Ekalavya Hansaj VS Ad Forum: Choosing The Best Agency Directories

Ekalavya Hansaj



Are you floundering to create a buzz around your brand vie best agency directories? 


Do you feel like your marketing efforts are falling flat?


If so, you’re not alone. Many enterprises struggle to get noticed in today’s crowded corporate world. That’s where a marketing and advertising agency comes in. But there is an obstacle there, too- you don’t know where to find an agency that will meet your ideologies, will understand your business module, and can convey it explicitly to your target market!


As per recent reports, it has been forecasted that global advertising spending in 2023 is set to increase by 3.8% year-on-year to reach $740.9 billion. The average marketing budget in 2022 was roughly 10% of a company’s total revenue, although a standard rule of thumb recommends that B2B and B2C organizations spend a minimum of 2-5%. However, this number may vary depending on the company and the industry. 


When so much money is at stake, most businesses want to partner with an agency that can give them the best return on investment (ROI). Suppose you are looking for a marketing and advertising agency that can help to boost your sales and bring cash flow. In that case, you can consider shopping for agencies on Ekalavya Hansaj’s marketplace.


Today’s blog analyzed two leading agency directories, Ekalavya Hansaj and Ad Forum. 


At its core, these agency directories are designed to help businesses find their ideal partners, while it’s a good platform for agencies to seek new clientele and showcase their portfolios.


From being the go-to SaaS platform for agencies to providing online courses and job directories, these agency platforms have a lot to offer.


With years of experience and a deep understanding of consumer behavior, the two SaaS platforms for agencies can help you cut through the noise and get your message in front of the right people. 


So if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, consider partnering with agency listing platforms. But the daunting task can be choosing the right kind of agency platform that helps you scale your business. Below, we’ve outlined every detail of Ekalavya Hansaj and Ad Forum to help you make an informed choice. Let’s dive in.


About Ekalavya Hansaj Agency Directory


Ekalavya Hansaj is a global advertising and marketing agency that uses state-of-the-art technology to help its clients reach their business goals. The company was founded in 2016 by Ekalavya Hansaj. He is a serial entrepreneur and heads several top enterprises.


The company is a boon for all agency owners. Under one roof, you find agencies marketing agencies, podcasters, online course directories, partner programs, and sever SaaS tools. Our services are available across the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, the rest of Europe, Asia, and MENA countries. 


Through Ekalavya Hansaj, you find the solution to all your day-to-day operational maladies.


Ekalavya Hansaj’s comparative advantage lies in its focus on using the latest technology to help its clients accomplish their business goals. They apprehend that marketing and the digital space is constantly evolving, and our team is committed to staying ahead of the curve. 


By leveraging data analytics, they create targeted and effective marketing campaigns tailored to each client’s unique needs.


Ekalavya Hansaj’s team of experts possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience across various industries, allowing them to provide customized solutions that cater to individual clients. They offer various services, including social media management, SEO optimization, content creation, branding, and website design.


For agency owners, Ekalavya Hansaj offers a range of tools that streamline their operations and help them grow their businesses. Our SaaS platforms for software and podcasting allow agencies to manage your business’s operations more efficiently and expand your reach.


About Ad Forum Agency Directory


AdForum is an online agency directories platform that connects advertisers and agencies worldwide. It offers a comprehensive database of agencies, their work, and industry news.


Since 1999, AdForum has provided advertising agencies and production firms a platform to display their work to brands and potential new business partners.


Today, AdForum represents 25,000 agencies, a Creative Library showcasing over 200,000 campaigns, collaborations with leading award shows, and unrivaled worldwide reach with offices in New York and Paris.


The company provides a range of industry insights, including news, trends, and reports on the advertising industry. Advertisers can stay current on the latest industry news and trends, helping them make informed decisions about their advertising strategy.


AdForum is an essential tool for businesses looking to connect with agencies globally. It provides various services, including agency search and selection tools, industry insights, and agency reviews. 


Advertisers can use the agency directories platform to make informed decisions about choosing the right agency partner for their brand. With AdForum, advertisers can be confident they are selecting the best agency for their advertising needs.


Ekalavya Hansaj Vs Ad Forum


We have done a comparative analysis to help you make an informed choice. Let us get started!


Agency Directories


Ad Forum provides robust agency directories. About 25000+ companies are listed on the agency platform. The agencies hail from different industries and niches, providing businesses access to best-in-class talent within a budget. If you are an agency looking to increase your clientele? Then register yourself on the platform; the premium package for listing your company begins at $459 a month. 


Ekalavya Hansaj agency directories cover various core industries such as advertising, branding, digital, consulting, finance, and more. 10,000+ agencies are listed in the marketing agency listing alone. 


Businesses looking to find an agency in their area can find a partner by using the location filter on Ekalavya Hansaj. The easy-to-navigate dashboard and intuitive UI are bonuses.


If you are an agency looking to increase your visibility and establish yourself as a brand, becoming part of the Ekalavya Hansaj agency platform will provide you with that opportunity! 


The basic monthly package starts from $ 499. By paying this nominal fee, you get a promoted placement feature, published content, find the right buyers, and increase your opportunities. 


Partner Platform


Ad Forum leverages its unique partnerships to create the largest community of marketing and advertising professionals. The company’s partner listing varies from consultancy to academic institution. Some top Ad Forum partners are AACC (Association des Agences Conseils en Communication), Paris; AAR Partners, US; ADASIA, Singapore; and others. To become a part of the Ad Forum partners platform, you need to send them a message, letting them know of your interest.


On the other hand, Ekalavya Hansaj is an elaborate partner listing platform. Our partners listing platform helps businesses to discover the best partner program in the world. Like our agency directories, the Ekalavya Hansaj partners platform also offers listing opportunities to all the industry types with a location filter. From accounting, and advertising to video and podcasting, no matter which industry you fall in, you can always be a part of the Ekalavya Hansaj partner platform. 


Each month, the platform comes up with the “Partners Of The Month ” feature, which puts the partners in the spotlight, thus, increasing their visibility, brand recognition, and income stream. 


Some of the top partners on the platform are Adzooma, Apollo, Apparel Magic, Omnisend, Paymo, and so on. The joining process of Ekalavya Hansaj’s partner’s listing process is very transparent. 


Podcast Directories


Ekalavya Hasanj includes podcast directories too. In today’s marketing landscape, podcasts are pivotal in promoting businesses. It is a creative way to promote your brand’s offerings. But most companies often need help finding a podcaster.


If you are a podcaster who feels you can impact a business and lead to excellent audience engagement, you can submit your podcast on our platform. 


Famous podcast personalities are already a part of the Ekalavya Hansaj podcast platform, such as Adrian Smith, Alex Goldman, Avery Trufelman, Danilo Battistini, Donnie Roberts, Eric Molinsky, Harrison Wild, Ira Glass, Jonathan Sims, Jordan Shenton, KC Wayland, Linda Castro, Roman Mars, and Sarah Vowell.  


To become a part of the agency’s podcast directories, you can enroll on a monthly or yearly subscription basis starting from $499. 


AdForum is yet to have this feature. 


So, you know now where you should sign up to get a comprehensive service.


Job Directories


Ad Forum’s long list of directories also includes a Job listing platform. Companies can advertise their job on the website in a few simple steps. In addition, job seekers can search for their dream job on Ad Forum’s job directories. However, one of the major drawbacks of the job directory is that it only includes jobs related to the advertisement industry.


Contrary to that, Ekalavya Hansaj allows you to post job advertisements related to various fields, including advertising, content management, finance and accounting, social media, and much more. The job directories also include some free job resources that help job seekers to ace their screening processes. 


Just like the “Partners of the Month”, Ekalavya Hansaj also displays “Jobs of the Month” to attract the best of the best talents for the selected agencies. 


As a job seeker, you can search for openings based on location, skills, and city- job hunting has never been so easy! Now, get an opportunity to work with the world’s leading agencies.


Online Course Directories


Ad Forum’s online course directories include case studies and videos from industry leaders. It provides much insightful information for learners and young enthusiasts. You can also find courses from top universities that will allow you to upskill with easy-button solutions.


On the other hand, Ekalavya Hansaj has a more organized user interface for its online course directories. You can choose your online courses based on 3 types; Ivy League, Provider, and Skill. The agency includes courses such as Private Equity and Venture Capital, Content Marketing, Game Theory, and more. 


Academic institutions from varied fields can be a part of Ekalavya Hansaj’s online course directories by submitting their courses to the online course platform. On our online course platforms, members can showcase all their online courses in their profile and add relevant details, such as course title, description, hours taught, and fees charged. 


The dashboard is accessible to both course providers and course seekers. Upskill on ekalavyahansaj.com, and you can find your next gig on our platform too!


Comparison Between The Two Agency Directories


CategoriesEkalavya HansajAd Forum
Agency Directory A more inclusive platform consisting of 10,000+ agencies in each sub-categoryConsist of 25000+ categories throughout the platform
Partner PlatformPartner with top global agencies and expand your service offerings and increase ROIProvides a diverse partner listing repository.
Podcast DirectoryRobust podcast directoriesDo not have a podcast directory
Job DirectoryContains job listings from many industriesOnly Advertisement Job Listing
Online Course DirectoryEasy-to-use user interface and 360-degree dashboardIt can become a little challenging to navigate the site


Ekalavya Hansaj Price Module


Below is the detailed price analysis of both Ekalavya Hansaj and the different plans on offer from us. Users can pick any pricing plan that suits their needs and bill it monthly or yearly. However, the best seller package in all the categories is the availing of the yearly plan.  


Agency Directory$499/month






Partner Platform$499/month






Podcast Directory$499/month






Job Directory$499/month






Online Course Directory$499/month







Besides this, Ekalavya Hansaj provides customized plans, tailor-made according to your demands. Each element is priced as follows:


Add a Promoted Location $250 per year$250 per year$250 per year
Agency Concierge $300 per year$300 per yearIncluded in the enterprise plan
Agency Evaluation $10,000 One Time$10,000 One Time$10,000 One Time
Dedicated Account Management and Done For You Agency Handling$999 per year$999 per year$999 per year
Assisted Advertising$999 per year$999 per year$999 per year
Managed Advertising Services$9999 per year$9999 per year$9999 per year
Managed Marketing Services$9999 per year$9999 per year$9999 per year
Managed Content Marketing Services$9999 per year$9999 per year$9999 per year
Managed Public Relations Services$9999 per year$9999 per year$9999 per year
Managed Guaranteed Campaigns Services$9999 per year$9999 per year$9999 per year
Managed Agency Services$49999 per year$49999 per year$49999 per year
Custom Agency Profile$999 per year$999 per year$999 per year
Premium Support$499 per year$499 per year$499 per year
Exclusive Articles$1999 per article$1999 per article$1999 per article
Brand Pages$999 per year$999 per year$999 per year
Hire Ekalavya Hansaj as an advisor/Functional CMO/Board Member/Chief Editor$100k per year$100k per year$100k per year
Apply To Write On Ekalavya Hansaj$1000 per year$1000 per year$1000 per year
Apply to Write on Ekalavya Hansaj 250+ News Brands$29999 per year$29999 per year$29999 per year
Design Readiness and Evaluation$2000$2000$2000
Pricing Evaluation Report$2000$2000$2000


To know more about Ekalavya Hansaj’s customized plan, you can contact us through our official website


What Gives Ekalavya Hansaj An Edge Over Ad Forum?


If you are still trying to convince yourself why Ekalavya Hansaj is a better choice than any other platform, then learn about our USPs and benefits.


Increases your discoverability


Although your agency might offer world-class services, it is still not generating the right revenue stream. This might be because your brand is not effectively visible to the right audience. Therefore, your agency must showcase its services correctly and on the right platform. 


By listing your agency on the Ekalavya Hansaj platform, you expose yourself to clients worldwide. You can see almost a 10X boost in revenue.


Reach the right audience


Ekalavya Hansaj’s platform for agencies is assisting the world’s most reputable agencies in attracting a more significant number of purchasers for their services, solutions, and content. 


Our platform allows businesses to streamline their search for potential partners and engage with them immediately. Companies can quickly locate the appropriate partner in diverse categories, such as podcasts, online courses, partner programs, software tools, sponsors, etc.


Advertising Options


World-class advertising solutions, including promoted placements, services, projects, locations, and many more, allow for better visibility and more revenue generation for agencies listed on our platform. Non-members who want to advertise on Ekalavya Hansaj can contact our Inbound Sales Team.


Free Resources


The member dashboard is brimming with free opportunities for our members to take advantage of on our platform, including free press releases, free articles, marketplace bill billing discounts, discounts on our subscription plans, customized merchandisers, 25% off on profile claims, and many more. 


Competitive advantage


The media, news, and entertainment colossus Ekalavya Hansaj provides solutions and services to marketing agencies, content creators, and course creators. 


The bespoke and managed agency services plan benefits our member agencies with additional competitive advantages, including access to our ad-serve platform, the option to publish themselves and their clients on our 250+ news brands, author accounts on 250+ news brands and many more.




Apart from these, Ekalavya Hansaj also includes a marketplace where they offer quality services. The marketplace offers services like;


  • Advertising


  • Branding


  • Collaterals


  • Consulting


  • Content


  • Contributors


  • Customized


  • Designs


  • Domain


  • Influencers and Creators


  • Marketing


  • Memberships


  • Online Courses


  • Podcasting


  • Public relations


  • Social Media


  • Video Production


This is a unique feature provided by Ekalavya Hansaj. No other competitor offers these services. A team of professional experts provides all the benefits mentioned above. Almost 7,00,000+ members have already worked with the team and have reached new heights. 




In conclusion, Ekalavya Hansaj is an innovative advertising and marketing SaaS platform for agencies and business owners leading the industry. With Ekalavya Hansaj at the helm, the agency offers a data-driven marketing approach tailored to each business’s needs. They have a wide range of services that cater to businesses across various industries.


Using our services, many agencies, businesses, freelancers, and content creators have earned thousands of dollars. They have showcased their entire gamut of work on a single dashboard allowing for better brand awareness and recognition. We are a one-stop solution for marketing agencies and creators. 


Are you still sitting on the fence? Speak to our consultants today and get all your doubts cleared!


Join Ekalavya Hansaj today and gain access to our exclusive ad-serve platform and the ability to publish yourself and your clients on our extensive network of news brands. Choose Ekalavya Hansaj and take your business to new heights.




What are agency directories?


Agency directories are online databases or directories of public relations, marketing, and advertising firms. These directories usually include information about each agency’s services, capabilities, client lists, contact information, and website links. Businesses and organizations frequently use agency directories to find potential agency partners to assist them with their marketing and communications needs. 


Companies can easily compare the services and expertise of different agencies and read reviews and ratings from other clients by using an agency directory.


What are job directories?


Job directories are job listings on online platforms from various employers from different industries and locations. These job directories help you create your job profile, apply for preferred jobs, and follow up with your applications. 


Various agencies also take help from these job directories to find and hire the best talent for their firm.



What are online course directories?


Online course directories are the digital space where academic institutions, individuals, or organizations can publish their courses online. These directories include various online courses in different subjects, including business, technology, healthcare, arts, and many more. 


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