Ekalavya Hansaj Vs Ad Rnked: Picking The Best Agency Listing Platform

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Businesses need exceptional marketing strategies in the digital age we live in today to stay one step ahead of the competition while picking the best agency listing platform for their companies. To do this, they require the assistance of qualified and knowledgeable agencies about how to market brands effectively. Given the abundance of options, picking the best agency can be difficult. 




According to a recent survey by Clutch, finding a reliable marketing agency is the biggest challenge for 55% of businesses. The same study also revealed that 27% of companies had changed marketing agencies in the previous year due to subpar performance. These figures show that companies should carefully weigh their options when choosing a marketing agency which is only possible with a reliable Agency listing platform




Ekalavya Hansaj and Ad Rnked are two well-known websites or SaaS platforms for Agencies that help connect businesses with the top agencies worldwide. While both platforms have their merits, selecting the right one for having the finest listing platform with you is crucial to the success of your marketing campaign. So which one should you choose? We’re here to help you find that out!






About Ekalavya Hansaj Agency Listing Platform





Ekalavya Hansaj is a cutting-edge Listing platform created to make it easier for companies to partner with the best experts and find solutions to their business needs. The platform’s foundation is that businesses should have access to verified experts in their fields who can provide high-quality services.




Businesses have a simple and effective way to find the right experts thanks to its cutting-edge algorithms and data-driven methodology. You can easily access a worldwide network of highly regarded experts in their Agency Listing who have been thoroughly vetted and verified by them with just a few clicks.




One of the finest listing platforms have you covered whether you need a marketing consultant, a software developer, or an HR specialist. The platform’s extensive list of categories and subcategories makes it simple for businesses to find qualified professionals to handle their unique requirements.




The finest Partner Directories have a professional community of people passionate about providing top-notch services and expertise to support the success of businesses, not just a platform for companies to find experts.




One of the best agency platforms also offers a variety of resources, such as a podcast platform, books, and other materials that assist people in upskilling and improving their knowledge, in addition to the course directory. These materials offered by the agency platform cover a variety of subjects, including business, technology, marketing, and more.




It is one of the top agency listings or the best resource available for anyone looking to learn new skills, expand their knowledge, and establish connections with reputable businesses to handle their unique needs. It is simple to understand why the agency platform is a preferred choice for businesses, agencies, and individuals, given the wealth of resources, great listing resources, employment opportunities, and user-friendly interface it offers.






About Rnked





A SaaS platform for Agencies called Rnked aims to link companies with subject-matter experts in various industries. It provides a simple way for companies to find the ideal specialist for their requirements. Companies can create an account and search the agency directories platform’s database of experts after registering.




The time-consuming task of finding experts can be effectively solved with Rnked’s SaaS platform for Agencies. It frees up businesses to concentrate on their core operations by removing the need for them to look for the ideal candidate.




The agency platform has access to a sizable database of specialists in many different disciplines, including marketing, design, law, and more. This gives companies a wide selection of options, ensuring they find the ideal candidate for their requirements. Additionally, the Agency Listing platform has a search and filter feature that helps businesses focus their search and find experts who have the particular skills they need.






Ekalavya Hansaj VS Rnked: Let’s See Who Among The Two Agency Listing Platforms Win!





So far, you must be wondering both the SaaS platform for Partner has quite a close competition. In reality, this isn’t the case. One agency listing platform defeats the other by a great margin. Want to know which one? Keep reading as we put the two agencies for a face-off in various parameters:




  • Agency Directory:





Agency directories Platforms like Ekalavya Hansaj and Rnked facilitate connections between companies and qualified consultants and agencies. Rnked does not offer a more thorough agency listing than Ekalavya Hansaj. Businesses can easily find the ideal agency for their needs by using the Ekalavya Hansaj service, which allows agencies to list and advertise their services. Rnked, in contrast, doesn’t have any agency platform and only focuses on connecting companies with specific experts.





  • Partner Platform:






Verified organizations can join Ekalavya Hansaj’s unique partner platform to market their products and programs. Rnked does not offer this feature, and companies cannot collaborate directly with agencies through the SaaS platform for Software.





  • Podcast Directories:





An extensive podcast platform with shows on subjects like business, technology, and personal development is available at Ekalavya Hansaj. The platform offers a simple user interface that makes it simple for users to search for, browse, and listen to podcasts. However, Rnked lacks a Podcast Listing, so companies looking for podcasts on particular subjects must look elsewhere than the SaaS platform for Software.





  • Job Directories:





Businesses can easily find and hire the best talent thanks to Ekalavya Hansaj’s job directory, which allows verified agencies to post job openings. Companies looking for a SaaS platform for Jobs must look elsewhere because the job directory is not accessible on Rnked’s SaaS platform for Software.





  • Online Course Directories:





Rnked and Ekalavya Hansaj provide online course directories that let companies upskill their staff. Ekalavya Hansaj offers various classes on various subjects, including business, marketing, design, and more. The Online Course platform also has a simple revenue-sharing model that guarantees instructors a fair share of course sales and a user-friendly interface. 




Compared to Ekalavya Hansaj, Rnked’s online course listing is more constrained and offers a smaller variety of courses.





  • Pricing: 





The partner listing platform offers businesses various pricing options, including free and paid plans with extra features. Rnked, on the other hand, as a SaaS platform for partners, does not show such transparency when it comes to pricing, and you will need to contact them every time to get a quote.




Overall, Ekalavya Hansaj provides an agency listing platform that is more complete than Rnked. It has a comprehensive directory of agencies, a unique partner platform, a comprehensive podcast listing, a comprehensive guide of jobs, and a more comprehensive online course listing. Additionally, the Software Directories platform provides instructors and businesses with a user-friendly interface, a clear revenue-sharing structure, and competitive pricing. While Rnked is a good platform for connecting businesses with specific experts, the partner listing platform lacks Ekalavya Hansaj’s features and functionality, like the SaaS platform for Job.






Comparing The Two Agency Listing Platforms: Ekalavya Hansaj & Rnked





Now that we have compared the two partner platform, you must have noticed the superiority of Ekalavya Hansaj as an agency platform provides. Its services are more comprehensive and have a checklist for ensuring that whoever partners with them includes quality. The partner platform’s superiority can be owed to our team of professionals who have lived and breathed this space for years, giving them the experience to know how to perfect each element. Moreover, our team is constantly in touch with any businesses that might need their assistance to make sure they make informed decisions on our website. This has resulted in a community of thousands and the top brands being our loyal customers for years. 




 Let us get an overview of both the agency directories as well:




CriteriaEkalavya HansajRnked
Agency DirectoriesOffers a comprehensive agency listing and advertising servicesDoes not offer a thorough agency listing
Partner PlatformOffers a unique partner platform for verified organizationsDoes not offer a partner platform for companies to collaborate with agencies
Podcast DirectoriesOffers an extensive podcast platform with a simple user interfaceLacks a podcast listing
Job directoriesOffers a job directory for verified agencies to post job openingsDoes not offer a job directory for businesses
Online course directoriesOffers a broader range of classes on various subjects in its SaaS platform for online courseOffers a smaller variety of courses in its online course listing
PricingProvides a range of pricing options, including a free planLacks transparency in pricing and requires contacting for a quote





For companies searching for the ideal agency directories, an online course listing, a SaaS platform for jobs, or a podcast platform, Ekalavya Hansaj is a more comprehensive platform. In contrast to Rnked, which only focuses on connecting businesses with specific experts, the platform provides various verified agencies that companies can work with. 




Ekalavya Hansaj differs from Rnked in that verified organizations can collaborate with the platform to market their products and initiatives. This is made possible by the unique partner platform it offers. Here are a few reasons why it is challenging to defeat Ekalavya Hansaj as a partner platform:




First and foremost, Ekalavya Hansaj has proven to be a reliable and trustworthy agency platform. The agency directories platform has developed a solid reputation by giving its customers top-notch services over the years. Businesses can rely on the agencies listed in their verified agency directories to be skilled and able to deliver the required services. Building up to this level of trust would take a lot of time and effort, which is difficult to replicate with any other Saas Platform for a partner or partner platform.




Second, Ekalavya Hansaj has a broad selection of services tailored to business requirements. For firms to find the required services, Ekalavya Hansaj offers a one-stop shop with agency listings, job directories, and online course directories. It is a preferred agency platform because of its extensive offerings and user-friendly interface.





Thirdly, Ekalavya Hansaj, as a partner platform, prioritizes innovation and works hard to keep up with market demands. It quickly adopts new technologies and trends and continuously updates its platform to meet the changing needs of businesses. This guarantees that it remains innovative and offers cutting-edge solutions to businesses.





Lastly, Ekalavya Hansaj, as an agency directories platform, has a sizable user and partner community. It has established a network of reputable businesses and organizations that give companies high-quality services. This community is a priceless resource that gives Ekalavya Hansaj an advantage over rival SaaS platforms for partner






Success Stories Of Ekalavya Hansaj: How We Have Helped in Different Fields






Now let’s move a step ahead and look at some of the agency platform’s success stories. This will make the picture of our partner platform more clear to you as it will provide you with real-life examples of how the SaaS platform for partners was able to bring a significant change for businesses right from small to big ones





  • A startup had trouble selecting the best agency platform to support its marketing initiatives. They used the agency directories from Ekalavya Hansaj, which gave them a list of the best agencies in their sector. The agency listing allowed the startup to find an agency that suited their needs and assisted them in achieving their marketing objectives.




  • To reach more customers, a business wanted to grow its partner network. They sought potential partners who shared their values and objectives using the Ekalavya Hansaj partner platform. As a result, the company forged alliances with several companies, which aided in expanding its customer base and opening up new markets. They have been a loyal member of the SaaS platform for Agencies 




  • In a crowded market, a software company was having trouble standing out. They used the software listing platform run by Ekalavya Hansaj to promote their offering and establish contact with potential customers. The Software Platform allowed the provider to improve visibility and attract more clients. Many other top organizations have taken the support of the SaaS platform for Software




  • A job seeker was having trouble locating openings in their industry. They applied for positions that matched their skills and experience using the job platform provided by Ekalavya Hansaj. The job listing platform helped the job seeker land a role in the industry of their choice along with online course listing as well to keep upskilling himself in his work




  • A small company started a podcast to talk about market trends and give helpful advice to other people in their field. The company reached a larger audience and drew in new listeners by adding its podcast to Ekalavya Hansaj’s podcast platform. Additionally, they made connections with other professionals in the field whose podcasts were listed on the SaaS platform for podcasts. Thanks to this collaboration, they established themselves as thought leaders in their industry and spread knowledge to a larger audience.




  • The company was able to expand its audience and gain a dedicated following of listeners as a result of listing its podcast on Ekalavya Hansaj’s SaaS platform for the podcast. This allowed them to draw in more clients interested in their expertise and helped them build a solid reputation.





These are classic examples showcasing how the agency platform takes businesses of all sizes, individuals from various fields, and every element into the picture of providing the perfect solutions for everyone. It is a true testament to the vast experience our founder – Ekalavya Hansaj, has as he was able to gather each pain point and acknowledge them in one place with utmost quality. 






To Sum Up: Giving You A Clear Winner To Opt! 





To sum up, Ekalavya Hansaj is undoubtedly the best agency directories platform for companies looking to improve their marketing plans and expand their brand. The Online Course Platform distinguishes itself from rivals thanks to our distinctive features and extensive services, giving businesses an advantage.




Working with Ekalavya Hansaj – one of the top agency directories, has many benefits, one of which is access to its agency listing, which is curated to include only the best, most reliable agencies from around the globe. This feature of the Online Course Platform ensures companies are only matched with the best agency that fits their unique needs and allows them to accomplish their marketing objectives efficiently. The agency directories platform also provides businesses additional value through its Partner Platform, Podcast Directory, and Job Directory, making it a one-stop shop for all their marketing requirements.





The dedication of Ekalavya Hansaj – one of the best agency directories platform to audience upskilling is yet another feature that distinguishes it from its rivals. The platform provides access to a sizable library of books, a SaaS platform for Podcasts, webinars, and other resources to assist businesses in staying current and enhancing their marketing expertise. Companies have access to a wealth of knowledge on various marketing strategies and techniques that they can use to expand their brand, thanks to the Online Course platform’s more than 100 podcasts. 





Furthermore, one of the most extensive and varied resources for businesses to upskill their employees is Ekalavya Hansaj’s SaaS platform for Online Courses. Companies have access to a vast database of high-quality courses to train and develop their staff, with courses ranging from digital marketing to UX design. 94% of workers would stay with a company longer if it supported their career development, according to LinkedIn.





Another reason businesses should pick Ekalavya Hansaj – one of the best results giving agency directories over its rivals is the pricing strategy of the platform. The Job Listing platform provides adaptable pricing schemes that accommodate companies of all sizes, making it a cost-effective choice for companies looking to maximize their marketing efforts.





Additionally, the agency directories platform provides a pay-per-lead model, under which companies only pay for the leads the platform generates. Businesses can better manage their marketing budgets and are guaranteed to get value for their money.





Finally, it’s essential to highlight the finest agency directories’ top-notch customer support. Businesses can contact the platform’s dedicated customer service representatives anytime with questions or problems. This element of the Online Course Platform guarantees that companies receive the assistance required to meet their marketing objectives and strengthen their brand.






Frequently Asked Questions






Q1. When was Ekalavya Hansaj founded?





Ekalavya Hansaj – one of the best agency listing platforms today, with more than ten years of experience in the field, founded Ekalavya Hansaj in February 2020. Hansaj had previously worked for over 91 different companies, developing essential knowledge and abilities in the process.




He has used his experience to develop an agency listing offering customers high-quality services, Job Listing, etc. Even though the Job Platform is still reasonably new, Hansaj’s vast experience has allowed him to build a reputation for excellence in the field quickly.







Q2. What is the expected CAGR for the digital marketing industry?






The estimated value of the global digital marketing market in 2022 was 321 billion USD. Additionally, it is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 13.1% from 2023 to 2028, with a market value of approximately USD 671.86 billion by then.






The growing number of people actively engaging with and creating digital content through various channels is the main factor driving this industry’s predicted high growth prospects. This trend is anticipated to continue as technology develops and internet accessibility rises, giving businesses plenty of chances to use digital marketing techniques.






Q3. Which is one of the leading agency listing platforms globally?





If we speak on a global scale, Ekalavya Hansaj has been one of the most consistent agency listing platforms when it comes to giving incredible results for businesses. Our strict guidelines for the agencies to partner with us ensure that quality is not compromised when any companies contact them through the platform. 


The whole team of Ekalavya Hansaj is highly motivated to give our audience the best experience. We have gathered a community of 1000s, making it one of the leading listing directories.

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