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Helping World’s Top agencies publish and showcase their best Affiliate Marketing articles and agency specific Affiliate Marketing stories on Ekalavya Hansaj and its network of over 250+ and counting news brands. Discover best Affiliate Marketing articles from world’s top agencies in US, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia and MENA.

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Our stories platform works on a data driven & recommendation model that enables our members to publish educational, informative and how to do articles for the agency industry. Our member agencies also have an option to contribute articles for our 250+ News Brands.

How Stories Work?

Only paid members are allowed to publish articles on our stories platform on Ekalavya Hansaj and our 250+ News Brands. Non-members must sign up using “Add Agency” in order to publish articles. Articles take between 1-7 working days for approval and publishing depending on your current plan type. Articles published on our platform is also circulated across our news brands.

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Not an agency and still want to get published? You can “Apply To Write” for our platform and our news brands. Apply to write is a paid authorship program and accepted members need to pay membership fees of $1000.00 per author account. Both individual and agency owned author accounts get separate by-lines and article credits.

Best Affiliate Marketing Agencies in UK

Human psychology makes us trust recommendations from people we know or trust- leading to the increasing popularity of affiliate marketing. According to Rakuten/Forrester Research, 90% of businesses and advertisers believe affiliate marketing is essential to their marketing strategy. Over 80% of advertisers used an affiliate marketing scheme to increase website traffic and sales.  agency specializes […]

Top 20 Performance Marketing Agencies in USA

Did you know that the current value of the advertising and marketing market in the USA is a staggering 460 billion dollars? This makes clear that online marketing is the most effective manner. But to ensure that you do that, you need to make sure that you are using the best methods in the best […]

Top 20 Pay Per Click Agencies in USA

PPC advertising has become a go-to option for businesses to reach their target audience online. However, conducting an effective PPC campaign may be difficult and time-consuming. To make the most out of their advertising budget and meet their goals, many companies seek help from an agency platform. These platforms assist businesses in optimizing their PPC […]

Top 20 Affiliate Marketing Agencies in USA

Are you looking forward to improving the affiliate marketing programs this year? If you’ve been investing in affiliate programs that aim at generating business growth but are failing consistently, it’s time to meet an affiliate marketing agency platform. Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry globally that is estimated to have a worth of over […]

20 Tips to Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Agency Platform

Brief Introduction     Brands often struggle to reach their target customers through traditional marketing techniques, but affiliate marketing is one great way to cut through the noise and reach your users. Businesses often use affiliate marketing as a marketing strategy to drive traffic to their websites and increase revenue. If you own an affiliate […]

20 Tips to Grow Your Marketing Agency Platform

Are you having trouble expanding your marketing agency platform and wondering how to get additional clients? Do you want to grow your company but don’t know where to start? Agency directories are your best bet! We’ll provide you with 20 suggestions in this article on how to make the most of these agency listing platforms […]

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Softwares Your Agency Shouldn’t Miss

Heard about Affiliate Marketing Softwares?     Do you see how zombies are living (pseudo) creatures that exist only to make your life impossible? But what if they had a brain? Right, they wouldn’t be zombies anymore!     It’s the same with affiliate marketing- as an affiliate marketer with no affiliate marketing software to […]

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Affiliate Marketing News

Strategy for Optimizing Advertising ROI

In today’s competitive business landscape, maximizing the return on investment (ROI) from advertising campaigns is crucial for success. It’s not just about getting clicks or conversions; it’s about generating more revenue than the money spent on ads. To achieve this, businesses must measure the return on ad spend (ROAS) and implement effective strategies to optimize […]

10 Proven Strategies to Boost Your Social Media Advertising Agency

Social media presence is crucial for any business, including social media advertising agencies. As billions of users actively browse these social media platforms, it presents a massive opportunity to reach and engage with your target audience. However, just a simple presence does not help, and to truly stand out and succeed, you must implement effective […]

Best Blockchain Development Agencies in UK

Blockchain technology has established itself as a legitimate industrial revolution disruptor with its capability of making the history of any digital assets unmodifiable. Top blockchain development companies offers a complete revamp of the internet, allowing consumers to have greater control over their digital assets and communicate directly with software without needing any middleman.  This technology […]

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Affiliate Marketing Resources

AI Study Report for Resources
Direct Marketing Workshop Presentation
Storytelling Keynote Presentation
how to not loose your customer
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Affiliate Marketing FAQ's

What is Ekalavya Hansaj’s Stories Platform?

Ekalavya Hansaj’s Stories platform allows agencies and business owners to publish and showcase all their articles on Ekalavya Hansaj and its 250+ news brands and get in front of their targeted audience.

Is it free to publish articles on Ekalavya Hansaj’s Stories Platform?

No. Only member agencies can publish articles on Ekalavya Hansaj’s Stories Platform.

If you are an agency looking for Public Relations and Media coverages for your clients on our news brands, please reach out to our Inbound Sales Team here and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

How do I signup to publish articles on Ekalavya Hansaj’s Stories Platform?

Member agencies and existing authors can publish articles from their Dashboard. If you are a member agency or author, kindly login to publish articles.

Non-members apply to write for us and our news brands.

How much does it cost to use Ekalavya Hansaj’s Stories Platform?

Ekalavya Hansaj’s stories platform is a paid only enterprise-grade solution for agencies and authors to publish their articles to a worldwide audience.

Our basic plan for agencies starting at $499.00 per month allows 2 published articles per month. Our bestseller plan for agencies costing $999.00 per month allows 5 published articles per month. Our Enterprise plans for agencies costing $1999.00 per month allows 15 published articles per month.

Our Managed and Done For You Agency Services with custom pricing allows publishing of unlimited articles. For a full plan and benefits comparison kindly visit our pricing page.

Our Author only plans cost $999.00 per year and you can apply to write for us.

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