make them stay till the end. Create a dramatic introduction and don’t go basic. Hit it off with a bang, and make it hook-worthy.

Making a video that shows some kind of a project? Start it with the end result so that the viewers want to see how you did it. You can also start your video with an intriguing story; people dig that. However you do it, just ensure that you don’t go off track because anyone who clicked your video, did it for a reason- stick to the subject, and just keep it interesting.

6. Create videos that are longer than 10 minutes

It has been observed that videos longer than 10 minutes gain more momentum on YouTube. If you’re just getting started (if you’re here, chances are that you are thinking about it), then you should play it safe and create engaging videos that are more than 10 minutes long. Once you build an audience for yourself, you can try different video lengths to see what suits your audience and keeps them immersed and entertained.

2. Increase the frequency of your content uploads

If you ever open YouTube, you’ll see that there are several channels that have 2-3 videos that were uploaded ages ago and that’s it. You’ll also come across channels with videos that have been published after long intervals (probably made for fun). If you are reading this article, I’m assuming that you want to make a living out of it or that you want to do it for life.

In order to do something on a daily basis, it is vital for you to be passionate about it. As academic as it sounds, it could not get any more practical. It is not as easy as it sounds to create videos, edit them, take days to create new scripts, being able to be so creative that you come up with new ideas like a machine, and do everything that it takes to create videos that your viewers call ‘minutes of heaven’.

If someone subscribes to your channel, it means that they want to watch your content more often. Whether it is about entertainment, or anything else, you need to deliver regular content to ensure that the subscribers don’t only come, but they also stay.

Create a time frame and try to be consistent. Try to post a video every week or maybe 2-3 videos every month so that your viewers keep getting the taste of your pièce de résistances and stick to watch more. Creating a schedule will ensure that your viewers engage with each one of your videos.

In order to do this, ask yourself a question. Are you getting into this process like Rachel joined the coffee house, or are you getting into it as Rachel hopped on a job that was related to fashion and moved to become an integral part of the team at Ralph Lauren? You will only be able to make a living out of it if the latter was your answer. On the other hand, if you are doing it just for the sake of doing something, sure you’ll do it once or twice, but you won’t be able to do it each day for the rest of your life, with the same kind of passion.

How often should you post?

If this question struck your head, then here are my two bits on it. Take a look at the tracks of your competitors and follow that consistency pattern. On the other hand, you can also try to up your game against them by posting one extra video. So if your competitors are giving the audience 1 video every week, you can start making 2 and catch their attention, however, keep in mind that your frequency of publishing videos shouldn’t affect the quality of it, or it all goes back to square one.

3. The Channel Trailer should kill (legit)

Think of yourself as a nerd and your YouTube channel as an important exam. Being a nerd, you would want to nail the exam right? In the same way, as a YouTube content creator, you need to nail the channel trailer as that exactly what someone will see as soon as they tap on your channel. The YouTube trailers play automatically and you should make the most out of them.

Your trailers need to be crisp, compelling, and creative; keeping these 3 C’s in mind will change your journey as a YouTube creator and it will only change for the best as your channel will be showered with new subscribers each day.

Try to make trailers that give the audience a taste of what they’re going to get in your channel. Make them as hilarious and gorgeous as you can and charge them with several heart-throbbing emotions. A tagline for your channel is a great way to give the viewers and your potential subscribers a peek into the content of your channel, thus embedding a tagline in the trailer itself will work off impressively to tease the viewers enough to watch your videos (and hopefully subscribe to your channel). An ideal trailer length is anywhere less than 60 seconds; anything more than that turns into the content itself, so keep it short and intriguing. Give a glimpse of some of your best videos in the trailer and make such a strong and incredible trailer that the viewer instantly turns into your subscriber.

4. Start Using Watermarks (if you don’t)

Watermarks are something that all content users should strictly use primarily because it saves your content being stolen and then plagiarised without giving you credit or share of profits that the perpetrator earned from it.

However, watermarks serve more than one purpose of indicating who the video belongs to. Watermarks often act as an indicator for the viewer to subscribe to the channel. Now by now, you must have realized that the YouTube glory rests upon the number of subscribers you manage to garner through your videos and your content as a whole. Here is where watermarks come in.

Seeing a constant watermark in the video prompts the user to just ‘go smash the subscribe button’. However, this is also a place that you should tread carefully if you wish to make the most of it. A lot of people are in the habit of putting their own stylized watermark in the videos. A better alternative to putting a watermark, as well as the, subscribe option, is to use the YouTube option to put a subscribe button watermark in the video at all times. This has been found to be a sure-shot way to increase the number of subscribers.

In order to be able to do this, all you have to do is go to the YouTube branding page for adding a new watermark. The list in itself contains a lot of options for adding watermarks where you can select the duration of the watermark in the video which can be set for the entire video.

5. Giveaways and contests, ‘cause we all greedy!

When the day ends and you have completed the hustle for another video on YouTube, remember the channel that you build and the buzz that you create is all for the brand that you are making. The channel and the content in it is the brand that you are and there is something that almost every brand has to do once in a while. Yes, you guessed that right- free giveaway.

You see, the most common quality found in every human being is the fact that they love to receive things for seemingly doing nothing. That is a trait that almost all corporate houses take advantage of. Don’t believe me? Go back and check the free giveaways that most companies during promotional events. The timing and intent of this are not random. This is done with a specific intent and the general mass often falls for this. It is also why ice cream companies offer free tasting.

The free giveaway and contests are always based around the user completing simple tasks like subscribing and posting a screenshot in the comments or subscribing to the channel and filling out a survey form (focus on the subscribe channel). Thus, if you think of the larger game, you’ll know that investing in the free giveaways now will help you later!

Free giveaways based on lucky winners reap subscribers exponentially while building a significant and favorable buzz around your channel on YouTube and other social media platforms.

6. SEO with the YouTube Descriptions, Title, and Meta Tags

SEO plays a vital role these days as creators optimize their videos so that they rank on the search engine and show up more often in the search results of YouTube. I won’t deny that SEO is not all fun and games and that it does require a hint of technicality.

As a media platform, YouTube’s algorithm is set in a way that it keeps the viewers engaged by feeding them with one extraordinary video after the other. The algorithm works in a way that the audience gets hooked and watches more content which will further lead them to watch more ads (which profits YouTube, but it profits you at the same time too!).

The YouTube algorithm’s job is to serve the viewers with a plate of cheese puffs (the videos) – they eat one and they can’t resist eating more! What you can do here is make your videos just as irresistible and visible.

We already covered the ‘irresistibility’, but the ‘visibility’ depends on how better you SEO your content.

In order to keep the audience hooked, YouTube recommends videos that are from the same channel, are related to the same topic, that is most popular in the particular niche, or is relevant considering the watch history of the viewer. One consideration of YouTube’s algorithm is that it also makes use of similar metadata and it is the only aspect that falls under your control.

So what can you do to ensure that YouTube recommends your videos?

1. Adding Keywords? Think of yourself as a librarian

Choose your keywords wisely. Add the obvious keywords that relate to the topic and then add keywords that relate to the category as a whole. Don’t forget to add words that might be used by the audience as an alternative to the main topic’s words.

2. Don’t Create Complicated Titles

It is suggested that one should add the main keyword in the title itself. Your title should also be very crisp; try making it as simple and quirky as you can. Adding keywords in the title itself will let Google bots know what your video is about. You should not be exceeding the limit of 50 characters in the title and make sure to make it a little descriptive so that just by reading the title, the viewer will have an idea of what the video is going to be about.

3. Adding Transcript Will Go A Long Way

Want to make your video more accessible? Transcripts should be your go-to. Transcripts are nothing but another way of helping you with SEO and reaching a larger audience.

4. Your Video Descriptions Should Be Flawless

Instead of crowding your video descriptions with keywords, it is better to take the high road and keep it simple, fun, and engaging. Write a good description and don’t forget to talk about your video and all that it’s about.

5. Intros And Outros For The Win!

Creating a catchy intro and entertaining your audience so that they stick with you are your win-win verticals. Your outro should also be equally enthusiastic so that the viewer taps on the next video from your channel. Intros and outros also give out a feeling of professionalism and you don’t want to miss out on the brownie points, do you?

6. Meta Tags Will Be Your Guardian Angels

Don’t take meta tags lightly. They are a great way to get your video out there efficiently. However, overdoing it may have an unnecessarily negative impact, but you should definitely research well and add relevant keywords that are strewn evenly.

7. Cross-Platform Promotion is important

Promotion done correctly goes a long way. If you wish your videos to get viewers from outside of YouTube then you should definitely hop on other social media platforms.

1. Being active on YouTube will never be enough. Social media rules in today’s era and cross-platform promotions should never be railed to the backseat. Try posting something or the other on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and adding the link to your YouTube video along with it to leverage from these platforms. 

2. Another incredible way to grasp attention is by hopping on blogs and forums and becoming a participant in their discussions; this way you can include your YouTube video’s link at relevant places. To explain it further, say you’re in a blog discussion where the topic is how to ensure that your iPhone’s battery lasts longer, you can include the link of your ‘iPhone hacks’ video with an aim to provide a solution and get more views.

3. Do you know someone who’s an influencer? Or do you think that you can somehow get an influencer’s attention? Try this trick to get a very organic audience as influencers have a large viewer base on their social media accounts and as the name suggests, they influence the audience to do something in a very natural way.

4. Collaboration is one way of asserting the fact that if you wish to create a colony, the building alone won’t ever get you there. Try to collaborate with some websites that relate to your videos and produce backlinks to your YouTube videos to get more views.

5.  An old yet effective way is email marketing – it never goes out of trend. Linking your YouTube channel in your email signature may get many people to end up clicking on it.

6. You can also get on board through other cross-platform promotional strategies such as supporting other creators in the community in exchange for support or by bookmarking your content in numerous prestigious bookmarking sites.

7. If you have a budget to spend money on promotions, then you can also take the help of Google, Instagram, or Facebook ads to reach potential subscribers.

No matter what you do, just stick to the plan like Dwight did, and I’m sure that you’ll succeed, flourish, and gain success rapidly.

8. Grow with others: Collaborate with other YouTubers

Find a match for yourself. Find the Jim to your Dwight, the Chuck to your Nate, the Monica to your Rachel, or the Lily to your Robin. Viewers love it when you match with other creators out there and join hands to create something fun and engaging- something out of the box.

Every Hollywood star has a fan following of their own, and as soon as they appear in a product’s ad, their followers suddenly start paying attention to the brand and vice versa. Similarly, if you collaborate with other creators, you will attract the attention of their followers and they will grasp the attention of yours.

9. Interact and Connect with your Subscribers

In order to create a genuine and organic viewer base, you need to have a convivial and interactive connection with them, so that they feel welcome on your channel. If you build your hype team, you’ll be assured to get more YouTube views with every passing day.

One of the many effective ways to interact and stand out from other creators is by replying to the comments written by your audience. Many creators think of themselves as prestigious personalities and feel like they don’t need to interact with their viewers. My point? Do not be snobbishly popular!

Thus, if you reply to the comments with enthusiasm, love, and politeness, you will get an edge over your competitors. If you will pay attention to your subscribers, they will more likely pay attention to your videos and it will also escalate your subscribers.

Another way to pay attention to your loyal viewers is by tapping the heart on comments that you genuinely like. Getting the creator’s heart will absolutely fill your audience’s heart with joy, so whenever you read a comment that hits your heart or is simply witty, quirky, funny, or nice, don’t forget to heart it so that you connect with your viewers on a ‘hearty’ level. You can also run a YouTube contest or include reaction videos in your channel to engage with your loyal fans.

10. Create Playlists and ‘Power’ Playlists

From Spotify to Amazon, everyone digs the concept of many things put together to create a different style whether it is a song playlist or a list of things one wants to buy. Pick the best of your videos and create a playlist and make sure to add in videos that go together or create a pattern.

Have you created a weekly series where you post a video on that particular topic once every week? You can save your viewers a lot of time and effort by creating a playlist for that series. This will not only help your current followers stay connected, but it will also allow new ones to see the quality and quantity of content on your channel. Oh, and it will also make your channel as airbrushed as JLO is!

Think of your videos as your clothes and accessories and the playlists as the drawers where you need to keep everything neatly.

Once you’re done with your playlists, you can also consider ‘power playlists’. Playlists revolve around a topic. On the other hand, power playlists hop on the end result AKA the outcome. So if playlists are a glass of red wine, power playlists are a glass of red wine along with brownies. Mhm, not a reference that I should be making at the moment, got me all tempted, but you get the point.

11. Get Your ‘Subscriber Magnet’ out there!

Wondering what’s a subscriber magnet? A subscriber magnet is a fancy name given to your video that managed to attract many subscribers. Succinctly, a subscriber magnet is a video that got you double, maybe triple the views that your regular videos garner, apart from getting you a bunch of subscribers.

To know your subscriber magnet, you can go to your channel’s analytics report and then tap on subscribers. Once you’re there, click on see more and then take a look at the video that acted as a hook that fetched many fishes. This video is now your precious gem, and you should use it like a magnet to gain all those subscribers.

1. You can create a playlist where your subscriber magnet is the first and foremost video so that it gets all the attention.

2. You can also add your subscriber magnet to the channel trailer to use it to hook all the new subscribers efficiently.

3. You can also feature your subscriber magnet in your End Screen for effective results.

4. A straightforward yet your go-to way should be to promote the subscriber magnet in a YouTube card.

12. Customize your Channel Page

Embed the ‘SUBSCRIBE’ link to your Channel Page: Embedding the SUBSCRIBE link to your channel is the smart trick to increase YouTube subscriptions, from the people who visit your channel link; it readily removes the friction and allows the users to quickly subscribe to your channel.

Especially for newbies, it comes with a built-in intuitive drag and drop module system to help you create organized layouts in a tad better way and it also allows you to customize your posts while featuring a selection of layout and formatting types and color schemes to single out from.

Design a personalized Channel Icon: Your channel icon is what your viewers see throughout the page, the comments and on their ‘recommended’ section. If the icon isn’t half as interesting as your content is, do you think they’ll really be interested in tapping on your videos? Creating an attractive channel icon starts with scrutinizing what your channel stands for; once you have the hang of it, you can launch the ‘creative-mode’ and start designing a channel icon that stands out and tells a lot in just one ‘small circle’.

Create a Flashy Tagline for your Channel: It isn’t easy to stand out for most of the YouTube channels in the beginning and here is where the struggle starts. If there’s nothing personal about your channel, why would the viewer be interested in the first place? I am not blowing it off for you, but it’s a fact. A channel tagline is a great way to give a personal touch to your content as a whole and the plus point? A strategically created tagline helps with higher ranking and gargantuan traffic.

Your Channel Description is the Window to your Channel: Of course, it is! As I’ve mentioned earlier, the channel description is one place where your SEO skills are put to good use. It’s also the segment that talks about your content and the whole this-is-what-its-about. Therefore, make sure to give readers a description that’s vivid yet creative in its own way.

13. Embed video links to your blogs or website

If someone out there is continuously following your content and reading it on your website or your blog, it is pretty obvious that they dig it and are totally into it. Hence, it is a clear indication that they will also love to become your subscriber. Coming to the point, your website or your blog can turn into a source of many subscribers, and thus, you should embed your YouTube videos to those posts.

14. Use an Engaging and Personalized Thumbnail

Your video’s thumbnail is like a book’s cover that you need to make it so intriguing and out-of-the-world that the viewer immediately taps on your video. Want your thumbnail to sell? Take it from me and add something or the other smiling on the image. As weird as it may sound, it actually works as humans tend to connect with other smiling humans.

An impeccable thumbnail will ensure that your potential viewers turn into your subscribers real quick. This is also because a good thumbnail will lead to an increase in the CTR of your videos (if you know you know. And in case you don’t, CTR= click-through rate).

How to Create an Engaging Thumbnail for your video?

1. Accuracy and clarity are the two main ingredients in the recipe of a unique thumbnail.

2. Your thumbnail should be a reflection of your video and all that it’s about. Don’t go off-topic as your viewers might not come back if you try to trick them. Nobody likes clickbait!

3. Create a mysterious thumbnail so that the viewer is left with no option but to simply watch the video. Tell a story, but don’t give away the plot twists.

4. Get creative, and create beauty.

5. Try to be consistent and create an even vibe.

6. Get colorful, but don’t go too far. You can use the color scheme that has been used in your video.

7. Make weird expressions maybe? It might work if someone finds you cute or funny.

8. Don’t overdo it. As I said earlier, clarity is the key.

15. Understand and Zero in on your Target Audience

As nerdy or bookish as it may sound, understanding your audience will actually be an accomplishment that will stay with you for a long long time. Whatever your niche may be, keep trying different things, and create unique content to find what hits the soul of your audience. Once you do find it, make it your essence, turn it into something you’re known for, and continue to use it to awe-struck your audience each time they watch something new on your channel.

Become ruthless and be meticulous about what goes on your channel and only make videos that please your viewers. Find your unparalleled and creative angle and take it from there, success and subscribers will then follow your footsteps.

Why Does the Target Audience matter?

Wondering why it is so important to find your target audience? Well, it is simply because your target audience will pay utmost attention to your content. Your target audience is like your cheerleader – they will add fuel to the fire of motivation and views (obviously).

As your target audience will watch your videos properly, it will lead those videos to get a better rank on YouTube further leading to a whole new set of viewers. Your target audience also matters as they are the ones who’ll share your video with those who might find it relevant or relatable. They’re like your loyal army and that is why they get all the attention.

Your target audience will also turn into your subscribers as they watch more of your content on a regular basis. From updates to your activity, they’ll get to know about it all. Your target audience is the Jake to your Die Hard. Your ULTIMATE FANS!

If someone is way too much indulged in what you do, they might end up promoting you on their social media accounts as well.

They’ll not only hype you, but you’ll also get on a creative ride with them. A good audience cares about what goes on your channel, and they’ll actively participate to ensure that you do the best of everything.

16. Go Live on YouTube Live

Talking about going live, people nowadays have gotten obsessed with live videos. Live videos are like a very natural yet fun sneak peek into one’s life and several creators regularly go live to stay personally connected with fans by giving them a glimpse of their everyday life.

YouTube Live has been getting all the ballyhoo for a reason and it is not astounding or unforeseen to see how creators are reaching out to their potential viewers by going live every other day. From introducing a product to playing games, pranking someone, roaming around the city, or simply sitting in bed while chatting with the viewers, creators on YouTube do all that it takes to highlight their channels on the platform.

Here’s how live streaming helps increase your YouTube Subscribers
1. Connects You With Your Audience

The first and foremost advantage of going live on YouTube being the fact that you personally connect with the people who watch you and your content on a regular basis. These live streams build a community on their own and your fan base gets a better idea of who you are as a person. From talking about your life to discussing new video ideas, you can do it all with your audience itself.

2. Brand Establishment

Going to life will not only give you a personal connection with your loyal viewer base, but it will also allow you to establish your brand as the audience gets interested in purchasing what they watch. This is a great way to get your brand out there.

3. Your Channel Will Be More Visible Leading To Maximum Reach

Live streams somehow get maximum reach as it is human nature to be interested in what your creator is doing that day. Viewers on YouTube prefer watching live streams and you can use it to gain the interest of many viewers out there.

4. Collaboration Goes A Long Way

By collaborating with other creators you not only grasp the eye of your viewers, but you also get under the spotlight as the viewers of the creator you collaborate with will also notify you. It will also benefit the other creators and hence, it’s a win-win.

17. Consider investing in YouTube Ads

If you have a good budget, you should consider investing in YouTube ads. All these tips will come and go and not all of them may miraculously work for you, but YouTube ads are a foolproof way to entice all the subscribers like a magnet.

Now, don’t you worry? I’m not asking you to empty your wallet. You’ll only need a few bucks to get started, and if you get amazing results, you can continue to do so or increase the budget to get even better results. In cyberspace that is full of videos, putting cash behind yours will make all the subscribers come your way.

Another way to gain YouTube subscribers is by using in-stream ads. In-stream ads will allow you to build a loyal audience. In order to get the best results of this trick, you need to know your audience well; get to know your target market better, and produce videos that add value to something. This way, you’ll be able to catch the attention of a larger audience.

18. Use Endscreens and YouTube Cards

End screen and YouTube cards are clever strategies to grow your subscriber base. How? It keeps pointing the viewers to watch more of your engaging content, in a non-incessant manner, so that once they are satiated watching your videos and feel that your channel is worth subscribing to, they’ll do exactly what you yearn the most. SUBSCRIBE!

End Screens: An End Screen is a call-to-action screen with four different elements depending upon the YouTubers goals that appear at the end of the video, it helps YouTubers to encourage viewers to subscribe, point them to the next video, and promote more videos, website, and campaign.

It is an effective way to increase your YouTube subscriber; if a viewer has reached the end of a video it means that the viewers probably liked your content which likely means they are interested in watching more of your content and with the end screen you can suggest a playlist of more of your videos to the viewers towards the end.

Cards: Cards on YouTube are the clickable and interactive areas that appear during your videos; it allows the YouTubers to add more interactivity during their videos by pointing viewers to URL, showing clips of their other videos, promoting their channel, and even polling the audience.

Cards are mostly for those YouTubers who have a retention problem and viewers drop off at a specific point in one of their videos. Cards give these YouTubers a decent chance of enticing the viewers to watch another video. Since Cards are pop-ups during a video, which must have value, the added videos and playlists must be relevant at that point of the video and provide additional entertainment, helping viewers turn into potential subscribers.

19. ‘Do not forget to Like, Share and SUBSCRIBE’

As a viewer yourself, have you ever observed how the YouTube creators always ask their viewers to Like, Share, and Subscribe to their channel? Not to forget ‘don’t forget to hit the bell icon for all the video updates’? If you remember anything from the mathematics that we learned in school, you’ll know what I’m going to talk about- the number of views on your video is directly proportional to the number of subscribers (Nailed it). Thus, if you have more organic subscribers, you will also have more views on your videos. And the process will double up if your subscribers have also hit that bell icon.

Now, as a content creator, the duty will pass onto you as you’ll be the one asking your subscribers to like, share, subscribe, and hit the bell icon. Now that you know the drill, what’s stopping you? Ask for what you want the most!

20. Never buy YouTube Subscribers!

Planning to gain subscribers by buying them for YouTube? My suggestion for you? Don’t even think about it. The thought of buying YouTube subscribers should not even enter your head, let alone executing it.

No one ever gives the YouTube Terms of Service much importance, but if you want to jump in the pool of buying subscribers for your YouTube channel, you should probably take a look at section 6 of Permissions and Restrictions stated by the platform.

I will not get into the technical details, but to put it in simple words if you choose to buy YouTube subscribers, you will be going against their rules and if YouTube finds out about it, your channel will get terminated or suspended. Trust me, you don’t want to mess with the gatekeepers of the platform.

Now, let’s assume that you buy subscribers without getting under the nose of YouTube. Will it really be of any help to you? Do you really think that those people will continue to engage with your future videos once they’re paid? I DON’T THINK SO. Not getting into such a mess will save you money, time, and the risk of losing your channel altogether. The verdict? Just don’t do it. As tempting as it may sound, nothing good will come from buying YouTube subscribers.

You too can YouTube!

Your untold hours of stress about growing subscribers, fuelling all that you can into your content must have made you stop and think (at least once): ‘is creating unique content all that I have to do in order to grow my YouTube Subscribers? If yes, then why does it feel like I’m moving in circles?’

It’s not just you and I am sure all of the successful YouTubers have been where you are standing at the moment.

Baring your creativity in front of the camera is the new normal, however, to make it alive and shining out of YouTube’s giant sausage machine, the 20 tricks and strategies above will definitely help you stand out.

It may seem like a daunting process to work out on the tricks mentioned above but once you start seeing the desired results, it will all be worth it.

After all, making you big-fat money and earning you subscribers that can help you sit on the throne of much-deserved popularity is what your channel’s raison d’etre is!

Review 20 Tricks to Effectively Grow Your YouTube Subscribers.

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