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Trending FAQ's

How are payments handled between sellers and buyers on your marketplace for agencies?

All the projects on Marketplace for Agencies are on a prepaid model. Buyers need to fund every agreed upon milestone in advance. Sellers are released funds only upon successful delivery and handover of the projects.

When do the sellers/freelancers receive their payments for projects delivered on the marketplace for agencies?

Freelancers/sellers receive their payments within 1-5 working days from the time their projects have been marked as successfully delivered.

What are supported payment methods?

Our supported payment methods are credit cards, debit cards, Domestic Wire Transfer and SWIFT Transfer.

Who handles payment disputes between the sellers and buyers on Ekalavya Hansaj’s Marketplace for Agencies?

Payment disputes are a rarity on Ekalavya Hansaj’s marketplace for agencies and freelancers. In the event, it does happen; we mediate between the seller and buyer.
Ekalavya Hansaj’s marketplace for agencies does not cover payments made outside the scope of our marketplace for agencies platform.

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