Affiliate Marketing Software

Published On:5 July, 2022
Ekalavya Hansaj
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Affiliate Marketing Software

Do you see how zombies are living (pseudo) creatures that exist to only make your life impossible? But what if they had a brain? Right, they wouldn’t be zombies anymore!

It’s the same with affiliate marketing- as an affiliate marketer with no affiliate marketing software to help you track your business growth and campaign data, your business is very much like those zombies and the affiliate marketing software is the ‘brain’ that it needs.

We’ve all perceived affiliate marketing in this way- you enroll into an affiliate program, or join an affiliate platform, get accepted to the program, publish content and links on your affiliate channel and earn conversion, eventually leading to earning money.

Think about it – tracking your affiliate data is equivalent to keeping a count of the amount of money you’re investing in affiliate marketing. If you aren’t keeping up with your data, how do you know which campaigns were a hit and which not? How do you know if you’re earning enough traffic for your programs? All I am trying to say is, how do you if your business is growing or slowly moving towards its impending doom?

Right. Get an affiliate marketing software, already… unless you want your business to go out there with hands stretched, grunting, and walking lifelessly (get my point?)

What is Affiliate Marketing Software and Why do you need one?

Affiliate marketing is a vertical where you have two options: if you want to go fast, go alone, and if you want to go far, go with friends. Here your friends are affiliate softwares that empower you to drive your sales to the limits of the sky.

Traditionally, the whole parallel of affiliate marketing revolves around cookies- if you’ve ever ‘accepted cookies’ on a blog or website, the cookie remembers you and helps the website keep you in mind, in return. When you make a purchase through this website you accepted the cookies, the website earns a commission through a larger network or program they’ve enrolled into. Usually, the cookies are forgotten by the website in 30 days, but it really all depends on the programs that the website enrolls into.

Affiliate softwares, in a nutshell, track these cookies, other than several other systems such as Facebook and Google Ads, and pixels, etc. They are a sort of infrastructure that track and manage your affiliate programs with a set of technological solutions to give you in-depth analysis of your campaigns, and programs- your marketing growth in short.

They feature panels for both affiliates and merchants with every possible feature you’d require to track your data- this includes establishing commissions, adding products, getting customized tracking links, and managing your ad campaigns.

Affiliate softwares, unlike platforms do not have a transaction fee for each commission paid, so basically they aren’t just inexpensive but cost-efficient. It gets more intuitive to know which ad campaigns to initiate at what time, all while being able to customize a multitude of things in your programs.

It’s all there!

Trending Affiliate Marketing Softwares You Should Give A Try

Churning out quality products in a field that is cramming with flashy services and softwares can be difficult.

However, I am here to extend a limb and give you quick insights to the top 10 affiliate marketing platforms that have been chosen on the parameters : mobility, comprehensiveness of features, ease and flexibility of use, and cost-efficiency.

With me as your guide, I am sure you can mull about which software is the best fit for you that can help reinforce your programs and track data in a simplistic yet sophisticated manner.

So, let the games begin. It’s Hunger Games in Affiliate Marketing!


Want an on-the-go affiliate tracking software that tracks your performance the best with 100% realistic data and stats? Voluum is your partner! It isn’t about biased reviews because no matter what I write about Voluum on Voluum, there are double-positive reviews strewn all over the Internet that shall prove to you why Voluum is the best affiliate marketing software on the block.


With Voluum offering end-to-end solutions to both advertisers and affiliates, tracking your advertising data, scrutinizing analytics, and optimizing your ad campaigns can’t get any more seamless. The best part about Voluum is that it doesn’t just allow you to track data and provide solutions to make the cut in affiliate marketing; it allows you to do all that on your phone.


Voluum understands that you have a life and you can’t stay on your computer all the time or carry it around for that fact, so it decided to bring all your data on something that you do carry around with you- your mobile device. It can also store information on the cloud to be later accessed by you on any device to keep a pulse on your activities.


Innovation meets profitability with Voluum when you get state-of-the-art features like the ability to monetize campaigns by purchasing convenient and optimal traffic that converts, add limitless campaigns, make landing pages, understand factors that mold your funnels, create lists within your CPA dashboard, and so on.


I can’t really go on and on about Voluum! It’s your cure-all solution. Period.


The lowest prices in the market make Voluum one of the most used affiliate tracking software with plans starting from only $49/month when billed annually. The robust security solutions to keep your confidential data safe make transactions on volume as safe as a tortoise in a shell.


The shell may still crack, but Voluum’s encryption doesn’t.


One of the good and reliable ones out there, Everflow is a cloud-based affiliate marketing software that helps you get the full picture of your business through its innumerable and highly utilitarian features.


If you’ve been watching your success movie in the 4:3 ratio to this point, Everflow is the affiliate tracking software that can help you watch not just in full screen but in 3D. It boasts a simple and flexible interface that is clean and enables users to automate their data collection, track and manage while optimizing all their campaigns from one powerful and amalgamated dashboard.


To determine how your affiliate placements have been performing, Everflow delivers insights to your data in a comprehensive manner with deep analytics. The real-time metrics make it easy to distinguish between advertising placements and drill down into campaign data like profit, revenue, margins, conversions, and clicks, all from one unified dashboard that’s easy to access and get the hang of.


It leverages the Google Cloud Infrastructure to offer speed and scalability at the same time while optimizing your campaigns via SmartSwitch. A handful of features and the pricing? Peanuts. Everflow has one of the lowest prices in the affiliate industry and depends on the number of clicks. So on average, you pay $200 for up to 50k clicks, which is a satiating number and unambiguously reasonable.


The fastest-growing CPA community, Clickbooth, has a multitude of advertisers and different segments to allow you to best filter your search. You can track the number of affiliate commission models such as CPA, CPL, CPC, CPI, and CPE while easily connecting with vetted clients that are worth promoting for.


But that sounds more like a platform, doesn’t it? Which Clickbooth legit is but its in-house affiliate marketing software ThriveTracker isn’t worth missing. With a growing portfolio, Clickbooth recently added an affiliate tracking software, ThriveTracker, to help its consumers with ample performance marketing space. It acts as a ‘home base’ for the clients and affiliates alike to track their affiliate data and make the most out of their business.


Which campaign’s working? Which isn’t it? How do you optimize your ad campaigns? How do you get a proper and accurate report of your conversions and growth? ThriveTracker is the answer to all!


However, I personally felt that the monitoring process and the results weren’t optimal, and if you want to get the most out of their services, you’d have to wait for quite some time while they augment the development and service team to improve the software.


The market network with an in-house tracking and reporting tool, ShareASale, is your one-stop-solution to not just finding the right programs but tracking how much you’re earning from each program.


Sounds perfect, right? It’s going to get even better…


ShareASale is equipped with cutting-edge technologies that include tracking clicks, organizing data, and commendable quality customer support. Real-time tracking of data and following up with specialized and accurate reports by ShareASale that show merchants the crucial facets of a business venture allows for boosted productivity and improved efficaciousness in terms of handling affiliate tools. Apart from this, it becomes the backdoor to tapped earning opportunities that have the potential to boom your business. They also have a FlowXChange feature that gives you full and absolute access to automate your ad-campaigns and earn higher conversions.


ShareASale isn’t just fast or accurate; it’s legit the perfect platform for merchants and affiliates to boost their income regardless of which plane they lie in- domestic or international. The one reason (out of many) I recommend ShareASale is that when you’re welding an affiliate marketer, the software gives you the nudge in the right direction to start getting some cash rolling in. How? It gives you the insight to which links have been clicked and which haven’t been clicked at all, allowing private partitioning of traffic and a multidimensional analytics system so that you know where you’re failing.


Unarguably one of the best affiliate marketing software complemented by a great UI and an extensive set of features that you need to track your affiliate growth efficiently makes ShareASale a software that packs a big punch at little cost. The pricing starts from $200/month, and believe me; it’s one of the most cost-effective affiliate marketing solutions in the market.

Post Affiliate Pro

As the name suggests, this powerful affiliate marketing software is designed to help you grow your business and increase your income through its endless array of features. The one thing that Post Affiliate Pro boasts so proudly is the fact that it can link you to more than 170 CMS. This is why over 2700 companies from all the nooks and corners of the world trust Post Affiliate Pro to give them insight into real and accurate affiliate data.


Using the right affiliate tracker can push your services efficiently, and with Post Affiliate Pro offering you a customizable interface, themes, multilingual software, forced matrix, trend report, and the list goes on- you can’t find a better offer.


With the free integration to countless (not really) CMS, you have the freedom to create and manage your very own affiliate program. Does that mean you can be a merchant too? Of course, duh! And you can do this all from scratch!


Robust security solutions with fully-customizable commission structures give you the opportunity to try your hands on multiple programs and campaigns to find that one gem in the sand that can finally be your key to achieving unbridled success.


The one feature that absolutely won my heart was the direct link tracking. What does that mean? When you see it from the consumer’s point of view, they hesitate to click on affiliate links. This is tackled by Post Affiliate Pro like a pro (never mind the joke) with its efforts to maintain the appearance of your affiliate link and page to increase the number of conversions you get.


Although a pro at its job, Post Affiliate Pro doesn’t charge like one, with prices starting from $97/month and a 14-day free trial to see the power you will be utilizing before making a purchase.


Making well-informed business decisions can be tough without accurate, actionable data to lay the foundation of your decision on ‘which way to go.’ Tune helps you ‘tune’ into this actionable data.


Before everything, the pun was great, wasn’t it?


The point is, with TUNE’s powerful reporting and tracking tools, integrating your email marketing and fraud management systems into your affiliate tracking data doesn’t just get seamless; it gets intuitive.


Geared towards measuring, analyzing, and optimizing your performance in your affiliate programs, TUNE is one affiliate marketing software worth giving a shot. The 2-way API functionality, a highly customizable dashboard to integrate all your integral systems to use, and real-time metric analysis, makes TUNE the perfect off-the-shelf software designed to cater to all your tracking requirements.


Going beyond their call of duty, TUNE also has 24 hours available customer support to make sure that you do not experience any hassles or issues on the software. The reputation matters to them!


For unlimited support and up to 300,00 gross clicks, TUNE is available at only $279/ month. However, if you do not have such impressive data to bother TUNE with, there are plans one step down, so feel free to choose what you want and how much you want to spend on what you want.


PS: If you think TUNE is relatively new in the market, don’t be mistaken. Previously known as HasOffers, TUNE is one name in the affiliate marketing vertical that has crawled its way into the tracking solutions since the earliest of the concept of affiliate tracking.


The ONLY affiliate marketing software that offers unlimited clicks for any of its packages, AffTrack is the solution to many startups and amateur affiliates who do not have to pay a fortune to make optimum use of the resources offered by AffTrack.


More than a tracking system, AffTrack is a powerful solution offering CRM, device targeting, free-epoxy detection with full API options that work in close proximity to your affiliate programs and platforms to enhance your scalability and customization.


Built keeping the needs of affiliates in mind, the software has a mobile-friendly interface that allows them to monitor campaigns and analyze the reports on any device, anytime. What makes it stand out is the incorporation of cap management tools that can potentially increase your revenues.


I am not completely sure about the pricing, but there are often promotional offers on ts pricing with an annual plan after heavy mark-down going for as low as $499. After the first year, the users are charged $799, and with such reasonable pricing, AffTrack has some influential, gigantic networks in-house that leverage it since 2009.


The inclusion of any track in the list is like one of those complicated relationships that you just can’t figure out. For starters, AnyTrack allows you to track and sync conversions using Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. However, on the other hand, it doesn’t provide integration with Amazon Affiliate. How could it not? With so many affiliate marketers based on Amazon Affiliate, not providing integration to the network is downright ridiculous.


Moving on, AnyTrack favors a number of ways to track your data on Google Ads, Facebook and also provides SEO tracking to provide actionable insights allowing you to improve your scalability (and earn more money, of course).


With AnyTrack, a single line of code called AnyTrack TAG connects all the metrics and pixels together and provides webhooks to sync conversions with email marketing tools like MailChimp, API tools, and third party reports.


Just started venturing into the whole new parallel of affiliate marketing? With AnyTrack you can start learning the basics of tracking your data without having to spend money with a free plan that allows up to 5000 sessions per month.


The basic plan is priced at $50/month and the advanced, mostly recommended for agencies at $300/month.


Design. Build. Manage. In a nutshell, every tracking solution offers this. What paints them in different colors is their additional features, and LinkTrust is one affiliate marketing software that has been painted in all the right colors. From tracking to customizing almost everything, which includes logins, ads, and even your tracking links, LinkTrust has got you covered.


Trust me or not, LinkTrust is a software you wouldn’t wanna miss out on. See what I did there?

Packed with numerous features that include (but not limited to) managing and mentoring events, setting up filters, login caps, and the integration of a fraud-detection system to report scamming programs and ad campaigns if you’re a part of one, LinkTrust helps you track all of your affiliate data through pixels, server, post, cookies (duh!), and more. The fraud-detection movement doesn’t just report but also prevents the initiation of any such campaign that could potentially harm your website’s reputation.


The intuitive dashboard allows for a unified junction to all your feature requirements with a centralized view. The best part about the dashboard is the ability to be shared through multiple platforms to let others know how good (or bad) your ad campaigns are moving. Providing deep insights into Google Analytics’ data from the menu in your dashboard, LinkTrust can greatly help you streamline your functions and workflows.


Best known for its gold-standard customer service, LinkTrust offers some of the most competitive prices in the industry, starting at $299/month and spiking up to $799/month depending on the limits of features and extent of monitoring.


With affiliate management and multichannel tracking, HitPath surely deserved a place on the list. With exceptionally friendly and clean UI and features like cross pub campaign acceleration, HitPath allows some serious customizations to improve your scalability as an affiliate marketer no matter how you operate- as a webmaster, email marketer, or an affiliate marketer.


Fast and productive, HitPath has a wide learning curve that makes it one of the best software for tracking growth and data as a beginner. Customer support is available around the clock, and the software also offers free training to get around using the software. This translates to the fact that it was lining up with similar tracking solutions; HitPath allows you to not just adapt to its own interface and features, but most other affiliate marketing software in the market.


HitPath, in all brevity, is the state-of-the-art solution to collecting, tracking, and analyzing your growth as an affiliate marketer with flexible customer support to help you out on your way from day one. Already brimming with features, HitPath also has ‘additional features’ if you ever turn into a large-scale agency or enterprise.


Two elements infused in HitPath that require special mention is that one, it integrates with all your existing processes without any impediments. Two, it is the closest to a solution that saves you the expense and difficulty of tailoring an elegant ‘in-house’ look of your website, allowing affiliates and merchants alike to use skinned and branded interfaces.


You can request a free demo on the official website, but there is no specific pricing for every user, and the cost-model is developed based on your specific requirements.

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